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					Assessment Tools: Observation Rubric
PERFORMANCE UNSATISFACTORY                                BASIC                            PROFICIENT                         DISTINGUISHED
LEVEL                 1                                                 2                            3                                    4
PLANNING AND      Displays minimal or insufficient        Narrowly applies basic           Exhibits accurate knowledge        Utilizes extensive knowledge and
PREPARATION       knowledge and understanding of          knowledge and                    and understanding and related      understanding and designs activities to
                  subject matter/area of                  understanding of subject         other fields with subject          integrate other fields with subject
                  specialization, methodology, and        matter/area of specialization,   matter/area of specialization,     matter, area of specialization,
                  prerequisite skills.                    and prerequisite skills.         methodology, and prerequisite      methodology, and prerequisite skills.

                  Teacher makes content errors or         Teacher demonstrates             Teacher demonstrates solid         Teacher demonstrates superior content
                  does not correct the errors made by     limited content knowledge.       content knowledge. Lesson          knowledge and integrates disciplines.
                  students. Lesson plans are              Lesson planning is evident       planning includes standards and    Teacher demonstrates congruence
                  inconsistent and inappropriately        but may be missing               objectives, essential question,    between lesson plans and instructional
                  sequenced. No evidence of verbal        components. Teacher              instructional sequence,            sequence. The lesson plans contains
                  questioning. No evidence/or very        demonstrates lack of             differentiation and assessment.    standards and objectives, essential
                  little evidence of classroom            congruence between lesson        Teacher demonstrates               question, instructional process, use of
                  procedures, substitute plans, and       plans and instructional          congruence between lesson          higher order thinking skills,
                  behavior management system. No          sequence. Limited                plans and instructional            differentiation and assessment
                  documentation of the use of             documentation of classroom       sequence. Good documentation       Exemplary use of classroom
                  informal questioning or assessment      procedures, substitute plans,    of classroom procedures,           procedures, substitute plans, behavior
                  techniques.                             and behavior management          substitute plans, and behavior     management system, and informal
                                                          system. Limited                  management system.                 questioning and assessments.
                                                          documentation of the use of      Documentation of the use of
                                                          informal questioning and         informal questioning and
                                                          assessment techniques.           assessment evident.

                  IEP goals are not addressed in          Lack of congruence between       Demonstrates congruence            Consistently demonstrates congruence
                  therapeutic/instructional activities.   IEP goals and therapeutic/       between IEP goals and              between IEP goals and therapeutic/
                                                          instructional activities.        therapeutic/instructional          instructional activities by utilizing a
                                                                                           activities.                        variety of research based methods and

                  Educational goals reflect minimal       Educational goals reflect        Educational goals reflect          Educational goals reflect the integration
                  or insufficient knowledge and           basic knowledge of students,     application of accurate            of an accurate knowledge and
                  understanding of students, current      current curriculum, and PA       knowledge and understanding        understanding of students, current
                  curriculum, and Pa Academic             Academic Standards.              of students, current curriculum,   curriculum, and PA Academic
                  Standards.                                                               and PA Academic Standards.         Standards.

Category Score:   Comments:
PERFORMANCE UNSATISFACTORY                                 BASIC                          PROFICIENT                    DISTINGUISHED
LEVEL                         1                                         2                          3                                          4
 CLASSROOM  Staff member interaction with                  Staff member/student           Staff member interactions     Staff member/student interactions
ENVIRONMENT students is negative, demeaning and            interactions are generally     demonstrate warmth,           demonstrate warmth, caring, and respect.
                  sarcastic or inappropriate to the age    appropriate but may reflect    caring, and respect.          Students are encouraged to actively
                  or culture of the students. No           occasional inconsistencies,                                  participate.
                  therapeutic/instructional procedures     favoritism, or disregard for
                  are evident.                             student cultures.
                  No evidence of clear learning goals or   Inconsistently                 Communicates clear            Consistently communicates clear learning
                  high expectations for learners.          communicates learning          learning goals and high       goals and high expectations for all learners.
                                                           goals and expectations for     expectations for all
                                                           all learners.                  learners.

                  Students exhibit disrespect for          Students are not               Students are actively         Students are actively engaged in
                  teacher. Students are disengaged         consistently engaged           engaged in therapeutic/       therapeutic/instructional activities which
                  from the activity or actively            throughout the whole           instructional activities      have been designed in a manner that
                  inattentive.                             session.                       which have been designed      supports individual differences or abilities.
                                                                                          in a manner that supports     Procedures are clear and consistently
                                                                                          individual differences or     enforced, and there is evidence of student
                                                                                          abilities.                    participation.

