Walleyes Unlimited Oct 13, 2012 Meeting by 1B10IHr7


									Walleyes Unlimited Oct 13, 2012 Meeting
Miles City, MT

Proxies: None
The minutes from the Kalispell meeting were approved by all.

Treasurers Report
Still in Black, things look good. State license plates help. $30/license plates, continues to grow with
18.5k in revenue last year. Great job Mike Newton for establishing this. To be paid this year,
Bailey’s Reservoir lawyer fees, and this meeting in Miles City. The treasurers report was approved
by all.

Membership report:
A paper report was submitted by Mike Sedlock. 1412 New or Renewal Memberships, 3259 total
members. Poplar and Fresno have lost members, and Plentywood, Poplar, N Wyoming and Upper
Yellowstone are near the 25 minimum member limit.
Glendive Memberships are not in the list, Mike Newton said it has been sent in. They should be
closer to 110+ members than the 55 members listed. Mike S and Mike N need to work with Kay at
Glendive and Michelle at Fish Tales on this. Could there be extras set aside for Glendive for the
upcoming Fish Tales, or perhaps use the list from the July mailing for the Glendive Membership?
Next Fish Tales is Oct 25 in the mail.
Get your chapter membership updates by email from Mike Sedlock, it’s a 2 minute process. Hard
copies take more time. Review your lists and see if you know of any changes and let Mike know
about them. Action: All chapter presidents, get your membership update (Tanja will be mailing
those out to the chapters who were not in Miles City) and let Mike Sedlock know of any changes.
There are some chapters near the cusp of 25 members. Could assign an out of state application to
one of these chapters. They are still active, even though its low. Help them try and increase
membership. They follow the rules, and are submitting the paperwork and financials. Could Poplar
and Wolf Point be merged? Action: Bob Klein will speak to them.

A motion was passed unanimously to suspend the requirement for the number of members
(currently at 25 in the by-laws) and to review it for the next year and make a recommendation for
keeping it or changing it.

Webmaster report:
Domain names now include .org, .net and .com
Will increase traffic now with the .com domain.
GoDaddy.com took the name away a few years ago, why are we doing business with them again?
They notified us of the .org renewal, but not the .com renewal. When the .com expired they
purchased it within the first 3 minutes. Discussed looking at other service providers that allow
people to access their membership accounts, GoDaddy doesn’t do it though. Get charged per
transaction for Pay Pal payments on the website now, but another server would skip the
transaction fee around $2. Would allow members to have their own accounts they manage. Could
do a sales page as well with another server.
Have Dave look at other options for the site. The transaction has to be transparent to our users.
May-July 2012: 1300 individually checked pages in a week. 350 pages a week during non-
tournament months. Majority of hits are from State of Montana. Lots of other users in different
states are hitting it as well. 267-287 memberships were renewed on the website using Paypal.

The state chapter, Miles City and Glasgow have a page. Tanja Fransen is administering the account.
The state page has 91 followers at this time. Posts include notices, news articles related to fishing
and publicity for Walleyes Unlimited. Discussion ensued on what is to stop people from bashing
others on the site. This has been rare in the administrators experience. The profanity settings are
at the highest level, and if someone does post something not in line with our mission, the post can
be removed and the person can be blocked. Are we responsible for what someone else posts? No.
But, we are responsible for the way we handle it.

