Alternative Sugar Substitutes Brochure Activity

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					                                                                       Name: ______________________ Period: _____
                                                                                                 Date: _________
                               Alternative Sugar Substitutes Brochure Activity

Directions:                                                Assigned Topic: _________________________
Research the assigned alternative sweetener. Create a tri-fold brochure featuring the researched alternative
sweetener. The brochure will discuss, in your own words, all the information needed for your target audience
(adults) to make an informed decision on its use. Do not cut and paste from the internet.

Group Members
Editor (Leader): _________________________                 Graphic Artist: _______________________
Researcher: ____________________________                   Typist: _____________________________

Internet Resources (suggested only) 

Needed Elements:
1. typed in standard size (10 to 12) font, ___
2. topic title and author’s name of brochure, ___
3. forms (powder, liquid, solid, etc.) alternative sweetener is manufactured and sold, ___
4. main manufacturer of alternative sweetener; ___
5. major vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients (if applicable) found in alternative sweetener, ___
6. minimum of 3 pros and 3 cons for using the alternative sweetener, ___
7. minimum 3 tips for using product in recipes (baked goods, beverages, and other finished products), ___
8. picture(s) of featured alternative sweetener in retail packaging and/or retail raw state, ___
9. special consideration for purchasing, storage, and/or food safety issues, ___
10. standardized recipe featuring the assigned alternative sweetener, ___

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