                  Therapeutic/instructional                Therapeutic/instructional      Therapeutic/instructional     Therapeutic/instructional environment is
                  environment is unsafe and not            procedures are not             procedures are consistently   safe and conducive to learning (distractions
                  conducive to learning.                   consistently enforced.         enforced. Therapeutic/        are minimized, materials are varied and
                                                           Therapeutic/instructional      instructional environment     ready).
                                                           environment is conducive       is safe and conducive to
                                                           to learning but lacks          learning.

Category Score:   Comments:
PERFORMANCE       UNSATISFACTORY                BASIC                         PROFICIENT                    DISTINGUISHED
LEVEL                     1                                 2                          3                                 4
Instruction       Demonstrates little to no     Demonstrates ability to       Attempts to engage all        Attempts to engage all students
                  ability to engage students    engage some students in       students effectively by       effectively by providing for different
                  in relevant therapeutic/      relevant therapeutic/         providing for different       skill levels in relevant therapeutic/
                  instructional activities.     instructional activities.     skill levels in relevant      instructional activities and
                                                                              therapeutic/instructional     anticipated area of student
                                                                              activities.                   difficulties.
                  No evidence of activating     Inconsistent activation of    Activates prior               Consistently activates prior
                  prior knowledge.              prior knowledge.              knowledge.                    knowledge.

                  Lesson implemented            Lesson implemented            Lesson implemented            Lessons are consistently
                  with little regard for        with some regard for          with regard for students’     implemented with regard for
                  students’ goals/              students’ goals/              goals/individual learning     students’ goals/individual learning
                  individual learning styles.   individual learning styles.   styles. A variety of          styles. A wide variety of
                  Specific/appropriate          Limited use of specific/      specific/appropriate          specific/appropriate strategies
                  instructional strategies      appropriate strategies        strategies used               consistently used throughout
                  not being utilized.           being utilized.               throughout instruction.       instruction.
                  No evidence of checks for     Inconsistent checks for       Checks for                    Consistently checks for
                  understanding.                understanding.                understanding.                understanding which are built into
                                                                                                            the lesson.

                  Lessons are paced             Lessons show some             Lessons are                   Lessons are appropriately paced to
                  inappropriately.              pacing difficulties. Some     appropriately paced.          meet individual needs. Feedback is
                  Feedback is not timely,       feedback is timely,           Most feedback is timely,      high quality and is timely, consistent,
                  consistent, respectful, or    consistent, respectful,       consistent, respectful,       respectful, specific, and constructive.
                  specific.                     and specific.                 specific, and constructive.
                  No evidence of lesson         Lesson closure but no         Effective lesson closure      Effective lesson closure, summary of
                  closure, transition to next   evidence of summary of        and transition to next        learning objectives and transition to
                  learning activity or          learning objectives or        learning activity but no      next learning activity.
                  summary of learning           effective transition to       evidence of summary of
                  objectives.                   next learning activity.       learning objectives.

                  Assessments not used to       Limited assessment types Evidence of appropriate            Exemplary documentation of various
                  guide instruction.            marginally guide         use of assessments to              assessment used to guide instruction
                                                instruction.             guide instruction.                 and monitor student progress.
Category Score:   Comments:
PERFORMANCE                            UNSATISFACTORY                          BASIC                              PROFICIENT                             DISTINGUISHED
LEVEL                                          1                                              2                            3                                         4
PROFESSIONALISM                        Staff member portrays a                 Staff member portrays an           Staff member portrays a                Staff member always portrays a positive
                                       negative demeanor as                    acceptable demeanor as             consistent positive                    demeanor as observed in various settings.
                                       observed in various settings.           observed in various settings.      professional demeanor as
                                                                                                                  observed in various settings.

                                       Communicates ineffectively.             Usually communicates               Communicates effectively. Has          Communicates effectively, collaboratively,
                                       Uses poor judgment or lacks             effectively. Has some              good judgment and utilizes             and cooperatively. Exhibits prudent
                                       decision making skills.                 problems with judgment.            effective decision-making              judgment and effective/creative decision
                                       Disregards timelines,                   Usually complies with              skills. Consistently exhibits the      making skills. Exemplary in adherence to
                                       procedures, policies,                   timelines, procedures, policies,   ability to follow timelines,           timelines, procedures, policies,
                                       confidentiality, supervisor             confidentiality, supervisor        procedures, policies,                  confidentiality, implementation of
                                       suggestions or directives.              suggestions, or directives.        confidentiality, supervisor            supervisor suggestions, or directives.
                                                                                                                  suggestions or directives.

