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					College of Health and Human Performance                                                  310 Yon Hall
Department of Tourism Recreation and Sport Management                               PO Box 118208
Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program                           Gainesville, FL 32611
                                                                                352-392-4042 x1370

                                                                                    November 3, 2012

Dear Bicycle Safety Advocate,

        Thank you for your interest in the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program.
Teacher workshops are approximately 8 hours, achieved in one day. The workshop usually
begins in the morning and concludes late afternoon. Regional trainers and staff representatives
will help conduct the workshop, so it is critical that we all communicate as you begin planning. We
will provide any necessary equipment and curriculum materials; however, we will need your
assistance with various items and tasks.
       Enclosed find samples for the promotion and organization of the workshop. These
materials are provided to guide your publicity efforts. Please adapt them as you see fit.
Obviously, selecting a date for the workshop that works for everyone is the first step. The rest of
these guidelines will guarantee a successful training effort for all involved:
A. Pre-training items:
1. Please provide our office with the name and phone number for a nearby hotel or two.
2. Write a memo or flyer to distribute to participants informing them of the following items:
       Ask everyone to bring his or her own bicycle and helmet. We can provide some
          bicycles and helmets to those who have none.
       Comfortable clothes are the rule. Ask teachers to dress appropriately.
       Specific training site address.
       Workshop starting time and date. Make this clear, so participants don’t arrive late.
          The workshop must start on time, to end on time.
3. Please send a map of the training site, so we can plan a neighborhood or campus ride.
4. We will need at least 1 hour to set up at the training site before the workshop begins.

B. During the training:

1. We will need assistance with registration, and distribution of materials.
2. Participants always enjoy a snack such as bagels or donuts and coffee or juice in the morning.
   Could a local sponsor help you provide something like this?
3. Experience has shown it time-efficient to have a working lunch on-site. Can a lunch be
   arranged? If not, then participants should be alerted to bring one from home.

The Foundation for The Gator Nation
An Equal Opportunity Institution
4. Teachers will need access to water and drinks throughout the training.
5. We encourage a panel discussion be arranged as part of the workshop. The panel would
   address administrative issues for the bicycle education program in your county. Can you
   facilitate this discussion, and invite other representatives from safety organizations,
   volunteer groups, a school resource officer or bicycle patrol officer and a member of
   the school administration to be included? We suggest the discussion include your and
   other members’ visions for the program’s future in your school district, as well as plans for the
   purchase, maintenance, and transportation of training equipment. Please notify us as soon as
   possible so we can include it in the training schedule and prepare accordingly.

C. Facilities (needs):
1. A large grassy or hardtop, outdoor area to conduct bicycle activities.
2. One spacious classroom (with desks/tables and chairs) near the outdoor area.
3. Projector and screen for computer presentation and DVDs.
4. Several tables for registration, displays, and bike activity setup.

D. Other Considerations:

1. Establish a registration cut-off date, and let us know how many registrants you have. We
   require 12 participants to conduct a workshop.
2. Prepare a local resource list including the names of organizations that support bicycle safety.
   Resources could include our program, Traffic Safety Teams, National Safety Council,
   Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinators, local cycling clubs and teams, and bicycle shops. Please
   prepare a copy for each workshop participant.
3. Send a press release to the local media. Invite them to the workshop.

Should you have any questions, please call (352) 392-4042, ext. 1370, or email us at I hope this information will serve as a useful guide as you plan your
workshop. We look forward to working with you.


Dan Connaughton
Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program

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