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									 Church Chimes
         Zwingli United Church of Christ,
             Monticello, Wisconsin
            Lawrence H. Balleine, Senior Pastor
           Charles G. Workman, Pastor Emeritus
      Carolyn Hilliard, Coordinator of Caring Ministries
      Renee Blum, Coordinator of Children’s Ministries
“Inviting all to follow Jesus through faith & action.”
                                              September, 2012

              SEPTEMBER 23RD
          Hymn Sing during worship
                (Pick any period from
                 1887 to the present
                and dress accordingly)

               SEPTEMBER 30th
          125th Anniversary Worship
          (Several special guests will be
         with us including former pastors
            and spouses, accompanists,
          and our Conference minister)

          Reception follows worship
    DAILY                                                                                                       September, 2012
     BIBLE                                                     Dear Friends,
      READING                                                 “Any country falls or advances on the back of its education
        For                                                   system. So don’t undermine it and then say it doesn’t work.”
        SEPTEMBER                                             With the beginning of the new school year on just around the
                                                              corner and the commencement of our new Church School year on
                     Live in Union with God                   the horizon, these words seem abundantly appropriate. They wren
                   And Grow in God’s Wisdom                   spoken by Masankho Banda - a native of Malawi – at the opening
                                                              ceremony of Lakeland College’s Sesquicentennial Celebration
1   Luke 6:17-36                                              back in June.
                                      Sunday                  Masankho should know. Coming from a country that only recently
  Sunday                            16 1 Corinthians 3:1-23   began to develop its educational system, he knows the important
 2 Luke 6:37-49                     17 James 3:1-27           relationship between education and a nation’s development.
 3 Luke 8:1-18                      18 James 2:1-26
                                                              Education has always been a priority in the United Church of
 4 Luke 11:14-36                    19 James 3:1-18
                                                              Christ. Recall how our congregational ancestors founded Harvard
 5 Luke 11:37-54                    20 James 4:1-17           back in 1636, and later places like Yale, Beloit and Carleton. So
 6 Luke 12:1-21                     21 James 5:1-20           too, it was our German Reformed ancestors (like Herman
7 Luke 12:22-48                     22 Ecclesiastes 3:1-15    Muhlmeier – Charlie Rolph’s great grandfather- who helped to
 8 Luke 12:49-59                                              found Mission House/Lakeland in 1862.
  Sunday                            23 Psalm 119:1-24         It seems to me that if we want to be true to our tradition, we will do
 9 Luke 13:1-21                     24 Psalm 119:25-48        everything in our power to make education a high priority, and be
10 Luke 13:22-35                                              supportive not only of our church related colleges and theological
                                    25 Psalm 119:49-72
                                                              schools, but also our public schools and certainly – our own
11 Luke 14:1-14                     26 Psalm 119:73-96
                                                              Sunday school programs.
12 Luke 14:15-35                    27 Psalm 119:97-120
13 Luke 15:1-32                     28 Psalm 119:121-144      Come and be a part of things as we kick off a new Church school
14 1 Corinthians 1:18-31            29 Psalm 119:145-176      year on Rally Day, September 9th.
15 1 Corinthians 2:1-16                                       Remember, wherever you are on your life journey, there’s a place
                                    Sunday                    for you at Zwingli Church!
                                    30 Proverbs 8:1-36          I hope to greet you in church, if not before.
                                                                   May the peace of Christ dwell within you,
        Zwingli’s Income from pledges & offerings $104,849
                Actual expenses through July $135,902
                Year To Date Income (Loss) ($31,053)
                                                              P.S. Each year a group of Malawian students arrive on the Lakeland
                                                              campus as students in the college’s education department. They
                                                              return to their native Malawi to be teachers.
From the caring ministry                                             September Bible Study
      “Amish Grace”                                                  Each group who gathers is asked to begin their time together
On Wednesday mornings, a group of women have been                    with this Biblical text:
walking, but after our thirty minute walk, the group is discussing         “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
a book, “Amish Grace”. There are great questions at the end of             kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-
each chapter, that have provided lots of good discussion. For              control. And those who belong to Christ have crucified
many years, there have been Amish people living in                         the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the
neighborhoods in and around Green County. We have noted                    Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us have no self-
the dress, the buggy’s and a lack of material possessions. This            conceit, no provoking of one another, no envy of one
book has given us a background of the Amish culture, that has              another.
answered a lot of our questions. But perhaps the greatest
learning experience has been learning about their spirituality.                                       Galatians 5:22-26