                                       Fails to exhibit appropriate            Exhibits inconsistent behavior     Exhibits appropriate behavior          Exhibits exemplary behavior in regard to
                                       behavior in regard to dress or          with regard to dress or            with regard to dress or                dress or interactions with parents, students,
                                       interactions with students,             interactions with students,        interactions with students,            agencies and/or district staff and/or
                                       parents, agencies, and/or               parents, agencies and/or           parents, agencies and/or               administration.
                                       district staff and/or                   district staff and/or              district staff and/or
                                       administration.                         administration.                    administration.

                                       Demonstrates a lack of ability          Demonstrates basic ability to      Demonstrates adequate oral             Consistently makes an in-depth oral and
                                       to reflect on the effectiveness         reflect on the effectiveness of    and written reflective analysis        written reflective analysis of the
                                       of the activity.                        the activity.                      on the effectiveness of the            effectiveness of the activity and the extent to
                                                                                                                  activity.                              which it achieved its goals.

                                       Unprofessionally participates           Demonstrates adequate              Actively seeks additional              Actively seeks additional professional
                                       in required growth                      interest/motivation in             professional growth                    growth opportunities and shares new
                                       opportunities.                          expanding one’s professional       opportunities resulting in             information with colleagues as to how it can
                                                                               knowledge.                         expanded knowledge.                    be implemented.
Category Score:                        Comments:

Overall Rating _______________________ Additional Comments:________________________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________________________                                ______________________________________________________________________________________
Signature/Date, Teacher                                                      Signature/Date, Supervisor
I acknowledge that I have read the report and been given the opportunity to discuss it with the rater. My signature does not necessarily
mean that I agree with the performance evaluation.

____________________________________________________________                                             ____________________________________________________________________
William Martens, Executive Director                    Date                                              Gary L. Nuss, Assistant Executive Director             Date
Portfolio Rubric

 Performance    Unsatisfactory (1)              Basic (2)                      Proficient (3)                  Distinguished (4)             Score/Comments

Preparation     Little or no evidence of        Only a few examples of          Lesson planning includes       Exemplary documentation
and Planning    lesson plans exist. Goals are   lesson plans exist. Lesson     standards and objectives,       of planning exists. Several
                not clear and objectives are    planning is evident but may    essential question,             lesson or unit plans
                not evident or not stated as    be missing components.         instructional sequence,         evidence standards-based
                student activities. Goals do    Limited documentation of       differentiation and             practices and include a
                not permit viable methods of    scheduling/routines,           assessment Clear                coherent, well-organized
                assessment. Resources for       classroom procedures,          documentation of schedules/     structure. The lesson
                planning are not evident.       reinforcement schedules,       routines, classroom             plans contain standards
                                                and/or student protocols.      procedures, reinforcement       and objectives, essential
                                                IEP goals and other            schedules, and/or student       question, instructional
                                                objectives exist but are       protocols. IEP or other goals   process, use of higher
                                                moderately clear and may       and objectives are clear and    order thinking skills,
                                                not permit viable methods of   include activities. Most        differentiation and
                                                assessment. Resources for      permit viable methods of        assessment. Many
                                                planning are limited.          assessment. Resources are       resources are evidenced
                                                                               evident and documented.         and documented.
Classroom       Portfolio contains no or        Only a few examples of         Standards of student conduct    Staff member/student
Environment     poorly constructed examples     classroom displays are         are clear to students and       interactions demonstrate
                of classroom displays. No       present. Discipline            include consequences that are   warmth, caring, and
                examples of classroom           procedures may be evident      appropriate and not             respect. Evidence that
                discipline procedures are       but poorly stated and          demeaning to students.          students are encouraged
                included. No evidence of        without clear consequences.    Evidence that the teacher       to actively participate.
                clear learning goals or high    Evidence the teacher           communicates clear learning     Evidence that the teacher
                expectations for learners.      inconsistently                 goals and high expectations     consistently
                                                communicates learning goals    for all learners.               communicates clear
                                                and expectations for all                                       learning goals and high
                                                learners.                                                      expectations for all
Total Score: _____/16          Additional Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________                  _________________________________________________________________
Signature/Date, Teacher                                                     Signature/Date, Supervisor
I acknowledge that I have read the report and been given the opportunity to discuss it with the rater. My signature does not necessarily mean that I agree
with the performance evaluation.
____________________________________________________________                ____________________________________________________________________
William Martens, Executive Director                Date                     Gary L. Nuss, Assistant Executive Director                 Date
Portfolio Rubric
   Performance     Unsatisfactory (1)                Basic (2)                          Proficient (3)                       Distinguished (4)                       Score/
       Level                                                                                                                                                         Comments

