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									When A School Supports School Meals,
                                                                                        Changes to Colorado School
School Meals Support The School                                                         Meals Create Healthier Options
Healthy school meals provide the nourishment students need to be
successful in school. Many school meal programs are self-sustainable.
The higher the student participation, the more financially strong a
school nutrition program can be.

The USDA will offer additional reimbursement to schools that have been
certified as being in compliance with the new school meal standards.
The additional 6-cent reimbursement per lunch meal will be available to                 Information for
certified School Food Authorities beginning October 1, 2012. Your Food
Service Director has received detailed information on how to meet the                   Administrators
new standards and become certified.

As a result of the 2012 legislation, Trans Fat Bill 12-068, CDE will develop
guidelines to meet the legislative intent by September 1, 2013.


                                             For more information visit:
                                          CDE’s Office of School Nutrition

               Adapted from South Dakota Department of Education
                  Meal Pattern Standards Administrators Brochure
           This project has been funded in part with federal funds from the
   U.S. Department of Agriculture. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Supporting the New Meal Pattern Standards
is Important for Student Health And Success
BE SEEN in the cafeteria to send       PROMOTE the new standards by
students a message that you care       eating school meals in the cafeteria
about what they eat.                   with the students.

BE KNOWLEDGEABLE of the                CDE Office of School Nutrition has
changes and the new meal pattern       provided training on new meal
requirements.                          pattern requirements to all school
                                       districts in Colorado. Additional
INFORM parents and teachers            training and technical assistance will
about the healthier options
available in school meals.
                                       be available on an on-going basis.
                                       New meal pattern training resources
                                                                                BE A SCHOOL NUTRITION
SUPPORT nutrition education in the
                                       are available at:
                                     PROGRAM CHAMPION
classroom. Spread the word that        nutritrainingsNewMealPatterns.htm        Support the new meal pattern standards and overall school nutrition
students will be offered larger                                                 Encourage students to make breakfast part of their daily routine. Breakfast can be
portions of fruits and vegetables                                               offered/served in the classroom or after first period to ensure all students have the
and they will be required to take a                                             opportunity to participate. RESEARCH IS POSITIVE. School breakfast is linked to
fruit and/or vegetable at lunch.                                                higher average daily attendance.

                                                                                Studies show students who eat school breakfast have:
                                                                                   Better nutrition           Fewer disruptive behaviors
                                                                                   Fewer sick days            Better school performance

Keeping School Nutrition Programs Healthy and Up-To-Date
All school menus are required to meet the new meal                              Make time for lunch
pattern requirements starting in school year 2012-                              Most schools offer students choices at mealtime. Help plan school schedules
2013.                                                                           that allow students enough time to make healthy choices and enjoy the meal.
                                                                                The new meal pattern promotes age-appropriate serving sizes. Scheduling
TO MEET THE STANDARDS, SCHOOLS MUST SERVE:                                      grades 6-8 and 9-12 lunch periods separately may help to support the
MORE of these foods:           And continue to serve LESS of:                   foodservice department in meeting the new guidelines.
 Whole grains                  Foods with added saturated                     Consider the option of scheduling recess before lunch for younger students.
 Fruits                          fat and trans fat                             Studies show students eat more lunch when they have already enjoyed recess.
 Vegetables                    Foods high in added
 Beans                           salt/sodium                                   Be a wellness champion
 Low-fat (1%) or fat-free      Foods high in added sugar                      Inform all school staff about the District Wellness Policy. Your vocal and visible
                                                                                support makes a difference. Actively promote your school's wellness activities,
  (skim) milk
                                                                                limit unhealthy foods on campus, and promote physical activity.
 Lean protein


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