BOARD MEETING – September 12, 2012

The Yellowstone Regional Airport Regular Board Meeting was called to order at
8:00 a.m.

Present: Chairman Craig Wilbur, John Newton, Bill Holder, Bryan Edwards, Ché
Eissinger and Doug Johnston.

Absent: Bob Whisonant

Also Present: Bob Hooper, Nancy Werner, Lisa Kolodziejski, Bucky Hall, John
Cordes, Bruce Ransom, Gene Wasia, Tim Wick, Nicole Baggs, Jeff Higgs, Todd
Simmons and Bob Adrian.

Pledge of Allegiance

Verification of Quorum: Chairman Craig Wilbur, presiding, verified there was a
quorum. Bryan Edwards agreed.

Acceptance of Agenda: Bryan Edwards made a motion to approve the agenda
as written. Ché Eissinger seconded the motion. All those present voted AYE,
NAY none. Motion passed.

Reading / Approval of the August, 2012 Board Minutes: Bryan Edwards
made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Doug Johnston seconded the
motion. All those present voted AYE, NAY none. Motion passed.

Review / Approval of Bills and Bank Reconciliations: Bryan Edwards made a
motion to approve the bills and bank reconciliations. Bill Holder seconded the
motion. All those present voted AYE, NAY none. Motion passed.

Committee / Tenant Reports: Todd Simmons with Choice Aviation stated the
program they run through North West College is going well. They have class
every Tuesday and Thursday for this 15 week class. They currently have 3
students enrolled and would like to have the class at full capacity with 12
students in the coming years.
Nicole Baggs said everything with TSA is going great, they have heard lots of
compliments on the new building.

Airport Manager’s Report:

Airport Restaurant- Representatives from Jedediah’s will be here on September
13 to inspect the facility. They still anticipate an October 1 opening.

CY Air and Air Service Issues- CY Air has submitted a grant application to the
Aeronautics Commission to support the winter service contract with United
Airlines. Our winter service will be the same as last year with one daily flight to
both Denver and Salt Lake. Both flights will be operated with a 50 passenger
regional jet.

The Aeronautics Commission is considering some changes to the Air Service
Enhancement Program. Possible changes include an increase in the local
community share, a maximum yearly funding cap per airport, and limiting the
number of repeat applications. The Wyoming Airport Operators Association will
be making their recommendations to the Commission on behalf of the ten
commercial Airports.

TSA Law Enforcement Officer Agreement- Yellowstone Regional Airport has
been approved for a new three year reimbursable agreement to be effective
October 1, 2012.

DOT Small Community Air Service Grant- CY Air was not successful in the
application to the DOT for a small community air service development grant.
There was a debriefing call with representatives of the DOT on Thursday
September 6 regarding our application. EAS (essential air service) communities
are only eligible to apply for marketing grants under this program and the DOT
felt a ticket rebate program was outside the scope of eligibility and did not
constitute a marketing program. An appeal is being requested.

Wyoming Airport Operators Association Conference- The Wyoming Airport
Operators Association Conference will be here in Cody next week. The opening
reception will be held here in the Airport Terminal on Wednesday evening
September 19. If Board members are unable to attend the complete conference,
Bob Hooper encouraged them to attend the opening reception.

Financial Audit- The financial auditors were at the Airport the week of August
20. Once the audit process is complete, the auditors will schedule a time with the
Board to review the audit and any recommendations.

Snow and Ice Control Plan Meeting- The Airport held our annual required
Snow and Ice Control Plan Meeting on Wednesday, August 29 with
representatives of SkyWest Airlines, Choice Aviation and Spirit Mountain

Aviation. We reviewed our plan including airfield clearing priorities and
procedures for runway friction assessment reporting. We are also exploring the
possibility of issuing NOTAM’s and friction reports directly from the field by a lap
top computer and wireless internet.

Also the request for a straight in instrument approach has been approved and will
hopefully be in place May 2013.