Instruction        Learning activities and           Only some of the documents         Learning activities and              Learning activities are highly          ____
                   materials are not suitable for    illustrate learning activities     materials are suitable for           relevant to students and
                   students and are                  and materials suitable for         students, organized, and             instructional goals with coherent
                   unorganized or outdated.          the students and are only          demonstrate effective lesson         progression and structure that
                   Lesson plans do not have a        somewhat organized.                closure and transition to next       reflects evidence of effective lesson
                   clearly defined structure and     Lesson plan structure is           learning activity but no evidence    closure, summary of learning
                   no evidence of lesson closure,    recognizable with lesson           of summary of learning objectives.   objectives and transition to next
                   transition to next learning       closure but no evidence of         Lesson plan structure is clearly     learning activity. Many examples
                   activity or summary of learning   summary of learning objectives     defined with examples of             are included that exemplify varied
                   objectives. Evidence of           or effective transition to next    varied instructional groups          instructional activities. Student
                   appropriate student               learning activity. Student         suitable for various learning        feedback examples exemplify
                   engagement in learning            feedback examples are              situations. Student feedback         consistent activation of prior
                   activities is not present. No     included but may not be            examples are included and            knowledge, and checks for
                   examples of feedback to           stated to enhance student          clearly stated for student           understanding.
                   students are present. No          learning/ achievement.             understanding. Evidence of
                   evidence of activation of         Inconsistent activation of prior   activation of prior knowledge and
                   prior knowledge or checks         knowledge and checks for           checks for understanding.
                   for understanding.                understanding.

