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PhD Oral Examination LAW.G4/03 (Jul ‘12)

                                 Guidelines for Oral Examination of the PhD Thesis

Constitution of the Oral Panel

1. An Oral Panel will be established by the ViceDean (Research) to examine the doctoral candidate on his or her
   thesis. The Oral Panel will generally comprise three members and will include the thesis examiners, subject to
   their availability.

2. The candidate’s supervisor may be permitted to attend (with permission of the ViceDean, Research), but will not
   be permitted to ask questions of the candidate.

Objectives of the Oral Examination

3. The primary aim of the oral examination is to examine the candidate on the content and implications of the
   thesis. As a secondary aim, the Oral Panel may examine the candidate on his or her knowledge in the area of the
   thesis more generally.

Examination Procedure

4. Prior to the commencement of the examination, the members of the Oral Panel will appoint a Chair who will
   normally be the Vice Dean (Research). Each examiner will take turns to question the candidate on aspects of
   his/her thesis and the related topics, as directed by the Chair.

Duration of the Examination

5. The duration of the examination is a minimum of one hour or for as long as is needed to assess the candidate’s
   thesis, subject to such intervals as are considered by the Chair to be necessary.


6. When the examination is complete, the candidate will be asked to leave the examination venue and the Oral
   Panel members will confer and come to a decision as to its recommendation as soon as is reasonably possible,
   generally on the same day that the examination takes place. The candidate will normally be notified (informally)
   of the Oral Panel’s recommendation forthwith.

7. Once the decision has been reached, the Chair will, within two weeks of the examination, formally convey in
   writing the Oral Panel’s comments and recommendation to the candidate through the ViceDean (Research) and
   the candidate’s supervisor.

Supervision of Amendments

8. Where amendments to the thesis are required, the candidate’s supervisor will advise the candidate as to the
   nature and extent of the amendments.

9. For minor amendments, the candidate will be given three months for the changes to be made. Where the
   amendments are major, a period of up to 12 months will be given (unless the Oral Panel recommends a shorter

10. Where major amendments are required, the candidate’s supervisor will ensure that the amendments are
    satisfactorily made before allowing the candidate to re-submit the amended thesis for examination.

Note: For general (University-wide) instructions relating to the thesis submission and examination procedures,
please refer to http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/event/gd-thesisexam.html.

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