sept 11 dinner menu by 1Eg9MBX


									                            MONTHLY DINNER MENUS
            Week 1                           Week 2 = 3rd October 2011      Week 3 = 10th October 2011     Week 4 = 17th October 2011

MONDAY      Chicken Vegetable Soup, Ham      Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan     Pasta Bolognese, Sweetcorn,    Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan
            Roll & Salad                     Bread with Carrot Sticks       Peas & Crusty Bread            Bread with Carrot Sticks

            Jelly + Fruit                    Semolina + Fruit               Ice Cream + Chocolate          Egg Sponge, Fruit + Custard

            Savoury Mince, Mixed             Irish Stew, Crusty Bread, &    Cottage Pie, Carrots, Peas &   Sausage, Beans & Creamed
TUESDAY     Vegetables, & Creamed            Mixed Vegetables               Creamed Potatoes               Potatoes
                                             Custard + Fruit                Apple Sponge + Custard         Creamed Rice + Fruit
            Ice Cream + Chocolate Sauce
            Fish Fingers, Sweetcorn, Peas,   Cheese & Tomato Pizza,         Salmon Bites, Peas, Chips or   Fish Fingers, Tomato Sauce,
WEDNESDAY   Chips or Baked Potatoes          Beans, Chips or Baked          Baked Potatoes                 Peas, Chips or Baked Potatoes
            Milkshake, Flakemeal Biscuit                                    Frozen Yoghurt + Fruit         Ice Cream + Fruit
            + Fruit                          Jelly + Fruit
            Roast Chicken, Gravy,            Roast Beef, Carrots, Roast &   Roast Gammon, Broccoli,        Roast Pork, Gravy, Creamed
THURSDAY    Carrots, Creamed Potatoes &      Creamed Potatoes, Gravy        Roast & Creamed Potatoes,      & Roast Potatoes
            Stuffing                                                        Gravy
                                             Milkshake, Flakemeal                                          Milkshake, Biscuit + Fruit
            Frozen Yoghurt + Fruit           Biscuit + Fruit                Yoghurt + Orange Wedges

                                                                            Chicken Pie, (Potato           Bacon, Peas, Creamed
FRIDAY      Pasta Bolognese & Mixed          Fish Shapes, Beans &           Topping) & Mixed               Potatoes & Gravy
            Vegetables                       Creamed Potatoes               Vegetables
                                                                                                           Steamed Chocolate Sponge +
            Mandarin Sponge + Custard        Yoghurt or Fruit               Milkshake, Biscuit + Fruit     Custard

                      Water, Milk Fruit and Fresh Yoghurt Provided Daily

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