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									                                    Maloney Band Boosters’ Meeting
                                          December 7, 2010
                                           Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:26 p.m. The Executive Board members present were: Brian Cyr,
Director; Barbara Fraser, President; Nancy Twarog, Vice President; Jeanine Hanlon, Treasurer.

DIRECTOR’S COMMENTS: It was a great season! The Band Show was a huge success! Next year’s
Band Show is scheduled for 9/17/11.

      WINTER CONCERT: Is scheduled for Thursday Dec. 16th. MHS students would need to show
       their id to get in for free. Middle school band students would need to present a complimentary
       ticket from their band director to get in for free. ALL others - $5 for admission.

      CMEAs January 14th & 15th. Volunteers are desperately needed.

      BYE BYE BIRDIE will be presented on March 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 & 26 (T, F & S)

      PLANNING MEETING for both the CMEAs and BYE BYE BIRDIE will take place on January
       4th at 7pm in the Cafeteria.

      MORE DIRECTOR’S ADVICE: Make your student practice! Get them lessons, if possible.

         o Send out the band letter as soon as possible to raise funds. This fundraiser is especially
           good for family and friends who are out of state and have not participated in any other
           fundraiser and would like to help the band. This fundraiser pays for things like: Sam Hazo,
         o Wings and Subs- order forms will go out before the Christmas break
         o Cookie Dough will run again, but no pies
         o Prom Preview- a possible fundraiser. To be held Feb 12, 2011. Vendors would bring
           samples of their commodity. They could come and set up a table for a fee. Dance studio
           would come to coach walking for dress models. Other vendors could be for limos,
           hairdressers, florists, nail salons, dresses, tuxedos, etc. It would also be advertized to other
           schools. Cyr will wear a tux. Need a chairperson. See Barbara Fraser or Stephanie Simon if
           you can volunteer.

      GOLF CART UPDATE: Cyr is still looking at options, has not bought one yet.

   MEETING MINUTES: No November meeting minutes, as Chris Albrycht was unable to attend.
    Watch for them on-line.

         o $748.50 was raised at the Can & Bottle Drive. The water bottles made a huge impact on
           the amount raised. Next Can & Bottle Drive will be in June.
         o Sales at football games came to $186.32 – from sales of scarves, blankets, etc
         o Augustus Cultural Ctr was given a check for $250 as a deposit for our Christmas party
         o There was some Scrip activity, and there are some Scrip cards for sale on site. Orders taken
           before December 10th will be in before the Christmas break.
                     Motion – A motion was made & seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as
                      written A vote was taken and the Treasurer’s Report was accepted as written.

      FAMILY PHOTO NIGHT- Maring will have the photos this week. Only 8 families, but $80 was
       raised from the sitting fees. And we will get a percentage of the sales.

      VIRIDIAN ENERGY FUNDRAISER: The form to sign up will be on-line as well as available
       at Band events. We need 3 more families to earn another $250, then the Band gets a percentage
       every month. Anybody living in the New England states can sign up. Get your family and friends
       in on the savings!

      GLOW GOLF: This event is planned for Wednesday, Dec 29th, from 6-9 pm. Glow Golf is only
       charging us $6 per person to play mini golf. We then charge $12 per ticket and earn $6 per ticket
       sold. This $12 covers unlimited mini golf for the 3 hours. Pizza and refreshments will be an
       option. 50-80 kids would be the goal. There is a 100 capacity limit. You can purchase a ticket for a
       Christmas stocking stuffer. We would need to pre-sell the tickets, have flyers around the school,
       have them announce the event on the loud-speaker, etc. Trip fundraiser?

      HUBBARD PARK HOLIDAY LIGHTS: The band will be there with hot chocolate and candy
       canes. The band members would earn Community Service hours if they come and play, dress up,
       hand out goodies, etc.

      HOLIDAY CONCERT: help is needed with the concessions, ticket sales, coffee, cookies, water
       sales, etc. Poinsettias will also be available for purchase.

      BY-LAWS COMMITTEE presented a draft of their changes. Changes will be posted on line for
       your viewing. A vote will be taken in January as to whether to approve the changes, or to make
       more changes. Rob Cichon stated that the changes reflect the current activities.

      CITY-WIDE BOOSTER MEETING: will be held on Monday, January 24th at 7 pm at
       Washington Middle School. Cyr strongly suggests we attend these meetings.

      BAND WEB-SITE: will be updated. Share your ideas.

      TEXT MESSAGING: Brian was looking into the availability to send a text to all band families,
       but the cost and number of texts was prohibitive.

      INSURANCE coverage: will be voted on at the January meeting

      BAND CHRISTMAS PARTY: will be held on December 23rd in the Band room. Students will
       be assigned items to bring. A movie will be shown: “Muppets Christmas”

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

The next Band Booster Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 12th at 7:15 p.m. in the MHS Band

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy L. Poulin

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