Nutrition Coordinator Check in Agenda by MfT85YYG


									                         Community Action, Inc., of Central Texas
                           Head Start Program (Birth to Five)

                             Nutrition Coordinator Check-in Agenda

Center:                                                                                 Meeting Date:

(A) Review of Relevant Data

     COPA Reports: 452 and 455, Nutrition Referral          Notes/Comments:
      and Allergy tracking.
     Nutrition Referrals for Internal Review
     Individual Nutrition Plans
     Recent correspondence with staff, families, and/or
      health care providers on nutrition-related issues
     Community Partnerships, nutrition-related
     Concern list
     Other:

(B) Follow-Up Plan – To discuss status of children with suspected or diagnosed nutritional needs or disabilities, the
    specific supports that have been or need to be provided to families or staff (individually or as a group)
           Child                          Follow-Up Needed                         By whom                    By when

(C) Kitchen Check-In –
    Menu/portion sizes
    Supplies needed
    Special Diets
(D) Classroom Check-In –
    Observe Mealtime
    Children serving themselves
    Special Diets
    Menu/portion sizes
Additional Notes/Comments/Follow-up:

Nutrition Coordinator            Date                         Center Director_____________________Date____________
Copa Entry: ____________________

K:\INTEGRATED SERVICE PLANS 2012\Nutrition\FORMS\Check-in Agenda.doc                                             7/2/2012

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