When the shooting took place in their school, forgiveness was
thought of immediately. This is what made the headlines in the
media. A word we have not heard about in the other shootings.        Come to the Table
(There have been two more, since we started this book.)
                                                                     “Come to the Table.” That’s the title of an anthem our choir
Although it would be small comfort to the families who lost
                                                                     sings that invites us to our Lord’s Table – to the sacrament of
daughters in the shooting, the picture of Amish life is much
                                                                     Holy Communion. That’s an invitation we extended to folks for
clearer since that day in 2006. Regardless of the details of the
                                                                     August 5th. For on that day we celebrated both our midsummer
Nickel Mines shooting, one message rings clear: religion was
                                                                     Communion Service and followed it up with our 125th
used to inspire goodness, forgiveness, and grace.
                                                                     Anniversary picnic. Many came to the (picnic) tables and
This book is not only about Amish culture, and the details of the    gathered under the tents to enjoy a wonderful time of extended
Nickle Mines shooting, but about forgiveness, pardon, and            fellowship. Many thanks to our 125th Anniversary Committee for
reconciliation. The children learn stories of forgiveness from       sponsoring this wonderful event, for all who helped with it, and
their text, the Ordnung and the Bible. The people learn              a special thanks to Buck and Margie Walls for taking the lead in
forgiveness at a very early age, until it becomes a way of life.     planning this event
The Lord’s Prayer is said everyday at least once. In our
discussions, many questions and answers were involved.
Amish people are likely to say that they are simply trying to be
obedient to Jesus Christ, who commanded his followers to love,                   The Green County Big Brothers/Big
bless, and forgive their enemies. That is the big lesson for the                 Sisters is in need of folks who would
rest of us regardless of our faith or nationality. Isn’t that the                be willing to serve as a “big brother”
same message that we teach in our churches?                                      or a “big sister.”
Carolyn Hilliard                                                                 Please call 325-3106
   Coordinator of Caring Ministries
From Zwingli’s President                                                          Zwingli United Church of Christ
  The Fall time of the year is fast approaching. This means                            Consistory Meeting
Rally Day will be here again and the start of Sunday school                                July 11, 2012
classes are September 9th. If you see new people in your
neighborhood or in town, please invite them to come and             Present: John Baebler, Nicole Baebler, Anna Marie Davison, Cyndi
worship with us. Renee Blum will get us started again, but has      Foley, Eugene Gessler, Jim Meier, Barb Pluss, Paul Rieder, Don Roe,
taken a new similar position in Monroe with another church.         Jonathon Rupp, and Margie Walls.
Please wish her luck on her new endeavor.
                                                                    Absent: Sheri Wichser.
 Attendance was weak throughout the Summer months again.
Members missed out on many activities and special music. We         Staff Present: Pastor Balleine, Renee Blum and Carolyn Hilliard.
have three important dates coming up in September and you
won’t want to miss them. Rally Day and the All Church Potluck       President Jonathon Rupp called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.
on September 9th, the Hymn Sing on September 23rd, and the
Anniversary Worship Celebration & Reception on September            Pastor Balleine opened the meeting by having a unison prayer.
30th. Please plan to attend all three.
 The subject of “other ways to raise revenue” for the church        Treasurer’s Report: Chris Turner reported on the expenses for the
has come up at Consistory & the Stewardship & Membership            month of June. Nicole Baebler made a motion to accept the
Committee meetings. The Talent Challenge doesn’t seem to be         Treasurer’s Report, 2nd by Cyndi Foley. Motion carried.
real successful this year. The Kalberwurst Supper was a real
success again this year. We are always looking for fresh ideas                                June 2012            Year to Date
on fund raising. Feel free to contact any Consistory member or                                $15,752.81           $88,134.50
Stewardship Committee member if you have any fresh ideas on         Actual Income
ways to raise additional revenue for the church. Your input                                   $23,998.56           $119,327.84
would be greatly appreciated.                                       Actual Expense
 I also wish to thank the members involved on getting the           Current Income –          ($8,245.75)          ($31,193.34)
parade float ready again this year for the Homecoming Parade.       Actual Expense
Without their commitment, this wouldn’t be a reality.               Secretary’s Report: June’s minutes were reviewed and revised.
 We have approximately 3 to 4 members that have responded           John Baebler made a motion to accept the secretary’s report with
to the question on whether they would be interested in “direct      revisions. Cyndi Foley 2nd. Motion carried.
depositing” to date. Are any other people interested in this type
                                                                    Pastor Larry’s Report: Pastor Balleine reported on the different
of tithe giving? We would appreciate some response. Thank
                                                                    activities that the church is engaged in over the summer months.
                                                                    These include the annual work camp, Vacation Bible School and the
                                                                    various programs associated with Monticello’s annual Homecoming
Your President, Jonathon Rupp                                       weekend.

