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									                                              Meghan M cNeil
                                               324 Michigan Ave. Apt 8, East Lansing, MI 48823
                                                    (248) 417-1959 ●

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science                                                                           September 2006 - Present
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
        Graduation Date: December 2010
        Information and Communication Technologies Cognate
        3.42/4.0 GPA
        Current classes:
              CSE 435 – Software Engineering lifecycle including specification, design, coding, testing, and verification
              CSE 471 –Multimedia computing operations for processing images, video, and audio
              CSE 890 – Open Source Project that scrapes events from sites and composites them into one calendar
        Completed classes:
              Basic programming class in Python
              CSE 232 – Data structure implementation and algorithm efficiency in C++.
              CSE 320 – Computer Architecture along with assembly language programming and interfacing with high level languages
              CSE 331 – Data Structures and Algorithms
              CSE 335 – Software design patterns and software engineering methodologies
              CSE 491 – Database Web Development using Python
Software Development Intern                                                                                        May 2009 – August 2009
Cobham, North America (formally known as Sparta Inc.)
        Simplified repeated code that resulted in being able to easily accommodate specific client’s needs
        Programmed front-end filtering for user management and live incoming data
        Developed reusable custom calendar and custom alert box GUI components
        Implemented value validation and unit tests to ensure correct user input
        Conducted database testing to ensure correct queries were being produced for different searches
Student Programmer                                                                                                   January 2008 – Present
MSU Matrix, East Lansing, MI
        Coordinate with clients, project managers, and designers to update, enhance, revise, and create new sites
        Created XML parser to upload multiple records into custom online repository
        Implemented a data handling site to coordinate museum exhibits tour information
        Created a multi-media presentation that incorporated a flash video, transcript of the video in multiple languages
        Construct Python code to change and manipulate data files
      Proficient in: C++/C, Python, Linux/Unix, PHP, JavaScript
      Experience with: MySQL, AJAX
MSU Women in Computing (WIC)                                                                                      February 2006 – Present
        President 2009-2010
              Coordinate with companies, university faculty, and community for speakers and events
              Plan organization activities and trips
              Run and facilitate E-Board and general meetings
        Treasurer 2007-2009
              In charge of budget and funds
              Plan and execute fundraisers to raise money for group activities
        Organized & operated girl scout computing workshop for middle school aged girls
              Educate girls the basics of programming via Alice and Scratch
              Promote Computer Science and other types of Engineering as possible career paths
              Work with Girl Scout leaders to ensure all criteria for earning their badges are met

     Designed and Implemented new Database system for the Society of Women Engineers Website
     Presented a lightning talk about running a successful computing workshop at the 2009 Midwestern Celebration of Women In

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