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									                                       Year 2 Lesson Plan

    Learning Area              Year              Time/Session               Date

     Mathematics              Year 2                 9-9:40             16/10/2011

Topic/Lesson Title

                 Units and measurement / Name and order months and seasons.



Children will have the ability to extend on their understanding of measurement by using an
interactive lesson to learn the name and order of Months and Seasons. Students will work
through the interactive lesson individuality using a variety of different resources to learn the

                                  DEVELOPMENTAL DOMAINS

Social/Emotional       Physical               Cognitive             Language
                       - Fine motor skill     - Identification of   - Listening to video
                         development.           months/seasons        clips.
                       - Writing              - Learning            - Learning word
                       - Computer use           measurement           recognition
                                                (12 Months in a       (Months/ Season)

Children’s prior knowledge/experiences

     General knowledge of the measurement of time by events through the year such as
      Christmas, birthdays Ext.


         Students will learn the order of months in the year.

         Students will learn the order of seasons in the year.

         Students will learn the months in each season.

         Students will learn the weather in each season


         Pencils and paper.
         Computers for children to access.
         Program loaded up for the children to have access to.
         Printer to print of worksheets.
Introduction:                                                Minutes: 15

          Children will be seated at a computer with the website open for them to begin
           their lesson.
          Children will begin lesson by listening to the ‘Months of the year song’ by AJ
          Children will move onto a story told from a video clip called ‘Seasons’ by Mirik
          After the story children will move onto a Slide show on the Months in each
           season with a picture indicating the weather in each Season.

Main Body of the Lesson:                                             Minutes: 20

During the lesson (20 minutes)

               Now the children should have the knowledge to complete the first interactive
                resource. They children need to order the months of the year by dragging the
                name of the month to the correct number, for example January would be
                dragged to 1.
                After that they can move onto the next resource. This is a quiz asking the
                season before or after the season shown. Students are to complete the quiz
                for 5 minutes.
               To finish the lesson the children are to print of the 2 worksheets and complete
                them. Children can use the website as needed to complete the worksheets.

Formative Assessment

After the lesson it is important to see whether the children have an understanding of the
order of both the months and seasons in the year. The access this you can use the

      How accurately the students placed the months in order in the worksheet and
       interactive resource.
      How accurately the students place the seasons in order in the worksheets.
      The strategies students use to complete the interactive resources and worksheets.
      How the students link the ‘knowledge’ shown to them into the resources and


Children will answer worksheets together as a group after completing the lesson.

Debrief and Transition                                                      Minutes: 5

      Did you enjoy using a computer for the lesson?

      Do you have a good understanding of the order of Month/ Season in the year?
       How many months are there in a year?

Follow Up Lesson/s

To follow up have students fill out activities they complete such as swimming, music class
Ext on a calendar.

Review and Reflect in terms of: Use of space, time and people.

Effectiveness of learning experiences and resources to achieve objectives.

       Which students need more practice ordering the months? Do they need additional
        work in retaining the order of the seasons and months to be able to understand
        measurement of time?
       What activities worked best the worksheets where the children had to write down the
        answers or the interactive resource they completed on the computer?
       What other areas of ‘measurement’ will this helps the students understand? Such as
        days of the week, time in a day.

Ref: sample lesson plan, curtin university. Western Australia. 2011-04-08

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