                                                                                       (Continued on next page)
     (July Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)                       (July Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)

In addition to the summer activities are the events relating to our 125th                 will be $560.00, in which Party city will be putting up
anniversary year. These events include a concert on August 4th,             and taking down the tents. The dessert for this event will be brought
performed by One Achord, which will be held at the Octagon shelter          in by Culver’s Frozen Custard. The cost of the dessert will be around
near Lake Montesian. On the following day there will be a celebration       $ 260.00 or less. Instead of issuing tickets for the event, there will be
with an All-Church picnic. More 125th anniversary plans are being           a free will offering. The memory book(s) are finished and will be
scheduled for the month of September. Pastor Larry and Carolyn              coming from the printer at a cost of $1,800.00. Copies of the memory
Hilliard are continuing to engage with those whose physical                 book will be sold for $5.00 each.
conditions remain rather fragile.                                           Pastor Larry made a suggestion to borrow the funds from the
                                                                            Kalberwurst Dinner to put towards funding the 125th Anniversary
Coordinator of Caring Ministries: Carolyn Hilliard reported that            celebration. Once monies come in for the 125th Anniversary events
Walk-it-with-a-book, “Amish Grace,” has begun with about eleven             they would then go back to repay the Kalberwurst fund. Paul Rieder
people in attendance. Rootbeer Float Day(s) will be happening               made a motion on the said suggestion. Cyndi Foley 2nd the motion.
August 1st at Friedensheim and August 8th at the New Glarus Home.           Motion carried.

Coordinator of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries:                  Administration: Nothing to report.
Renee reported that Vacation Bible School held from Sunday, June
17th through Thursday June 21st was once again another successful           Building & Grounds: John Baebler reported that Don Roe had done
year. Washington Reformation was the host this year. There were             some mowing of the tall grass behind and around the church, while
about 35 children in attendance along with about 20 youth and adults.       some of the weeding had been done by Anna Marie Davison. The
The kids were split into age appropriate groups. There was a lot of         front door of the church is sprung, so it is not always closing properly.
singing, games, crafts, storytime, and snacks.                              It will be difficult to get it straightened, but will be attempted at some
Sunday School will kick off with Rally Day on Sunday, September             point. Concerning the sump pumps in case of a power outage, John
9th.The same curriculum will be used as last year.                          Baebler reported that the best solution would be to purchase a gas
                                                                            engine pump. If the electricity were to fail then the gas powered pump
Staff Suggestions: Nothing reported                                         would be used to remove any excess water out into either the
                                                                            cemetery or the outside window well that would run the water out to
COMMITTEE REPORTS:                                                          the creek. Cyndi Foley made a motion to have John Baebler purchase
                                                                            a 3-1/2 Horse power pump. The motion also stated that after the pump
125TH Anniversary: Margie Walls reported that the planning of the           is purchased, proper training on using the pump be given. Nicole
All-church picnic is well underway and is going to be held on Sunday        Baebler 2nd. Motion carried. With the hot weather and the many
August 5th. The event will be catered by Koning Catering, with the          activities happening in the Church’s North Room, Paul Rieder made a
minimum head count of 200 people. The cost of the lunch will be             suggestion that we look into moving the existing air conditioning unit
about $11.00 per person. There will be two tents rented from Party          that is in Renee and Carolyn’s office space into the North Room. Both
City. The tents will be put up in the back yard. This expense               Renee and Carolyn said that they don’t use
.                               (Continued on next page)
                                                                            .                               (Continued on next page)
      (July Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)                     (July Consistory Minutes continued from previous page)

