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Brainstorming Tasks Using the Six Facets by MfT85YYG


									Brainstorming Tasks Using the Six Facets

           Goals                Six Facets of        Ideas for Possible Assessment
                               Understanding                     Tasks
Understand the relationship    Explain             Develop a brochure to help people
between a balanced diet and                        understand what is meant by a
physical and mental health.                        “balanced” diet and health problems
                                                   related to poor nutrition.
Understand the USDA Food       Interpret           Discuss: What does the popularity of
Pyramid and how dietary                            “fast foods” say about modern life?
requirements vary for
individuals based on age,
activity level, weight, and
overall health.
Analyze various diets to       Apply               Plan a menu for a class party consisting
determine their nutritional                        of healthy yet tasty snacks.
Plan meals that are balanced   Shift perspective   Conduct research to find out if the Food
yet tasty.                                         Pyramid guidelines apply in other
                                                   regions (e.g., Antarctica, Asia, the
                                                   Middle East) and the effect of diverse
                                                   diets on health.
Evaluate their own eating      Show empathy        Describe how it might feel to live with a
patterns and develop a plan                        dietary restriction due to a medical
for more healthful eating.                         condition.
                               Demonstrate self-   Reflect on your eating habits. To what
                               knowledge           extent are you a healthy eater? How
                                                   might you become a healthier eater?

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