Bailey’s Reservoir:
Ron Reardon and Mike Brumble update – The signed documents are being signed by the state and
the Great Falls Chapter. All documents were reviewed by attorney Craig Buehler before we went
forward with it. FWP completed purchase of 102 acre property on Aug 29 this year. They have
been working with Great Falls Chapter and owner for the adjoining 5 acre tract. FWP emailed them
on 10/12/12 with suggested final documents to finalize purchase and transfer ownership to FWP.
  Review of minor modifications is done. Documents will be signed by all, and will go to the next
step in the process to be executed by FWP. Title company is in Havre, hope for an Oct 30 closing
date for purchased from Jean Bailey Martin to WU, and then WU to FWP. $17k cost is the cost for
purchasing the 5 acres. Hoping FWP will pay the $500 closing costs. The name of the donor has
been anonymous until now, but he is ok with publicizing his name. He contributed entire cost. The
Great Falls Chapter now has local chapter funds they can use to improve infrastructure.
Does WU have any say in how Bailey Reservoir is managed? Not really. Pay attention to what they
are planning to do, and be involved. Bailey’s Reservoir has many natural springs, and doesn’t
fluctuate by more than a foot over a year. They didn’t want someone from out of state to buy it
and limit access. Havre and Great Falls Chapter have used it for kids fishing days. Bailey’s Reservoir
is near Choteau. Hoping for some good positive press in the media with this.
Could be a front page cover for the next Fish Tales. The chapters involved would like to do a Ribbon
Cutting Ceremony with it.
Fish Tales Report:
Dean is not here. Things are going quite well. Interface from Dean to Rivers Edge Printing is great.
 Not one issue with getting the information to River’s Edge Printing and sent out. Be aware of
submission deadlines. Last minute submissions are tough to deal with, but he does his best. If you
send a photo, it needs to be in a high resolution. Cell Phone pictures not usually high enough
resolution. Mike has a spreadsheet of all submissions and he works with Dean on that.

Fish Cleaning Station at Silos. Things were going well at Kalispell meeting last spring. Mike and
Dave went to a meeting with Eric Roberts of FWP regarding this project. The sanitarian in
Broadwater County was updated on the latest septic tank requirements. There are State/Federal
and Local regulations. It’s a level 2 system, so it needs to be set back further from the water. Then
it needed more drain field. The output exceeded residential output, and it made it a commercial
site. That put it in with other regulations and costs. They are looking at an alternative station that
pulverizes the fish and uses 50% less water than what a grinder in a level 2 system uses. It requires
more maintenance though. Have to move discharge into a composting bin and then find a company
that can use the compost. $20k less than a level 2 system. Still a $200k project. No one really
knows how to apply the DEQ regulations. The cost of the Duck Creek Fish Cleaning Station was
$147k, and was designed by an engineering firm from Bozeman area to meet all the state and
federal regulations.
There could be some grants that could help with the Silos station. Have contacted Craig Buehler to
see what he could do on the legal side. He would review the regulations and why this station is
falling under a commercial license vs. a residential one. And see why DEQ is the roadblock, whether
they are right or wrong. County Sanitarian is ok with it. DEQ is the one with the BOD discharge rate
being too high.
Motion: Have Craig Buehler review the DEQ requirements and see if the system at Silos is a
residential or commercial site. Have him review to see if legislation being proposed would be
where they are stretching current requirements to and see where we may need to make
recommended changes. Seconded. Motion Passed unanimously.

Rettig Scholarship update:
Bob Klein, Kennie Williams, Tanja Fransen, Bob Gilbert, Mike Brumbell and John Kelley were the
selecting committee. Original requirement was that the criteria was that they had to fulfill a few
requirements, including attending a college or university in the state of Montana. Sheridan Chapter
had an issue with this. They requested a change. Bob Klein emailed the WUM executive committee
and the chapters. Multiple responses that the Montana only school requirement needs to be
removed. Eastern MT students go to school in ND, SD and MN as well. Western MT students go to
ID, WA, OR as well. So the state designation was removed via email vote. Announced on webpage
and in Fish Tales. Give out a minimum of two scholarships per year (including donations from
chapters and miniature bronze memorials). Two applications did not comply with the submission
requirements. Four remaining applicants. All had good applications, and we could afford to do
more than 2 scholarships. So, 4 scholarships were given. One is going out of state, the other three
are all attending Montana colleges/universities. Application deadline Aug 1, 2013.
Action: Scholarship application needs to be cleaned up to differentiate between WUM

Nelson Reservoir and FWP commitment to stocking Walleyes at the lake? Have notified FWP that
we want stocking of walleye to continue at Nelson. Local chapters need to keep working with FWP
to let them know the need is there. The local fisheries manager is the one who has to request that
the fish be stocked. Malta sent a letter to Cody Angle, the FWP biologist at Nelson. Said they were
not in favor of any changes, including 5 points they brought up. FWP will be attending their
meeting in December. They will bring new game warden and Steve Dalbey. They feel that FWP will
say that stocking hurts the natural spawn, but Nelson is an irrigation reservoir, not natural.