the A/C unit. Cyndi Foley made a motion off of Paul’s said                 Old Business:
suggestion, Jim Meier 2nd. Motion carried                                        Cyndi Foley will place the “In Case of Emergency” sheets
                                                                                    at phones throughout the church. Names and phone
Finance: Nothing additional to report.                                              numbers will include that of John Gierhart, John Baebler,
                                                                                    Don Roe, Bruce Workman and Alan Blum.
Memorials: Nothing to report.
                                                                                     The telephone company will need to be called to see if they
Mission: Paul Rieder reported that Mission Committee will be                          can figure out the problem with the cordless phone and
serving a meal at The Crossroads Campus Ministry on December 9,                       Carolyn Hilliard’s office phone.
2012. Zwingli hosted Family Promise during the period of July 1st
thru the 8th. We had 12 guests that included 3 adult females and 9                   Ideas were discussed on how to generate more money for
children. To date this was the “easiest” group to host, and the hardest               the church, including: different types of auctions –
to get support from Zwingli volunteers. Hopefully volunteerism has                    consignment type or a providing helpful services type.
dropped due to summer activities (vacation, sports, and festivals)                    Another idea was a comedy night. All ideas will go to
Family Promise has hired a case worker, her name is Karen                             Stewardship Committee.
LeGrange. Our next hosting period will be October 28th thru
November 4th, 2012.                                                                  Margie Walls and Cindy Lederman are tending one of the
                                                                                      flower beds at Montesian Gardens. The flowers are already
Publicity: Cyndi Foley reported that in celebration of the 125th                      established. Margie will put a note in the chimes about the
Anniversary, they are taking orders for Zwingli tee shirts, polo shirts,              garden.
and sweatshirts thru the month of July. Posters are being put up
around town announcing any up and coming 125th Anniversary                 New Business:
celebration plans. Publicity is also announcing the special music that        Michael Gengler sent an E-mail wondering if the Mount
is being preformed for the summer months. Bookmarks are being                   Pleasant Township could use the church for their monthly
made that will be handed out during Monticello’s homecoming                     meetings, and polling place. The township is currently using
parade.                                                                         the Monticello Legion building, but the Legion building is in
                                                                                need of repair. The consistory will have Michael come in for
Stewardship & Membership: Jonathan Rupp will be putting an                      the August Consistory meeting to discuss the issue further.
article in the August chimes to see if anyone would be interested in
using direct deposit for their church giving.                                  Cyndi Foley made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Nicole
                                                                               Baebler 2nd.
Worship & Music: Nothing to report.                                            Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

                                                                               Barb Pluss Scribe for Sheri Wichser
.                                   (Continued on next page)                   Secretary
Green Cares Food Pantry
So I know it’s been a while since
I’ve submitted an article but our
need at Green Cares continues on
and so do the people we help.

Just in July alone 175 different
families were served. That
translates to 364 adults and 188
children. We are only open 3 days
each week, so that is almost 15 different families each time we
are open all month long…that is a lot of families. That means
the shelves get bare very quickly.

10,049 food/non-food items were received or purchased in July,
when I worked there on August 4th you’d never know we’d
received that much food since our shelves were pretty bare,
even when Larry packed last week the shelves weren’t full.
The pantry has a constant need of cans of fruit & vegetables,
cereal, tuna, peanut butter & jelly and juice and they also can
use volunteers to help…so even if you don’t have the money to
donate for food, maybe you can spare some hours to help pack
food or help distribute food to those in need, helping hands are
always welcomed.

