In this exercise, you will use Google Earth to visually display

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In this exercise, you will use Google Earth to visually display Powered By Docstoc
					Chapter 6 – Google Earth Southeast Asia

1. In 1999 it was recognized as an independent country. What is the name of the country? Type:
9 05 36.07S, 125 19 48.12E
a. Australia
b. East Timor
c. Thailand
d. Indonesia

2. With a total land area of less than 250 square miles, this Southeast Asian country has one of
the highest per capita incomes. What is unique about this country? Type: Singapore
a. it is known for its commercial shipping industry
b. is an independent country
c. it is an island country
d. all of the above

3. Which of the following best describes the climate of Jakarta, which lies along a body of
water? Type: 6 12 40.93S, 106 50 46.23E
a. Hot and rainy
b. Hot with rainy and dry seasons
c. Semiarid
d. Very dry

4. This river flows along the border of Laos and Thailand before entering Cambodia and
southern Vietnam? What is the name of this river? Type: 14 38 45.00N, 105 52 03.99E
a. Irrawaddy River
b. Mekong River
c. Red River
d. Cho Phraya River

5. Indonesia consists of many islands. Zoom out to about 400 miles and scroll left and right to
see all the islands. Which island has the largest number of people? Type: 9 04 59.69S, 115 35
a. Celebes
b. Jaya
c. Sumatra
d. Java

6. You are a business executive on your way from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to a
country in Southeast Asia. Your aircraft will arrive at the Changi International Airport. What is
your designated country of arrival? Type: 1 21 03.36N, 103 59 48.27E
a. Vietnam
b. Indonesia
c. Singapore
d. Thailand
7. This Southeast Asian volcano erupted with what has been called the loudest natural explosion
in recorded history. The eruption was one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recorded
history in 1883. What is the name of the volcano? Type: 6 06 39.38S, 105 25 34.93E
a. Pinatubo
b. Krakatoa
c. Sorikmaripi
d. Tongkoko

8. This rocky island is known as Corregido. Today it serves as a memorial for the courage,
valor, and heroism of Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the
overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II. Currently this island
belongs to which country? Type: 14 23 01.63N, 120 34 33.32E
a. Japan
b. China
c. United States
d. Philippines

9. Frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are commonplace in Southeast Asia. What is the
name of this volcanic mountain/ Type: 8 14 36.78S, 117 59 40.76E
a. Mount Sumbawa
b. Mount Tambora
c. Mount Pinatubo
d. Mount Crateryo

10. There is a concentration of people, jobs, and other modern facilities in this city. Zoom in to
about 2,500 feet. Which of the following describes this city? Type: 13 43 50.83N, 100 31 15.47E
a. Financial City
b. Spiritual City
c. Functional City
d. Primate City

11. The location you will soon be exploring is on the South Island of New Zealand. Zoom out to
see the whole south island. Why is it that some farmers must irrigate their farmlands on the east
side of the mountain range? Type: 43 57 22.89S, 170 43 16.43E
a. the mountains create rain shadows thus the need for irrigation
b. the government subsidies irrigation projects
c. it is cheaper to irrigate farmlands
d. there are more people in the south who need food

12. This image is going to show a barren landscape, resulting from a major natural event. What
happened at the site and surrounding area? Type: 5 29 35.39N, 95 14 03.35E
a. there was a category five hurricane on December 26
b. government troops and separatist rebels engaged in a fierce battle in the area
c. there was an earthquake and the resulting tsunami caused extensive damage including loss of
life and property
d. the area never had permanent human settlement
13. This area is in the Equatorial climate zone. During the day, land areas near the coast heat up
quickly than the offshore waters. What natural event occurs in this area? Type: 7 04 48.36N, 125
36 49.32E
a. warm air rises and cooler air moves from water to land area
b. cooler air rises and warmer air moves in
c. warm air rises to form land freeze
d. warm air descends to form sea breeze

14. Notice the landscape from approximately 8,000 feet. What does the landscape show? Type:
10 36 40.75N, 106 42 39.63E
a. duck farms
b. rice fields
c. flower beds
d. pig farms

15. You visited this city in the year 2008. Which religious symbols dominated the cultural
landscape? Type: 13 43 50.79N, 100 31 15.57E
a. Christianity
b. Islam
c. Buddhism
d. none of the above

16. Go to this location and zoom out to about Eye alt 2200 miles. Which foreign power occupied
most of this region during World War II? Type: 16 44 31.48N, 101 51 55.41E
a. United States
b. China
c. Great Britain
d. Japan

17. Which of the following applies to this country? Type: 0 49 30.75S, 113 37 48.60E
a. it is a Hindu nation
b. it is a Christian nation
c. it is a Muslim nation
d. it is a Buddhist nation

18. You are in a large boat in the middle of this spot and decided to head east. Which sea will
you enter during your sailing? Type: 3 00 22.56N, 121 59 45.42E
a. Celebes Sea
b. Sulu Sea
c. South China Sea
d. Philippine Sea

19. Based on your readings, what commercial agriculture takes place in this area? Type: 8 27
30.74S, 115 05 13.08E
a. rice production
b. tea production
c. coffee production
d. jute production

20. This spot has expansive coastlines. Why are the expansive coastlines problematic? Make sure
to zoom out to about Eye alt 1,600 miles. Type: 4 05 35.88S, 113 20 59.94E
a. the coastlines lead to fragmentation
b. the coastlines make the area vulnerable to tsunami
c. the coastlines are great for tourism
d. the coastlines are only for rich people

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