Ordered decals. We were down to 5. They are all gone now. All the membership pamphlets are
gone now as well, and so the decals and pamphlets need to be re-ordered. Not expensive at all, a
few hundred dollars. Action: Order more decals and membership applications.

Circuit Report - Dale is not here. Dale has been circuit director for years, and is no longer interested
in doing this. Need a new director. There is a meeting in Great Falls on Oct 27 of the circuit board.

 They will discuss how things went, what can be improved. Who is the next director will be
discussed, and tournament dates. Will try to eliminate conflicts with dates, but this is a problem
every year. Financially the circuit is healthy. Fort Peck Series had a good year as well.

Legislative Report – Bob Gilbert
There will be a lot this year. Mitchell Slough Bill in the Bitterroot tried to declare it into an irrigation
ditch. Privately owned, it was not passed. This person who pushed it last time is running again, and
he will probably bring it forward again. Converting public land to private land is not a good thing.
Salmond Road into USFS in Choteau to Teton County – Salmond Family has closed the road, and it
will close the right of way into public lands.

470 Bill draft requests already in the system. These are unopposed house/senate leaders who have

LC0370- Fish Restoration Language, Fish money is to be spent on fish issues. Concern is that
 Dingell-Johnson fish dollars will be in jeopardy.
Some changes in youth combo licenses. Most of there are a draft request with no language in them

Senator Jackson from Flathead wants fees on boat to pay for ANSI Act. How much? Why just
boaters? Everyone is impacted, municipalities, irrigators etc. 39,000 boaters in MT.
Statewide Draft Fisheries Plan. 479 pages. Good concept to have the plan. But not implemented
well. Public Comment was very short. Now on Oct 26 is the comment period due date. Good

things and bad things. Does not over ride any stand along plan (Ie Upper Missouri River Plan, Fort
Peck Plan)

FWP wants to breed sterile walleye at Fort Peck for Yellowtail. They are not as viable, too much
money for the triploid program. Don’t want them to cross breed with the sauger in Yellowtail.
Every body of water has a unique breed.
They really do need to receive comments. Those stay on record, and if we don’t comment, we’ll
never see any change.

Tongue River Reservoir – want to add walleye in during the next 6 years, those are good additions.

John Brenden (NE MT) had a bill that required FWP to be responsible for their actions. Governor
vetoed it. Hope to bring it up again. Use scientific information, use public input, and then include
economic impacts on communities, outfitters and on guides. Why economics instead of recreation.
 Ted Washburn in Bozeman is willing to submit draft request. SB255

Anglers Forum two meetings ago, there is a need to raise Montana fishing licenses by $5. The only
ones not in agreement were FWP. FWP thinks they have enough to get them through 2015 and will
need a bill to increase funding in 2015 legislative session. Anglers Forum members worry that raise
will be too high in 2015. $5 at a time is easier than $20 or so.

LC0364 is another bill (40 pages) that takes Dept of Parks out of FWP. Then it’s just Fish and
Wildlife. A whole new board to admin parks. Fee in lieu money would be an issue for parks without
boat access. What about fisheries and campgrounds. They new commission would control the
water immediately adjacent to the park. What does immediately adjacent mean? Gives park
rangers the same authority as game wardens, can issue citations. Can they inspect your vehicle
without a warrant? Game wardens can do so without a warrant, only ones who can do that. 5
Districts, with 5 new commission members that are suppose to work with fish and game
Short title bills in draft stage, don’t know what they are about at this time
-LC0451 – Senator Tom Facy, Missoula Area Generally revised hunting laws
-LC0447 Livingston/Bozeman Area: Art Whittick: Act to promote fishery conservation and rehab
-LC0163-0164-0165-0166-0167 Kendall Van Dyk in Billings – Generally revise FWP laws, there are 5

Trout Unlimited wants to introduce fishing license fees bills.

Illegal introductions (intentionally putting a species somewhere it is not intended) vs. unauthorized
introduction (ie. Noxon Reservoir). What can be done to prevent these events in the future?
Anglers Forum members suggest a rewards process for future illegal introductions.

Pan Fish, Private Pond Introductions were also items discussed at Anglers Forum.