Green Cares also now has a Facebook page, so check it out:
Green Cares Food Pantry
Green Cares Food Pantry is open to serve clients Tuesday
from 4-7 pm, Thursday from 9am-12pm, and Saturday from
9am-1 pm.
                                                              Thanks to everyone for greeting
Thanks to everyone who donates their time, money or food to   cards. You helped to make our 60th
the pantry, it means a lot to so many that are helped!        Anniversary special.
                                                              God bless each of you!
Cyndi Foley
                                                              Bob & Barb Getman
Bunch to Lunch –
Sunday, September 2nd                                               Refreshment Table
We will travel to                                                   In the past, Linda Trumpy organized our refreshment
The Brewster House at                                               table we are thankful for the good job that she did.
Shullsburg                                                          Now we need your help. There is a signup sheet on
There is no longer a buffet, but                                    the kiosk, with open Sundays for September and
they have a very complete and                                       future months. Individuals, families and committees
varied menu. You will have your choice of                           can host our refreshment table. The church has the
breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is always an                       paper products and coffee. You only need to bring
enjoyable drive. We will meet at the East Entrance                  juice and whatever you like for snacks. It does not
to carpool, immediately after church.                               need to involve a lot of time. This is a great social
                                                                    time for our members and guests! Sign Up!!
From Our Church Records
Baptism:                                                         Morgan’s Bike for Habitat
Receiving the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on August 5, 2012
                                                                 A follow-up to Morgan Blum’s
   was Andrew Jacob Aasve, son of Jacob & Jessica Aasve.
                                                                 500-mile bike ride for Habitat for
   Andrew was born September 23, 2011. His Godparent is
                                                                 Humanity in July. The first
   Kristen Aasve.
                                                                 couple of days were difficult
Memorials:                                                       because of the heat and
Given in memory of Permin Graber by:                             humidity and they then
    Forrest & Alice Ladwig                                       completed the ride in the rain on
                                                                 Saturday morning. Morgan has raised to date about $2,800, all
Zwingli                                                          of which he designated for Habitat of Green County. This was
                                                                 Morgan’s seventh year with the ride and he’s looking forward to
Thank you so much for                                            next year’s ride. The group of 135 riders raised approximately
helping to send me to Pilgrim                                    $328,000!!! This was a special ride as it was the 20th
Camp. I had so much fun!
Brecklyn Klosterman
Anniversary of the Habitat 500 ride. This year the ride consisted   County drought relief efforts.
of 135 riders, ranging in ages from 15 – 75
                                                                    Please register for this event by turning in the following form by
Morgan again this year designed the bike jerseys and the T-         Sunday September 16th.
A big thank you goes to all of you for your donations and your
thoughts and prayers during the week of the ride from Morgan
and all of the Habitat riders, as well as from the families you
help with your donations.

Annual Zwingli UCC Bike Rally
Saturday, September 22nd is the
date for our annual Bike Rally.
This year the course will take us
along the BADGER TRAIL to
Belleville. We will leave church at
10 a.m. and gather for lunch at
11:30 a.m. at the park in
downtown Belleville. After lunch                                               Zwingli 3rd Annual Bike Rally
we will journey back home along                                     I hereby register for the Bike Rally sponsored by Zwingli UCC
the trail.                                                          on Saturday, September 22, 2012.
The course is 9 miles each way, and will take us through the        The following are a list of folks who are sponsoring me for this
1,200 foot tunnel north of Exeter Crossing Road. (If you desire     event:
to bike only one way =- that’s OK. Just have someone ready to
pick you up in either Belleville or Monticello.                                                                           Amount of
                                                                        Name                   Address                    Pledge
Please have folks sponsor you as you make this ride.
(Suggested amount is $1 per mile.) Any checks should be             1
made our to Zwingli UCC. The monies received will go toward         2
the support of the Family Promise Program of Green County
and                                                    to           3
7                                                                         religions with great respect, recognizing the unique
                                                                          contributions of each. As part of his presentations, he
8                                                                         interviews a religious leader from each tradition. The class
9                                                                         meets in the New Room (B-2) downstairs in the Sunday School
                                                                          Wing. All who are interested in this study are welcome. The title
10                                                                        of our first session is "Questions People Ask".
11                                                                        Kathleen Sulzer, discussion leader

14                                                                        .

