New Consultant Verbiage by M6Fyt1u


									New Consultant Verbiage

Start out call as you would with a friend

“I am so excited to share with you that I am starting my own business! It is with Cookie Lee. Have you
heard of it? It is a great company with fabulous jewelry at great prices. I decided to start my business
because___________. To start out strong I need to book 6 shows before the end of May (end of QS
month one) with friends and family and I immediately thought of you. By being one of my first 6
hostesses not only will you be helping to start my business out strong, but we will have so much fun
showing off my new line to your friends, PLUS you will receive tons of free and half priced jewelry-
jewelry that you can wear or stock your gift closet with. I have April ____ or _____ available (offer your
next 2 available dates) which works best for you?”

Verbiage for a New Consultant out and about
Someone says they like your necklace

“Oh, thank you so much- this is one of the hottest pieces from my new line. It is Cookie Lee. Have you
heard of us? We have amazing styles at great prices. (Be taking a catalog out of your jewelry tote with a
sticky note attached to the front) I would love to give you a catalog to take home so that you can pick
out your favorite pieces. I will give you a call tomorrow to find out what your favorites are- we have
great programs to get you your favorites for free and half price. How does that sound? Great, what is
your name, phone number, email address (write on sticky note, take off and keep then hand her the

Follow Up Phone Call to Above Conversation
“Hi, this is ________. I met you yesterday at _________ and gave you one of my jewelry catalogs. Do
you have 2 minutes? I am sure you found lots of great pieces in the catalog that you must have! I
wanted to share with you a bit more about what we talked about yesterday- about how you can get all
your items for free and half price. We have super fun home parties where your friends and family come
over- we do no formal presentation – we basically have a blast while helping each other bring together
outfits with our jewelry. It’s like a fun, free, girls night out playing dress up and then you get everything
you wanted for free and half price. Not bad, right? I have a couple dates still left open in April- I have
____ or ____(next two available dates) which works best for you?”
Gathering referrals while making customer care calls
In order to build your income you need to continually add new contacts and referrals. Making five “4-
point customer calls” a day will help you to do just that!

A 4-point customer care call offers each customer all four Cookie Lee opportunities!

Point 1–Recruit

Point 2–Host

Point 3–Purchase

Point 4–Referrals

Your call may sound something like this:

“Hi Mary! This is______, your Cookie Lee Consultant! Is this a good time to chat? (If yes, continue. If not,
ask when you may call her back about some exciting offers). I know you’re busy, so I won’t take a lot of
your time. I just wanted to tell you about the great recruiting offer (Point 1) the company has this
month! (yes or no) we also have a great hostess-exclusive buy this season(Point 2) (yes or no) and our
Insider’s Club this month is (Point 3) (yes or no).

Thank you for your time, Mary. Before I let you go, can you think of anyone who would like to see a
Cookie Lee catalog or hear more about the specials I just shared with you? (Point 4) I have a referral
program that will earn you a FREE gift certificate that you can use on your very next purchase!”

30-second Commercial
A 30-second commercial allows you to introduce yourself to someone who asks “Do you work?” or offer
someone one of our Cookie Lee opportunities while telling them who you are and what you do.

A 30-second commercial should include:

• Your name

• Your company’s name

• What services you offer (fundraisers, home shows, office shows, individual sales, and a great business

• How you offer your services (open house and jewelry is available for immediate take home)

• An invitation for the listener to take you up on one of your offers (receive an item at half-off today for
booking a show or meet for coffee to discuss the business opportunity)

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