Fish Fry on January 16 (3 Wednesday in January) at Jorgenson’s in Helena in the basement. Would
                      th   rd

like to see members from other chapters to show up. Two from every chapter would be great.
Helena does a great job supporting it. Action: Need members from various chapters to sit and visit
with their legislators locally as well.

State Meeting update in Spring 2013:
April 13 in Glasgow

Get rooms now at the Cottonwood Inn. Friday night social night on the 12 . th

Great Falls Chapter already has 50 people signed up for the bus. With 8 on standby. Need a
minimum of 75 to 100 rooms at the Cottonwood Inn. More details will be coming to chapter
Presidents after the Oct 23 meeting of the Glasgow/Fort Peck Chapter.

Region 3 Vacancy – As a result of Denny Mailey’s resignation, there was an unexpired term to fill
until April. Region 3/5 are up for election at Spring Meeting. Dennis Shroeder is willing to do so,
but only if someone else didn’t and Troy Egge from the Glendive Chapter is willing to do it as well.
 Motion: Mike Newton moved Troy Egge be nominated to fill position, it was seconded and it was
passed unanimously.

Missouri River no-limit walleye issue – Bob Klein made contact with Mark Aagenes from Trout
Unlimited. There is a big difference between no limit and a 20 limit walleye. Bob asked TU if they
were willing to accept any other limit besides no limit. Mark will check with their TU board to see if
any other number will be accepted. What would WUM accept as a reasonable limit from Cascade
to Holter Dam? In fact, TU prefers to have no walleye limit from Holter Dam to Great Falls. Trout is
a limit of three in that same area. After a good discussion, WUM decided to use biological/sampling
data to determine walleye limits in this stretch of the water (i.e. 5,10,etc). The feedback was to
wait until after the election as there may likely be a new commission.

Missouri River Annual Operating Plan Meeting is in Fort Peck on Oct 29th. Tanja and Bob will

Jim Rettig Bronze base is in the works, will likely be donated. There are 15 of the original 25 mini-
bronzes left. The original bronze is currently in a glass case, but it will be put on top of this base and
we’ll add the two name tags that need to be added. Mike Newton will get hold of Tanja when it is
ready, and she will get the additional name tags from D&G.

In 2013, Great Falls Chapter Banquet will be Feb 2, and it will be at the Four Season Arena at the MT
Expo Park. Getting too crowded at the civic center. Sent email re. sale for gun and boat tickets
sales to all chapters. 10 tickets to book/$10 a ticket. Contact Great Falls Chapter for tickets.

Miles City Chapter – has pens made by Bill Ronning’s Father in Law from Russian Olive trees with
WUM logo or your local chapter logo. $8 a piece, and they sell them for $10-15. Contact Dennis
Shroeder at Miles City Chapter for details.

Adult wrist bands have all been distributed. Bob Klein has some youth ones left, contact him.

Chapter expansions – Potentially have one in the Williston area. Maybe one in the Missoula area.
Williston one could perhaps join the MonDak Chapter. But, with the traffic from the areas with the
Bakken, maybe another chapter is needed. Great Rockies Sports show will be in Missoula and
Helena for the first time ever.

Website advertising – Mike Sedlock notifies people their fee is due. If he doesn’t receive a response
and a payment, when should it be shut off? A few weeks to 30 days, then shut them off? They get
an email 30 days in advance with a renewal form. It was decided to remove advertisers after 30
days of no payment.
2014 State Convention at the Fairgrounds exhibit hall May 3 , 2014 in Helena. 2015 is in Havre.