Signature of participant _____________________________
Signature of parent/legal guardian granting permission to
participant if participant is under 18 years of age:
Our class sessions will resume on September 9th, Rally Day, at                    Dear Friends – I am in Haiti now. Yesterday we delivered the
10:30 am. I am planning on using an Adam Hamilton series of                       smaller sized “little dresses” to the Missionaries of Charity
lessons titled Christianity and World Religions, Wrestling With                   Orphanage and the larger ones to the Missionaries of Charity
Questions People Ask. With so many people misunderstanding                        Home for Dying and Destitute.
what other world religions teach, this will help us "understand"                  Your gifts for the children of Haiti are much appreciated.
how they all fit into God's world. The class has used Adam                        On behalf of those who received this gift, thank you so much.
Hamilton lessons in the past. He is the Senior Pastor at the                      Julie M. Johnson, Partnership Liaison Haiti Allies
Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. He
  Pleasant View Party – THANK YOU to everyone on the Women’s the                                       Labor Day reflections
  Guild August Party list who gave monetary donations and    world
    those who helped with the Pleasant View August birthday                                            Labor Day brings to mind picnics,
    party. A fun time of bingo, and prizes, and birthday cake was                                      cookouts and family gatherings.
    enjoyed by 60 residents, family and friends.                                                       Falling on the first Monday in
                                                                                                       September, it marks the unofficial
    Also enjoyed was the wonderful piano music by Lois Hopkins;
                                                                                                       end of summer and the beginning of
    the visiting and attention to the residents by all the great people
    who helped – Dylan Beckwith, Brecklyn Klosterman, Karen                                            a new school year. But the holiday
    Brugger, Lucy Elmer, Susan Hefty, Audrey Saxer, Margie                                             was created in 1882 to honor the
    Walls. A special time for everyone. Thank you so much,
    Lois Hopkins, Carol Schultz & Alice Voegeli
social and economic contributions of American workers.              other is ‘wrong,’ we can easily assume that this other
In a strong economy, it’s easy to take for granted the ability to   person or group doesn’t have to be listened to; and if
work and be paid well. But times have changed during the past       he/she/they don’t have to be listened to, they can be
few years, with many people still struggling with unemployment      dismissed, and if they can be dismissed, they can be
and underemployment.                                                considered of no value; and if they are of no value, they
During our holiday celebrations this year, let’s give thanks for    can be destroyed.” Unfortunately, this happens all too
the jobs we have, pray for those who aren’t as fortunate and        often – even occurring as close to us as Oak Creek (just
offer words of encouragement or help to someone who needs           south of Milwaukee) – as a group of people were gathered
it.                                                                 in prayer.
                                                                    We live in a world that grows smaller day by day. We are
                                                                    constantly exposed to people who are “different.” Those
Spelling spree
                                                                    who dress differently, speak differently, worship differently.
A kindergartner was practicing his spelling with magnetic letters   We can either feel threatened by these differences and
on the refrigerator. He’d formed the words cat, dog, dad and        cower in fear, letting that fear and our ignorance give rise
mom for his family to see.                                          to all kinds of things: bitterness, anger, hate; or we can
One morning, the boy greeted his proud mother with arms             seek to understand each other – so that those differences
outstretched. In his hands were three magnetic letters: G-O-D.      need no longer threaten us. We can engage in dialogue.
“Look what I spelled!” he exclaimed.                                For dialogue is the pathway to unity amid diversity. And
“That’s wonderful!” Mom said. “Now go put them on the fridge        that is certainly something worth pursuing. For there is a
so Dad can see them, too.” Happily, she thought, “That              common thread to all humanity: we are all children of a
Christian education sure is having a great impact.”                 loving God.
     Just then, a little voice called from the kitchen. “Mom?       (By the way, our adult Sunday school class this fall will
How do you spell ‘-zilla’?”                                         help us come to a better understanding of those whose
                                                                    religious traditions are “different” from ours.)
Something to Consider –
“It is better to be kind than right.” There are those who
would argue with this statement, especially those who feel
they have to be “right” all the time, those who believe “It’s       The 125th Anniversary Committee wants to give special thanks
either my way or the highway.”                                      to all who helped put our All Church Picnic together. Thank you
                                                                    to Chuck Anderson and his family for gathering the picnic
When we embrace a mind-set where we are “right,” and                tables and setting them up, Pastor Larry for the continuous
the other is “wrong.” We find ourselves on a very slippery          reminders of the special day, Nicole Baebler, our Monticello
slope. Some years back I heard someone who was being                Dairy Queen, for handing our cheese to everyone, and all the
interviewed make the comment: “If we are ‘right,’ and the           ladies who baked cookies to accompany our Culvers dessert.
Most of all we want to thank everyone who came and enjoyed
the beautiful day and wonderful fellowship. We thank you, God,
for 125 years of Zwingli Church and our faithful church families.

