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					Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program News:

   The next Tobacco Coordinators Monthly Conference call will be June 5 th at 9:30am EST.
    Topic and call in information will be sent at a later date.

   Like our facebook page at: (get the word out
    and encourage others to follow us on facebook and twitter)

   Follow us on twitter at:!/No_Smoke_KY

Local/State News:

   Reminder: For those registered to attend, the States and the Tobacco Control Act -
    Compliance Checks and Retailer Education Conference is this Thursday May 10, 2012 at
    the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa, Lexington Kentucky. Rooms are available for
    the state rate of $100.00 at the Marriott.

     Estimated times (times are EST)
     8:00 am - 9:00 am – Registration and Breakfast
     9:00 am Welcome (CHFS Secretary invited)
     Lunch 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
     Closing 4:30 pm

National News:

   Kansas Bill Would Ease Smoking Ban: A few years after Kansas lawmakers banned
    smoking in most public places, the Kansas legislature is considering a plan that would let
    people light up again.

     For more information:

   Air Force Hospitals and Clinics Are Now Tobacco-Free: An updated Air Force Instruction
    (AFI) on tobacco use in the service designates all Air Force hospitals and clinics as
    tobacco-free environments, and that includes the facility’s parking structures and lots,
    lawns, sidewalks, and base playgrounds.

     For more information:
Other Items of Interest:

    Save the Date: May 9, 2012 , Webinar: Winning the Battle: Impacting Tobacco Control in
     the Real World. Bronson Frick, Assistant Director at Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
     and Robert Berger, Deputy Director of the California Community Transformation
     Initiative at the Public Health Institute will discuss strategies for successfully pursuing a
     tobacco control agenda while facing opposition at the community, state, and national
     levels. The topics in this webinar outline ways to involve clinicians of all backgrounds
     and can easily be applied to any health topic. Click here for more details, and to register.
     This webinar is sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Julius B.
     Richmond Center of Excellence.

    Cast your vote for the best video! A video contest sponsored by CDC's Office on Smoking
      and Health invited youth ages 13–17 and young adults ages 18–25 to submit original
      videos (English or Spanish) featuring one or more of the key findings from the 2012
      Surgeon General's report.

      Cast your vote at:

    Good resource from the NALBOH (National Association of Local Boards of Health): These
     resources introduce board members to their roles and responsibilities in assessing their
     community’s tobacco use policies and effectively minimize and prevent the health
     hazards caused by tobacco use and secondhand smoke.

      Visit the website at:

    Message from Tobacco-Free Kids:
     With Mother's Day a couple of weeks away, think about what you can do to raise
     awareness about the impact of tobacco use on women and families in your community
     and to stimulate interest in and support for tobacco control policies. Think about
     identifying a woman in your community who is willing to speak to how she has
     successfully quit with the help of the tobacco control program or who is willing to share
     her ongoing struggle with tobacco addiction.

      The attached state-specific mom-related tobacco data could be used for special
      Mother's Day press releases, newspaper columns, op-eds, LTE's, etc. – and these could
      also be used to publicize and support whatever tobacco control measures you are
      working on.
   Attached updated materials include:

   (1) TFK factsheet that provides state-specific data on tobacco use and related harms for
       women. The factsheet contains state-specific information on (1) current smoking
       rates for women, (2) smoking-attributable female deaths, (3) number of moms lost
       to smoking, (4) expenditures to treat women's smoking-caused health problems, as
       well as other information. We use the most recent data that we are aware of. If you
       have more recent data for your state, please let us know so we can incorporate it
       into our materials.

   (2) Women’s Health and Smoking factsheet

   (3) A Mother’s Day factsheet with tips for Moms to help keep their kids from smoking.

       All of our women and girls related factsheets can be found at:

 Secondhand Smoke a Big Problem for Children with Asthma, Study Shows: Many
   American children with asthma are exposed to secondhand smoke, and experience
   health problems as a result, according to a new study.

   Read the story at:

 Individuals who live with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders are twice as
  likely to smoke as other people and consume 44 percent of all cigarettes smoked in
  America. When seeking mental health treatment, heavy smokers report substantially
  poorer well-being, greater symptom burden, and more functional disability compared to

   Recognizing the health burden among this population and the critical need for
   accessible cessation services, ActionToQuit has added a Behavioral Health section to The new section contains web resources, fact sheets, toolkits
   and more. Individuals with mental health conditions should be asked if they are smokers
   and advised to quit, and identified smokers should have smoking cessation integrated
   into their overall treatment plan.

   The webpage can be found at:
     The World Health Organization (WHO) selects "tobacco industry interference" as the
      theme of the next World No Tobacco Day, which will take place on Thursday, 31 May

         More information at:

 Mother's Day Data
on Smoking Moms and Related Harms 4-23-12.doc

    Celebrate a
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