Unfinished Business:

ALP Update, Boundary Survey- The Airport Layout Plan has been submitted to
Wyoming State Aeronautics and the FAA for their review and approval. Morrison-
Maierle has the final document for Board signature. Gene Wasia stated any
boundary discrepancies have been handled.

Snow Removal Equipment Building- Building will be rebid in 2013 as part of
the General Aviation Ramp Project.

Snow Removal Equipment- Notice to Proceed has been issued to MB
Companies for the MB5. We have received a production schedule from MB with
expected deliver in mid-December which is ahead of schedule.

Pavement Maintenance- The runway and movement areas are scheduled for
painting starting the week of October 1.

General Aviation Ramp Rehab & Expansion- The survey has been completed
and the design process has started. It was recommended that a Board
committee be established to assist and approve the design layout of the
expanded general aviation ramp area. Doug Johnston, Bill Holder and Craig
Wilbur all volunteered for the committee.

Land Lease Request / Larry Schmidt- The Airport Layout Plan requesting the
desired parcel to be changed to non-aviation use has been submitted to the FAA
for review. The FAA has given the go-ahead to have an appraisal on the property
to determine fair market value.

PFC Application- There are two projects on the PFC application. The
application is for approval to collect monies for the projects coming up. It is a
$4.50 tax on tickets.

New Business:

WYDOT Aeronautics Vehicle Grant Application- Bob Hooper requested Board
approval of a grant with WYDOT Aeronautics to acquire an operations /
administration vehicle. This is a 50/50 grant with a maximum amount of $15,000
from Aeronautics. WYDOT Aeronautics considers vehicle acquisition every other

year provided funds are remaining in their budget. This vehicle acquisition has
been included in our approved WACIP (Wyoming Aviation Capital Improvement
Plan). The 2000 Ford Explorer would become a dedicated Runway Friction
Measurement vehicle. The funds for our 50% match are available in the vehicle
replacement account. The vehicles do have to come from the WYDOT Fleet buy.
Board consensus was given to accept the grant and vehicle acquisition.

Choice Aviation Request to Release Lease Lot 20A-Choice Aviation has
submitted a request for Board consideration releasing them from the Lease
Agreement on Lot 20A. Choice originally leased this lot for a parking area to
complement their business in adjacent hanger on Lot 20. Since that time, Choice
has sold the hanger located on Lot 20 to a private individual. Doug Johnston
made a motion to release Choice Aviation from their lease on Lot 20A. Ché
Eissinger seconded the motion. All those present voted AYE, NAY none. Motion

WYDOT Grant Acceptance- State Aeronautics requested YRA to accept part of
next year’s discretionary money this year. This amount will be up to $750,000
and used on the Ramp Rehab and Expansion project. Board approval was
requested for the acceptance of this grant. Doug Johnston made a motion to
accept the grant. Bryan Edwards seconded the motion. All those present voted
AYE, NAY none. Motion passed.

Staff & Board Member Update:

Nothing to report

Executive Session:

Employee Evaluations Bruce Ransom and Wes Hanson- Doug Johnston
made a motion to approve a 3% merit increase for Bruce Ransom and Wes
Hanson. Ché Eissinger seconded the motion. All those present voted AYE, NAY
none. Motion passed.

Doug Johnston made a motion to move out of Executive Session. Bill Holder
seconded the motion. All those present voted AYE, NAY none. Motion passed.

Bob Hooper requested moving the November Board meeting to November 7.
John Newton stated that may be a conflict for him, everyone else stated it will
work for them.

Looking Ahead:

      Board Meeting October 10
      November Board Meeting Date Change
      WAOA Conference September 19-21/ Cody
      NWAAE Conference Park City September 25-28

Adjournment: Doug Johnston made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting. Bill
Holder seconded the motion. All present voted AYE, NAY none. Meeting
adjourned at 9:12 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Hannon
Administrative Assistant

Approved By,

Bryan Edwards
Treasurer, Joint Powers Board


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