                     Zwingli’s Garden
           Just a quick note to let you all know that
       Zwingli UCC church now has its own garden plot
                  in the Montesian Gardens.
          To find it, just follow the path and look for
         The Zwingli Church sign. We thank God for
      The recent rains to keep it watered so nicely. I also
       Want to thank Cindy Lederman and Buck Walls
                                                                    College correspondence
             For helping me mulch and weed it!!
                                                                    Dear Dad,
                          Margie Walls
                                                                    $chool i$ really great. I’m making lot$ of friend$ and $tudying
                                                                    very hard. With all my $tuff, I $imply can’t think of anything I
                                                                    need. $o if you’d like, you can ju$t $end me a card, a$ I’d love
                                   Sunday School                    to hear from you. Love, Your $on
                              for all ages – 3 year olds –          Reply:
                                through adults begins               I kNOw that astroNOmy, ecoNOmics and oceaNOgraphy are
                                      September 9                   eNOugh to keep even an hoNOr student busy. Do NOt forget
                                  Worship 9:15 a.m                  that the pursuit of kNOwledge is a NOble task, and you can
                              Sunday School 10:30 a.m.              never study eNOugh. Dad
Santa’s Workshop                                                             Phil Haslanger: In Wake of Shootings, let’s
School has started, and with the changing of                                    embrace ‘the other’
seasons, it's naturally time to think about ...                              Buried somewhere deep within our humanity is suspicion, a
Christmas! Well, maybe not natural to                                        distrust, a fear of people who are not like us.
everyone, but for some of us it is the perfect
time. Plans are already underway for Santa's Workshop to take place          At our best, we move past the instincts that can separate us
again in December. Last year's event was a rip-roaring success, and          from the other. At our worst, the suspicion and fear morph into
we anticipate even more families joining us this year. Children were         hatred. And when the hatred runs unchecked and is reinforced,
thrilled with the opportunity to "buy" gifts for their family and friends,   someone immersed in the white power movement can walk up
adults loved having an opportunity for their children to safely (and         to a Sikh place of worship on a quiet Sunday morning and start
cheaply) shop on their own, and the teenage helpers (Monticello              shooting people.
Chapter of National Honor Society) had so much fun guiding and
wrapping that most of them extended their shifts as long as possible         Whatever sparked Wade Michael Page on his deadly rampage
and truly regretted other obligations pulling them away! And everyone        in Oak Creek, he lived in a culture of hatred of those who did
loved the opportunity to ride the fire truck - huge thanks to the fire       not share his whiteness, his nationality, his view of the world.
department for "chauffeuring" kids (and adults, if they wanted!) from
the fire station to the church and back again.                               That level of animosity toward the other is held by a minuscule
                                                                             number of people in the United States. The fact that their
Although the shopping day itself is a couple months away, we need            hatred bursts into horrifying violence on occasion fills the nation
to start collecting gift items for the event. As garage sales have           with shock and revulsion. as well it should.
wound down and fall cleaning takes hold, it is possible that people          One of the ways we respond is to embrace the victims. So over
may find "treasures" that are just collecting dust in their homes and        the past week and half, there has been a generous outpouring
could be donated to Santa's Workshop. We are requesting donations
                                                                             of support to the members of the Sikh communities in the
of new or like-new gift items that the children can "buy" with 1 - 6
tickets (each ticket costs 25 cents). Donations don't need to be             Milaukee and Madison areas.
extravagant and should be appropriate for children to give to their          But there is an additional way to respond, although it is much
parents, grandparents and maybe siblings. Last year we discovered            more uncomfortable. We can each take a moment to recognize
that small tools and "manly" gifts were most popular, and oddly              our own discomfort with those who are different from us. Then
enough, many kids picked those items for mothers as well as fathers.         we can look for ways to get outside those reassuring places
Beanie Babies were another popular choice, with children digging
                                                                             where we can hang out with people pretty much just like
through a large pile (one generous soul donated 3 large garbage
bags full of these stuffed animals) to find the perfect animal for their     ourselves.
loved ones. Other popular items were frames, knick-knacks and                When my clergy colleague Steve Savides, pastor of First
bath/body goodies (lotions, fragrance, candles).                             Congregational UCC in Appleton, spoke last week at the prayer
If you have any items that you would like to donate, please drop them        vigil with the Sikh community in the Fox River Valley, his words
