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					                               SHAPE California Regional Meeting
                                      Showcase Form
Agency/Organization                                      Contact Person
Los Angeles County Office of Education-Educational       Shervin Golian
Programs                                                 Jamie Sanchez
Phone                                                    Email
Shervin - 562-401-5334                         
Jamie - 562-401-5327                           

Which category best describes the activity/resource you want to showcase:
Harvest of the Month—Special Education Worksheets

Describe your activity/resource:
The Special Education HOTM worksheets are adapted from the ABC/Downey USD Harvest of the Month
Workbooks and are tailored to meet California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) standards.
The five CAPA levels are designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities who cannot participate in
the California Standards Tests even with accommodations and modifications. Each worksheet is modified and
designed with the input and expertise of a group of Special Education teachers.

How long does the activity last and is it a single event or a series of events? If it is a resource, provide
information about how it is used.
The Special Education HOTM worksheets are distributed 10 times per year to participating special education
teachers as a supplement to the HOTM newsletters and produce.

Number of participants reached with this activity/resource?
160 teachers; approx. 1,600 students

Nutrition education materials used to develop the activity/resource
HOTM Workbooks developed by ABC/Downey USD

Since we have never published these worksheets as a bound workbook, the only cost we incur to distribute
these materials is the cost to print the individual sheets and include them in our monthly HOTM newsletter and
nutrition education materials packet.

All worksheets are approved by our Program Manager and are posted on the LA Regional Network websites
under the Special Education section.
The complete HOTM packets are available on the LACOE website: click
on NNP Resources, and then Documents and Forms.

Visuals/Supplies/Nutrition & PA promotion materials

Evaluation Method
The usefulness and effectiveness of these worksheets is evaluated through our annual Program Evaluation
Questionnaire and On-Site Reviews with participants.

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