Pilot-Kon-Kraft Rountable at Offshore Europe by MfT85YYG


									                           OFFSHORE EUROPE 2001


                     PILOT – KON-KRAFT:

           Wednesday 5th September 2001 - 10.00-13.00 hours – Room 4


The North Sea has emerged over thirty-five years of production as a world-class oil and
gas basin supplying a large proportion of Europe’s energy requirements. As the North
Sea enters maturity, the industry has been challenged to maximize recovery and improve
efficiency while protecting the environment and improving safety. In response to these
demands the Industry and Governments have seen the development of new relationships
and co-operation to unlock value and ensure the future health of the North Sea. Pilot,
Kon-Kraft and other cross-industry organisations demonstrate that the collaboration
between Industry, Government and Contractors is at new levels and is likely to continue.

Is there energy to extend collaboration across the North Sea basin? The 2000
INTSOK – Trade Partners UK conference provided a unique forum to share ideas on
how we can further develop the province as a secure, long-term supplier of energy and
a source of innovation and exports. This interactive Roundtable Session will offer an
opportunity to explore these themes further.

Discussion Format

The discussion will take place in Conference Room 4 at the Exhibition Centre and
will be preceded by a breakfast to brief Panel Speakers and Discussion Chairs on the
objectives and format of the session. Following the meeting UKOOA will host a
lunch for the Panel, Discussion Chairs and invited guests.

The format will be as follows:

08:30-10.00   Breakfast (AECC, Room 3)

10.00-10.15   Welcome & Introduction. Introduction of the panel/admin/scene-
              setting by Panel Chair, Mary Shafer-Malicki, BP

10.15-11.00   Panel Speeches. Panel members each give a 10 minute speech
              covering their views on:

                 Critique of Collaboration: PILOT and KON-KRAFT – how
                  successful have they been; what are the key lessons learned from the
                  collaboration and what next?
                 Pan North Sea Dimensions: What are the issues and opportunities
                  from developing relationships across the North Sea?
              The emphasis will be on lively, thought-provoking speeches posing
              questions to stimulate table discussions. Speaker order:-

10.15-10.25   Iain Todd, Director, Oil & Gas Industry Development, UK Department
              of Trade & Industry Pilot Member

10.25-10.35   Gunnar Gjerde, Secretary General, Norwegian Oil & Gas Ministry

10.35-10.45   Kjell-Erik Ostdahl, VP & General Manager, Schlumberger Scandinavia

10.45-10.55   Malcolm Brinded, Chairman Shell UK Ltd. Pilot Member.

11.00-11.50   Table Discussions. There will be eight tables of 10. Discussion
              Chairs located at each table lead debate on the questions raised in the
              speeches along the broad areas of:-

11.00-11.25   Critique of Collaboration – what are the unanswered issues?

11.25-11.50   Pan-North Sea Dimension – issues & opportunities

11.50-12.35   Feedback Session. Discussion Chairs report back on the debates at
              their tables. Allow 5-6 minutes per table.

12.35-13.00   Sum-up and Next Steps. Following there will be an opportunity for
              comment from the panel and the Chair.

13:00         Close followed by Lunch in the Upper Trade Hall

Notes: -

   1. There will be eight tables with 10 participants per table
   2. Flipcharts, vugraph materials will be available at each table.
   3. The timing is critical. We need to ensure that the introductory presentations
      don’t exceed 10mins. Feedback from each table should be about 6 minutes.
   4. It is not intended that we have a coffee break. Water will be on hand during the
      Table Discussions.
   5. During the table discussions Panel Speakers will circulate the room to listen in
      and contribute to the ongoing discussions (Iain Todd will be replaced by Sarah
Areas for discussion (though not exhaustive) could include:
 Resume of the INTSOK/Trade Partners UK 2000 Conference – Targets, goals set
 How the Industry has changed since the low oil price crisis.
       o changing Government/Industry relationships
       o changing licencee relationships
       o changing operator/supply chain relationships
 Pan Industry-Government collaboration - what does success look like?
 What is the European dimension?
 What value can be unlocked from developing relationships across the North Sea –
   issues and opportunities for business.

Panel Participants

Mary Shafer-Malicki Business Unit Leader, Central North Sea, BP Upstream

Malcolm Brinded      Chairman, Shell UK Ltd. Pilot Member.
Gunnar Gjerde        Secretary General, Norwegian Oil & Gas Ministry
Kjell-Erik Ostdahl   VP & General Manager, Schlumberger Scandinavia
Iain Todd            Director, Oil & Gas Industry Development, UK Department of
                     Trade & Industry Pilot Member
Table Chairs

Graham Cooper        Commercial Manager, New Business Development, Shell
Clive Fowler         Chairman, LOGIC
Werner Karlsson      Regional Director, UK & Middle East, INTSOK
Chris Freeman        CEO, LOGIC
Anne Drinkwater      Managing Director, BP Amoco Norge AS
Brian Raggett        Director EU Affairs, OGP
Per Otto Selnes      Deputy Director General, OLF
Mike Straughen       MD Amec Services Ltd, ILT Member

Reserve Chair
Paul Dymond          Manager, Government & Public Affairs, BP


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