off in the donation box by the church office doors or at Tri-Insure (145     helped link those responses – support, yes, but also rejecting
N Main Street, Monticello), or contact Julie Ruegsegger (608-558-            the notion of otherness.
2397) or Kathleen Grossen (608-558-1588) for pickup and/or                                                Continued on next page
questions. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Kathleen Grossen
   (In the Wake of Shootings, let’s embrace ‘the other”                                  September 2, 2012
     continued from previous page                                  Audio Recording: Sue Sinnett
                                                                   Special Music by Dave & Clare Gietzel
 “We know it could have been us,” Savides said. “It could have
                                                                   Child Care: Beth Voegeli & Cindy Lederman
been our house of worship. It could have been our beloved
                                                                   Acolytes: Derek Blum & Derek Schwoerer
friends. We know it could have been us. In fact, we know it was
                                                                   Greeters: Dan & Mary Stenbroten
us. Six of us.”                                                               Jack & Sally Stenborten
As a nation, America has straddled two realities. One is            Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
opening its doors to people from every section of the globe,       Ushers: Glen Spring, Leroy Spring, Hans Sulzer,
offering protected space for people to express all manner of                 Dustin & Sandy Trumpy, Henry Waelchli
opinions, to worship in ways that reflect their understanding of   No Refreshment Table Join the Bunch to Lunch
the divine.                                                        No Bulletin Sponsor
                                                                                         September 9, 2012
The other is to isolate, exploit, shun or oppress those who are                            Rally Sunday
different from the dominant elements in our culture. It happened
                                                                   Audio Recording: Dean Ferguson
with the tribes who were here before the Europeans arrived,
                                                                   Special Music by Sugar Ridge Gospel Trio
with the slaves brought over from Africa, with women, with
                                                                   Child Care: Kathleen Grossen & Sally Roe
immigrants from many nations.
                                                                   Acolytes: Max Cruse & Becca Wahl
You can see the same ambivalence today with a new wave of          Greeters: Carol & Mary Strause
immigrants, with gays and lesbians, with men and women                 Hans & Kathleen Sulzer
returning to communities after serving time in prison. We              Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
welcome and we reject.                                             Ushers: Buck & Margie Walls, Terry, Tim, Sheri
                                                                       & Victoria Wichser
I don’t want to be murky about this. Taking someone you            Refreshment Table – Rally Day with Potluck lunch
consider to be “the other” out for lunch will not prevent          Bulletin Sponsor
someone filled with hate and armed to the teeth from                                      September 16, 2012
committing a mass murder.                                          Audio Recording: Sue Sinnett
                                                                   Child Care: James & Michelle Arnett
But when these horrific things happen, we can embrace the          Acolytes: Emilie Gietzel & Christian Arnett
victims and we also can look for a way to take this moment and     Greeters: Philip & Lori Thompson
open up our lives just a little bit more.                                     Dale & Ann Trumpy
                                                                   Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Phil Haslanger is pastor of Memorial United Church of Christ in    Ushers: Heather & Hailey Wing, Harold Babler,
Fitchburg. He spent about 35 years as a journalist at the              Bruce & Hannah Workman, John Winzenried
Capital Times before moving on to a career in ministry.            Refreshment Table: Tim & Sheri Wichser & family
                                                                   Bulletin Sponsor
                 September 23, 2012
             125 Anniversary Hymn Sing
Audio Recording: Dean Ferguson
Child Care: Sally & Melissa Yaun
Acolytes: Kendra Klassy & Jakoya Janisch
Greeters: Henry & Darlene Waelchli
           Gert Waelchli & Marge Waelchli
Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Ushers: Bruce, Andy & Melissa Yaun, Alan Bacher,
          Bruce Briggs, Karen Brugger
    Refreshment Table: Don & Judy Busser & Sally Disrud
Bulletin Sponsored in memory of Karen Gilbertson Berryhill
    by Orville Gilbertson & family
                 September 30, 2012
             125 Anniversary Celebration
Audio Recording: Sue Sinnett
Special Music by Zwingli’s Sr. Choir, Sr. Chime Choir, Special
    organists & pianists
Child Care: Phil & Lori Thompson
Acolytes: Darren Luchsinger & Daniel Meier
Greeters: John & Kathy Baebler
           Paul & Sue Rieder
Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Ushers: May Burgy, Glenn Burgy, John, J.R., Nicole &
    Kallista Baebler
Refreshment Table: 125 inch Anniversary Cake by the
    Anniversary Committee
Bulletin sponsor
                  October 7, 2012
           World Communion Sunday & NIN
Audio Recording: Dean Ferguson
Child Care: Phil & Lori Thompson
Acolytes: Ashley Risley & Derek Schwoerer
Greeters: Buck & Margie Walls
     Richard & Judy Weichmann
Head Usher: Clarence Pluss
Ushers: Consistory persons
Refreshment Table

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