Plant Presentation Instructions and Rubric by MfT85YYG


									PLANT Presentations                   (40 points)      Presentations due: 4/6/11 Reflections due: 4/8/11 in the box before lab starts!
Group member names:

Topics: Ferns, Mosses, Conifers, Monocots, Dicots, Fruits and Vegetables

From the seven topics listed above, your group will do research on one of these topics and create a 15 minute presentation teaching the
rest of your classmates detailed information about your topic. It may help to divide topics up between one another. ALL GROUP
MEMBERS NEED TO PARTICIPATE! (If someone does not, it will reflect in your grade.) You will need to take notes on everyone’s

Each presentation will need to include the following 6 parts:

               o    Growth and development- from seed or spore
               o    Transport - how organisms get what they need through cells (i.e. water.)
               o    Nutrition- how an organism absorbs and breaks down food
               o    Reproduction- Types of fertilization, sexual vs. asexual, seeds, spores, etc…
               o    Respiration- you should already know!
               o    Adaptations to life on land, successful reproduction and feeding.

You may use any kind of technology (i.e. powerpoint, creating a brochure on Microsoft office, etc..) to present your project (besides
videoing yourselves talking) to the class. Below is your rubric. PLEASE HAND IN THIS SHEET WHEN PRESENTING!

Conclusion/Reflection- Each group member needs to answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

           1. What are THREE specific things you learned that you found most interesting?

           2. What does it mean to be vascular vs. non-vascular? Seed Plants vs. Flowering plants? Give specific examples of each of
           the four terms. Make sure to include the vocabulary terms gymnosperm and angiosperm.

           3. What specific objective(s) do(es) this project relate to under Goal 4 of the NCSCOS?

           4. Explain how the relationship between angiosperms and their pollinators have co-evolved.

                                                                                                                      Score: _________________
 CATEGORY      High Performing                  Proficient                         Developing                           0
Presentation   Well-rehearsed with smooth       Rehearsed with fairly smooth       Delivery not smooth, but able to Delivery not smooth and
               delivery that holds audience     delivery that holds audience       maintain interest of the audience audience attention often lost.
               attention.                       attention most of the time.        most of the time.
Content        Covers topic in-depth with       Includes essential knowledge       Includes essential information      Content is minimal OR there
               details and examples. Subject    about the topic. Subject           about the topic but there are 1-2 are several factual errors.
               knowledge is excellent. Must     knowledge appears to be good.      factual errors. Includes 2-3 parts. Includes 0-1 parts.
               include all 6 parts              Includes 4-5 parts.
Attractiveness Makes excellent use of font,      Makes good use of font, color,     Makes use of font, color,           Use of font, color, graphics,
               color, graphics, effects, etc. to graphics, effects, etc. to enhance graphics, effects, etc. but         effects etc. but these often
               enhance the presentation.         to presentation.                   occasionally these detract from     distract from the presentation
                                                                                    the presentation content.           content.
Workload       The workload is divided and      The workload is divided and        The workload was divided, but        The workload was not divided
               shared equally by all team       shared fairly by all team          one person in the group is viewed    OR several people in the group
               members.                         members, though workloads may      as not doing his/her fair share of   are viewed as not doing their
                                                vary from person to person.        the work.                            fair share of the work.
Organization   Content is well organized        Uses headings or bulleted lists to Content is logically organized for There was no clear or logical
               using headings or bulleted lists organize, but the overall          the most part.                     organizational structure, just
               to group related material.       organization of topics appears                                        lots of facts.
Sources        Source information collected     Source information collected for   Source information collected for Very little or no source
               for all graphics, facts and      all graphics, facts and quotes.    graphics, facts and quotes, but  information was collected.
               quotes. All documented in        Most documented in desired         not documented in desired
               desired format.                  format.                            format.
PLANT Presentations   (40 points)   Presentations due: 4/6/11 Reflections due: 4/8/11 in the box before lab starts!

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