September�02 Newsletter in St Anthony�s Nursery by 1Eg9MBX


									    St Anthony’s Nursery                       appreciated. Parents who can help will
                                               travel in own transport and meet us
    Newsletter                                 there. Many thanks.
  First of all a big thank you
 to all Mums and Dads for                      Child Protection and Acceptable
  being so patient as your                     Behaviour: We’d appreciate if you would
  child has been settling into                 talk with your child about co-operative
 Nursery life – it has been very much          play. Please read our Code of Conduct
 appreciated by all the Nursery Staff.         sheet and help us reinforce positive and
                                               safe behaviour in the Nursery.
 Theme: We are continuing with our
 “Getting to Know Each Other” theme.           Settling In: If any parent has concerns
   Hallowe’en is nearly upon us so we          about their child, or any other children
   will be making some exciting                regarding nursery life, we would ask
   preparations for “ghosties and              that you approach a member of staff in
  ghoulies”.                                   confidence. Please remember that this
                                               is a very important time for the children
      Autumn is one of our many                settling into a new social environment,
     learning focuses this month – you         we would ask you to be patient with
    can help reinforce your child’s            your child and other children. The
     learning by encouraging him/her to        transition from home to nursery school
     look for different leaves and             is a very difficult and demanding time
  colours. Autumn treasures like               for all concerned especially as your
   conkers, acorns, haws, blackberries,        child learns to interact and “fly solo”
 whirlybirds etc are very welcome for          and develop new social relationships
our display areas in the hall and the          with adults and children.

 Settling In Parent Meetings: We will
   be holding short meetings with each
   parent weeks beginning November 8th
   from 1:30 – 3:30pm. A timetable will
  go up shortly or phone to make an
    appointment with your child’s              Healthy Lunches: In keeping with our
    teacher.                                   Healthy Eating Policy we would ask you
                                               to refrain from crisps, sweets,
  Carnfunnock Autumn                           chocolate and
     Walk: Tuesday 19th                        fizzy drinks
    October Travelwise bus                     during lunch
    will transport the                         times. has some very
   children and staff to                       good lunch box ideas.
     Carnfunnock at 9:30 am
    approximately. We will return at
   11:15 for our usual dinner and lunch
  arrangements. If you can help out for
a few hours it would be much

   Parent Group: Each year the Parent
   group helps to raise funds through a                 Our nursery snack menu generally
   variety of activities. One activity will      is as follows:
 be organising Special Letters from a                    Mon - Crackers, cheese,
 jolly little man in a red suit! So we           vegetables
  need lots of volunteer helpers to get                 Tues & Thurs - A variety of
 us rolling please. The first meeting will       breads
be on Monday 11th October at 9:15am in                              Wed & Fri - A fruit
 the office. Everyone is welcome, the                          cocktail!
more the merrier! You can dip in and
out of the Parent Group as we know                               Happy 4th October Birthday
  you are busy people too. At the first                               to:
    meeting we will decide on future
   meeting times and try to suit as many             Robbie, Owen, Ciara, Sophia
people as possible.
                                                             Dates for your Diary:
    Board of Governors: The Board of
    Governors’ first meeting of the                             World of Owls Visit
  school year will take place on Tuesday                                         -
    19th October. The members of the                                Monday 11 th

    Board of Governors are as follows:                       October
  Michael Devine, Margaret Craig,                                   Autumn Walk to
  Mary McCann, Alexis Hay, John                              Carnfunnock         -
 Byrne, Brendan Rolston, Vincent Craig,                             Tuesday 19th October
Paddy McKeown, Rosaleen Westland                        Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Day
and Nora Evans.                                  -      No Uniform Fri 22nd October
                                                        Hallowe’en Half Term
 Change of Clothing: Many parents                -      Mon 25th – Fri 29th October
 have not left in a change of clothing                  Staff Training Day
 for their child. We’d appreciate if                       -   Mon 1st November
 this could be rectified immediately as                             Parent Interviews
  we are already running short of our                        (Settling In) -     Mon 8th –
  own spare clothing. Please don’t                      12th November
  leave the change of clothes outside                          School reopens
 on your child’s coat hanger – the                       -       Tue 2nd November
   bathroom’s the place. Thank you.
                                                         Nursery Fund: Thank you so
   Snack Time and Teeth: Your weekly                    much to all those parents who
  fund of £5 goes towards our healthy                   have remembered to contribute
   eating programme. The school                         £5 weekly for the nursery fund.
   dentist has recommended that                         All your weekly contributions are
  between breakfast and dinner the                      very welcome.
 children have a “rest” from sugary
processed foods. Please help by                  Seatbelts: Keep your child safe by
brushing your child’s teeth after                wearing a seat belt and use a booster.

    Please remember nursery children
should not be travelling in the front


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