Meeting adjourned at 1240 pm.
Patricia Gilbert - Eurasion Water MilFoil Presentation
Patricia Gilbert from USACE came to speak about the Eurasian Water MilFoil issues at Fort Peck
August 2010-One spot in the dredge cuts
Sept 2012 – Over 19 sites now.
Eurasian Water MilFoil, likely came from aquarium trade industry from Europe. Two major
infestations in MT. Noxon Reservoir and Fort Peck Lake.
USACE did an environmental assessment of the situation. Main means of dispersion is through
breakages in the plant, but they are concerned it may have adapted to seeding here. Grows to
about 15 feet deep.
Problems include:
-rapid reproduction
-Aug-Sep-Oct, plant breaks up into fragments, which produce new plants. Wind/wave action
disperses those fragments and will grow into soil.
-When it invades news areas it takes over the ecosystem including native vegetation. Chokes them
out, fight for light/nutrients.
-hard to navigate through, tangles up into prop. Removal causes breakages of plant which creates
new plants.
-chokes out water intakes
-birds get caught in it
-hindrance for fish to swim through, great forage early in the year, but as it grows in season, it
becomes detrimental.
-provides stagnant water in very dense areas. Causes breeding grounds for mosquitos
-Can grow an inch or two a day.
Treatment areas on Fort Peck included the Rock Creek Boat Ramp area and the Dredge Cuts
Can treat with bottom barriers weighed down with PVC and sand that smothers out the plant.
 Can’t do it at Fort Peck because of the sediment, and the diving USACE regulations are strict and
involve too much labor. The USACE can’t contract that out either.
Can do diver dredging. They did hire a diver to assess the situation, but the water is too turbid at
that depths they are on. Can’t see enough to suck up those plants through a pump.
There is a water weevil for some lakes elsewhere, but it hasn’t proven successful in Montana.
We are then left with letting it be, or treat with herbicides. That is really the only option to control
the plant right now. They are seeing seeds in areas where there hasn’t been water in 10 years, and
so they think the seeds are viable having adapted to the lake.
Hoping to freeze plant out. Need a hard freeze without snow cover. Would kill off the EWM to
some extent.
Four applications, three with studies done on them. 1 site at the Dredge Cuts, three at Rock Creek.
 Used a 1000’ turbidity barrier at Dredge Cuts, 15 foot deep with a float on it. 5/8” galvanized chain
weighs it down. Used to exclude any herbicide outside of the treatment area. Used Endothol at 2
ppm. Included a dye to be able to see the areas the herbicide was at.
Rock Creek. Three areas. Treated 8 acres with 2.5 ppm of Endothol. Another 6.4 acres and another
3 acres at the boat ramp.
Hoping to develop a protocol for what works best. Chemicals, amounts, rate, environmental
conditions etc.
2013 Objectives – will do more areas based on info from this year’s treatments, hope to refine it
based on 2012 results. Still processing the data from 2012, but the Dredge Cuts looks much better.
 Perhaps can use that turbidity barrier at other bays. Chemical is expensive and the barrier keeps it
in place. Rock Creek didn’t have as good of results. Some wind moved chemical out, and the
infestation was too dense and chemical stayed in one area and then kept other areas from getting
any of it. Better response at the boat ramp than the larger 8 acre area.
No way to get rid of it on Fort Peck. Hope we can control/manage it around the boat ramps.
 Recreation is the largest way of transporting it to other locations. Most often found on the
transducer, and within the motor mounts. Only takes a small amount of plant to produce a new
infestation somewhere else.
Plant will fall down on the bottom of the lake in the winter. In May, daylight increases, water temp
increases and the plant starts growing again. It really likes 70 degrees.
Ideal kill time is in July. Need to be able to see the plant, but don’t want to do it when it’s too thick
as the boat can’t get through.
No damage to any fish populations. Offered to have FWP net before during and after (they didn’t),
but they found no fish kill at all at any of the treatment sites. No fish eating restrictions with the
chemicals that were used.
Depletes O2 in the area of the plants dying off, and they were concerned it would impact the fish,
but found it was not a problem. A bigger concern on a smaller body of water.
USACE paid for these applications. DNRC had an aquatic grant that was applied for. It’s about $10k
to have contractor come out here. Clean Lakes Inc is the contractor that did this work.
Want to treat the Pines next year. Fourchette has plants, but it’s not really invasive there yet. The
water is dirtier on that end of the lake, let sunlight exposure. It’s colder on the west end as well.
 Duck Creek is starting to get bad. The entire Big Dry Arm is the worst area. No longer viable if it
crumbles into pieces in your hand. With the lake drawn down, they are seeing large masses of it
dried out and dead. Seeing up to 40 linear feet of the plant on the shore, not just in the water.
 There is a wax that protects it.

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