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					Job details:                                       Hospice at Home
                                                   Healthcare Assistant (Bank)

Grade:                                             £ 8.49 per hour plus
                                                   enhancements and
                                                   mileage allowance

Hours:                                             Bank (when required)

Reporting to:                                      Community Services Manager

Location:                                          Home settings (private
                                                   homes, Residential Care
                                                   Homes) across a wide
                                                   geographical area.

Cotswold Care Hospice

Cotswold Care is a registered charity providing support for adults with life-
limiting illnesses. The Hospice offers dedicated high quality care to patients,
families and carers. Help is provided in a variety of ways according to the
individual’s needs including Day Therapy, Creative and Complementary
Therapies, Outpatient Clinics, Counselling, Bereavement Support, Community
Clinical Nurse Specialists and a Hospice at Home Service. No charge is made to
the patient for these specialist palliative care services. The Hospice receives
some funding from the NHS but relies primarily on its fundraising activities to
support this work. Cotswold Care Hospice currently employs 70 staff and is
supported by 350 volunteers.

Job Summary

The post holder will work as a member of the Hospice at Home service
providing care for patients with any life-limiting condition in their own homes.
Support can be provided throughout a 24hr period, 7days a week, 365 days a

Members of the team will be required to work unsupervised in a variety of
community settings. This may include residential Care Homes as well as private
dwellings. The geographical area covered includes Stroud, Berkeley Vale,
Gloucester, Cirencester and South Cotswold areas.

Within this role the majority of help is required during the day, however
occasional overnight support may be requested. Day shifts are between 07.00 –
22.00 to cover packages of care on as required basis. Different shifts may be
allocated within this time period and a minimum availability of 3 days is
mandatory per week. The aim of the role is to provide quality palliative care by
addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and

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Principle Duties and Responsibilities

Clinical Practice

   To carry out care as allocated by the Hospice at Home Service and
    planned by the Community Nursing Team.
   To use own initiative to adapt care in the event of a sudden change in the
    patient’s condition, within a safe competency framework.
   To be aware of own limitations and to seek help including nursing or
    medical support as required.
   To be competent to assist patients to take oral medications as prescribed.
   To be aware of the normal working and monitoring of basic patient aids e.g.
    urinary catheters, colostomies, PEG tubes and syringe drivers.
   To maintain a safe working environment for self, patient, carers and
   To be aware of and adhere to all appropriate policies and procedures.
   To work collaboratively with other members of the multidisciplinary team.


   To communicate clearly and effectively with patients, carers, health and
    social care professionals.
   To listen and respond with patience and empathy in sensitive situations.
   To maintain accurate and timely patient records
   To maintain regular contact with the Hospice at Home team e.g. via phone
    or email as required to fulfil service provision.
   To complete claim forms regarding visits and expenses at monthly intervals
    or as carried out as required
   To attend a minimum of 2 Hospice at Home Team meetings per year

Education and Development

   To maintain own personal and professional development by attending study
    days and training sessions as required.
   To be aware of the latest developments within the Hospice at Home Service
    and the wider hospice.
   To be up-to-date with all mandatory training and competency
   To assist with the induction and training of new Hospice at Home Staff e.g.
    new staff shadowing experienced staff.

Physical Care

   To provide personal care including washing, dressing, feeding and toileting
    for dependent patients in their home environment
   To work within recognised manual handling guidelines.
   To risk assess and take appropriate action in unpredictable working
   To demonstrate safe and appropriate use of hoists and manual handling

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   To work within confined spaces and in a variety of different patient home
   To be capable of driving distances and in unfamiliar locations.
   To follow policies and procedures pertaining to bodily fluids and infection

Mental Effort

   To work flexibly and manage unpredictable situations and changing work
    demands e.g. breaking bad news and coping with stressful situations.
   To maintain concentration in a potentially disruptive or emotionally charged
   To remain calm and have due regard for safety when driving at night and in
    adverse weather conditions.
   To maintain attention when driving distances in unfamiliar areas.
   To be competent to map read and route plan.
   To be confident to carry out all duties and responsibilities as a lone worker.

Health and Safety at Work Act

It is the responsibility of all employees to comply with the Health and Safety at
Work Act 1974 ensuring that safe working practices are adhered to and that
potential hazards are reported without delay to the appropriate office.

Job Description Agreement

This job description is subject to review. The post may include other duties and
responsibilities as determined by the appointing officer in consultation with the
post holder. It is not a rigid or inflexible document but provides guidelines of the
duties expected while in post. The job description will be reviewed and
amended in the light of changing professional demands. This post is subject to
Cotswold Care Hospice Terms and Conditions of Service.

Job Holder’s Signature: ………………………..                Date: …………………

Line Manager’s Signature: ………………………                 Date: …………………

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                                         COTSWOLD CARE HOSPICE

                                           PERSON SPECIFICATION

Job Title:         Healthcare Assistant (Bank) - Hospice at Home

                                    ESSENTIAL                          DESIRABLE               METHOD OF
                         The qualities without which a       Extra qualities which can be      ASSESSMENT
                           post holder could not be            used to choose between
                                  appointed                  candidates who meet all the
                                                                    essential criteria
                       Evidence of previous                 Up to date mandatory
                       professional training relating to    training e.g. infection control,   Application
QUALIFICATIONS         patient care                         moving and handling,                 Form
                                                            medication awareness.              Certificates
                                                            NVQ level 2
                       Evidence of experience of            Evidence of working in a
                       working as a Carer ideally           multidisciplinary team             Application
   EXPERIENCE          providing support to frail/ infirm   Evidence of recent                    Form
                       clients or people with life-         experience in a community           Interview
                       limiting illnesses                   based healthcare setting           References
                       Evidence of working                  Recent work experience in
                       independently without direct         palliative or end of life care

                       Good basic written and verbal        Basic computer literacy
                       skills                               Able to organise own work          Application
      SKILLS           Able to communicate                  load, work under pressure             Form
                       effectively with patients, carers    and forward plan                    Interview
                       and health care professionals        Able to communicate                References
                       Able to maintain clear,              distressing information with
                       accurate, and timely patient         sensitivity to patients, carers
                       records                              and staff
                       Able to map read and route

                       Knowledge of basic risk              Awareness of hospice
                       assessment to promote and            philosophy                         Application
   KNOWLEDGE           maintain safe working                Introduction to Palliative Care       Form
                       environment                          course                              Interview
                       Basic needs assessment skills        Basic understanding of             References
                       Awareness of symptom control         syringe driver use and
                       issues                               monitoring

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                   Confident and self sufficient     Self motivated to maintain
                   Aware of when to seek             own clinical development       Application
  PERSONAL         support and guidance              Awareness of professional         Form
  ATTRIBUTES       Respectful of patients’ and       boundaries                      Interview
(Demonstrable)     carers’ own values and beliefs    Used to working as part of a   References
                   Reliable, good attendance         team - acknowledging the
                   record and good time keeping      contributions of others
                   Responsive to feedback and
                   constructive criticism
                   Empathetic to patients, carers
                   and staff

                   Requirement to attend             Recent CRB check
                   minimum of 2 H@H team                                            Application
     OTHER         meetings per year                                                    Form
(Please Specify)   Requirement give availability                                     Interview
                   of a minimum of 3hours x 4                                       Document
                   days shifts a week                                                  Check
                   Car owner/ driver

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