Professional       Teacher’s system for              Teacher’s system for               Teacher’s system for                 Teacher’s system for maintaining        ____
Responsibilities   maintaining information,          maintaining information,           maintaining information,             information, grades, and
                   grades, attendance, and           grades, and assignments is in      grades, and assignments is           assignments is fully effective and
                   assessment is in disarray.        disarray. No system for            effective with some examples.        many examples are provided.
                   System for monitoring             monitoring student progress        Teacher’s system for                 Teacher’s system for monitoring
                   student progress is evident       is evident. Documentation of       monitoring student progress is       student progress is efficient and
                   but unclear. Documentation        communication to families is       effective. Teacher                   effective. Teacher communicates
                   of communication to families      included but may be not            communicates with families           with families frequently and
                   is included but may not be        evident of active engagement       regularly and provides               positively and provides
                   written in a positive manner      of families in the learning of     information frequently.              information frequently. Teacher
                   to encourage parent               the child. Teacher reflective      Teacher reflective exercises         reflective exercises are included
                   participation. Teacher            exercises are included with        are included which are               which are in-depth written
                   reflective exercises are not      limited information of the         adequate written reflective          reflective analyses with thoughtful
                   included and no measure of        measure of a lesson’s              analyses with thoughtful             references to support and assess a
                   a lesson’s success is evident.    success. Limited                   references to support and            lesson’s success. Exemplary
                   No evidence of progress           documentation of progress          assess a lesson’s success.           documentation of PDP goal exists,
                   towards professional growth       on professional growth goals       Clear documentation of               including numerous artifacts and
                   goal and implementation of        and implementation of              progress towards meeting             reflections to support student
                   supervisor                        supervisor                         professional growth goal and         learning and implementation of
                   suggestions/directives.           suggestions/directives.            implementation of supervisor         supervisor
                                                                                        suggestions/directives.              suggestions/directives.
Individual/Cooperative Development Project Rubric
Performance Level       Unsatisfactory (1)        Basic (2)                  Proficient (3)             Distinguished (4)                     Score/Comments
Identifying Purpose     Fails to provide          Adequate statement of      Provides clear context     Provides exceptionally clear
                        adequate context,         context supporting         supporting rationale       content supporting rationale for
                        rationale, purpose, and   rationale for proposed     for proposed project,      proposed project, clear purpose,
                        is based upon no data,    project, statement of      clear purpose, based       based upon data, current level of
                        level of performance      purpose, based upon        upon data, current         performance and recent research
                        or research interest.     some data, level of        level of performance       interest. Exemplary writing that
                        Grammar structure is      performance and            and recent research        flows well; clear, concise and
                        poor.                     research interest.         interest. Well written;    comprehensive. Uses proper
                                                  Grammar structure          uses proper grammar        grammar and spelling; clear
                                                  adequate.                  and spelling; clear        transitions.
Evidence of             Includes no actions,      Includes some actions,      Includes specific         Includes specific actions, methods,
Implementation          methods or timeline       methods and basic          actions, methods,          strategies and timeline with
                        and no evidence of        timeline with some         strategies and timeline    evidence of concrete steps utilized
                        steps utilized with       evidence of steps          with evidence of           and achievement of the timeline.
                        achievement of the        utilized and               concrete steps utilized    Exemplary synthesis and
                        timeline. Problems        achievement of the         and achievement of         organization of resources that is
                        with organization or      timeline. Adequate         the timeline. Good         clearly linked to project question.
                        weak linkage to           synthesis and              synthesis and              Exemplary writing that flows well;
                        project question.         organization of            organization of            clear, concise, and comprehensive.
                        Grammar structure is      resources that is          resources that is          Uses proper grammar and spelling;
                        poor.                     linked to project          clearly linked to          clear transitions.
                                                  question. Grammar          project question.
                                                  structure adequate.        Well-written; uses
                                                                             proper grammar and
                                                                             spelling; clear
Benefit and Impact on   Fails to provide          Provides adequate          Provides good              Exceptionally well conceptualized,
Student Learning        sufficient methodology    conceptualization,         conceptualization,         organized and applicable. Easily
                        for an acceptable         organization, and          organization, and          used by intended audience.
                        project; narrative of     applicability. Potential   applicability. Useful to   Includes meaningful formative
                        the data analyses does    usefulness to intended     intended audience.         evaluation when possible and
                        not provide adequate      audience. Includes         Includes formative         appropriate. The narrative of the
                        basis for drawing         formative evaluation       data when possible         data analyses compels the
                        conclusions; steps are    when possible and          and appropriate. The       appropriate conclusions.
                        not clear or poorly       appropriate. The           narrative of the data
                        organized. Grammar        narrative of the data      analyses is clear
                        structure is poor.        analyses provides          enough to draw
                                                  some basis for             appropriate
                                                  drawing conclusions.       conclusions. Well
                                                  Grammar structure is       written; uses proper
                                                  adequate.                  grammar and spelling;
                                                                             clear transitions.
                                The summary and                  The summary and           The summary and             The summary and discussion
Summary, Conclusions,           discussion contains              discussion contains       discussion contains a       contains a thoughtful and thorough
Reflection                      little or no                     some implications for     thoughtful discussion       discussion on the implications for
                                implications for the             the teacher’s practice,   on the implications for     the teacher’s practice, including
                                teacher’s practice,              including details of      the teacher’s practice,     details of what was learned and
                                including details of             what was learned and      including details of        specific ways the project will
                                what was learned and             specific ways the         what was learned and        impact future instruction.
                                specific ways the                project will impact       specific ways the
                                project will impact              future instruction.       project will impact         Written self-reflection is included
                                future instruction.                                        future instruction.         which provides thoughtful and
                                                                 Written self-reflection                               thorough application to each of the
                                Written self-reflection          is included which         Written self-reflection     four domains.
                                is not included or               provides adequate         is included which
                                provides for                     application to each of    provides thoughtful         The presentation of the project is
                                application to each of           the four domains.         application to each of      well organized and thoroughly
                                the four domains.                                          the four domains.           communicates relevant aspects of
                                                                 The presentation of                                   the project.
                                The presentation of              the project shows         The presentation of
                                the project is                   some organization and     the project is
                                somewhat                         communicates some         organized and
                                disorganized or fails to         relevant aspects of the   adequately
                                communicate some                 project.                  communicates
                                relevant aspects of the                                    relevant aspects of the
                                project.                                                   project.

Overall Rating _______________________ Additional Comments:________________________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________________________                         ______________________________________________________________________________________
Signature/Date, Teacher                                                                                    Signature/Date, Supervisor

I acknowledge that I have read the report and been given the opportunity to discuss it with the rater. My signature does not necessarily
mean that I agree with the performance evaluation.

____________________________________________________________                                      ____________________________________________________________________
William Martens, Executive Director                    Date                                       Gary L. Nuss, Assistant Executive Director             Date

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