8 a Suggested Breakdown for Costing of Clusters Response Plans

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					           Suggested Breakdown for Clusters’ Response Plans’ Cost Estimates

It is suggested that the cost estimates for the clusters' response plans be broken down along the
following sets of services or activities:

    1.1.   Hygiene promotion
    1.2.   Water supply
    1.3.   Excreta disposal
    1.4.   Vector Control
    1.5.   Solid waste management
    1.6.   Drainage

2. Food Security
    2.1. Food transfers
    2.2. Cash & voucher transfer
    2.3. Livelihoods
        2.3.1.Primary production
        2.3.2.Income & employment
        2.3.3.Access to markets

3. Nutrition
    3.1. Management of moderate acute malnutrition
        3.1.1.Target SF
        3.1.2.Blanket SF
    3.2. Management of sever acute malnutrition
    3.3. Micronutrient deficiencies (Vit A, Zinc, Iron, Iodine, others)
    3.4. Infant & Young Child Feeding in Emergency (IYCF/E)

4. Shelter and NFI
    4.1. Covered living space
    4.2. Construction
    4.3. Individual, general household & shelter support items

5. Health
    5.1.   General Clinical Services and Essential Trauma care
    5.2.   Child Health
    5.3.   Communicable diseases
    5.4.   Sexual & Reproductive health:
        5.4.1.STI & HIV
        5.4.2.Maternal & newborn care
        5.4.3.Sexual Violence
    5.5. Non communicable diseases and mental health
    5.6. Environmental Health

6. Education
    6.1.   Access and learning environment
    6.2.   Teaching and learning
    6.3.   Teachers and other education personnel
    6.4.   Educational policy

7. Camp Management

8. Early Recovery
    8.1.   Economic recovery and livelihood
    8.2.   Debris removal
    8.3.   Capacity Building
    8.4.   Community restoration

9. Protection
    9.1. Child Protection
        9.1.1.Physical danger
        9.1.2.Sexual violence
        9.1.3.Psychosocial distress and mental disorders
        9.1.4.Children associated with armed forces or armed groups (CAAFAG) (WFCC?)
        9.1.5.Separated children and unaccompanied children
        9.1.6.Justice for children
    9.2. Gender-based violence
    9.3. Housing, Land, Property
    9.4. Mine Action
    9.5. Rule of Law

10. Logistics

11. Telecommunications

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