ILR Catalog Fall 2012 by 1Eg9MBX


									Quick Guide
   1. AARP: Are You Getting What You Paid For? CLOSED
   2. Allegheny National Forest, II
   3. Archaeology & GIS: Mapping the Arroyo Tannery Site
   4. Book Discussion Group, Fall
   5. Boomtowns & Characters of Early PA Oil
   6. Bridge I: Basic/Beginning*
   7. Bridge II: Play of the Hand*
   8. Bridge III: Defense*
   9. Cemeteries: An Introduction to Allegheny & Homewood
   10. Chinese Art: A Survey CLOSED
   11. Coal Town 1910-1999: Everyday Life CLOSED
   12. Creative Writing
   13. Dante: The Image of Greed in Dante's Divina Commedia
   14. Ecology: Science of the 21st Century
   15. Eighties: The World of the Eighties
   16. Empires: Their Rise and Fall
   17. Film: Crime and Punishment, II
   18. Floral Design class cancelled
   19. Genealogy/Family History: How To Begin
   20. George Washington In Butler County
   21. Good Grief: Dos & Don'ts to Help Grieving Friends
   22. Good Old Days? The 1900's House
   23. Grove City: Boom, Bust and Bubble City
   24. Hot Issues: Current Events Discussion Group
   25. Japanese
   26. Jazz Guitar: Masters of the Bebop Era
   27. Larry Berg Discussion: Presidential Election 2012
   28. Library: Bailey Library Tour (Bonus)
   29. Lunch & Lecture (Bonus)
   30. Luncheon Out-Group A*
   31. Luncheon Out-Group B
   32. Mormon Religion Revisited CLOSED
   33. Opera Orientation: Don Giovanni (Bonus)
   34. Opera Orientation: Rigoletto (Bonus)
   35. PA Forest History & Winter Tree Identification
   36. Painting: Mary Hogg Watercolor Group
   37. Photography: Improvng Your Pictures
   38. Piano: Applied Piano III and/or Basic Theory
   39. Presidents: White House 'Truth' vs. Inconvenient Facts
   40. Printmaking: A Creative Habit*
41. Quilt Guild ala ILR
42. Relaxation/Visualization
43. Roy S. Evans (of Jeep fame): His Life and Times
44. Scripture Rocks of Douglas Stahlman CLOSED
45. Slovakia: The Heart of Europe
46. Spiritual Worldview: Broadening Our View
47. Story of Painting with Sister Wendy
48. Sustainable Home: Our Adventure Building One
49. Three Sisters
50. Timber Wolves
51. Travel Preview: Alaska (Bonus)
52. Wigton Massacre and Sam Mohawk

53. Kick-Off: Social & Wine Tasting (Bonus)

54. Allegheny National Forest (North) Tour
55. Ballet: Nutcracker
56. Biking the Armstrong Trail
57. Bowling for the Young at Heart
58. Butler Airport: What's Up?
59. Carnegie Museum: Behind the Scenes Look at
60. Cemetery Tour: Allegheny & Homewood
61. Don Giovanni: The Opera (Bonus)
62. Emsworth Lock & Dam Presentation and Tour
63. Genealogy Workshop, Cranberry Twp, Group A, B & C
64. George Junior Republic
65. Glass Blowing Center
66. Holiday Luncheon (Bonus)
67. Holy Pittsburgh CLOSED
68. Ice Age Sites in the Slippery Rock Area
69. Kayaking 101
70. The Kerr Museum
71. Phipps Conservatory Fall Flower Show (Bonus) CLOSED
72. Pow Wow at Three Rivers American Indian Center
73. Rigoletto: The Opera (Bonus)
74. Strand Theater, An Inside Look
AARP: Are You Getting What You Paid For?                           AARPBuyng
Mary Bach
Do you ever feel 'ripped off' in the marketplace? Do you understand
Pennsylvania's amusing and confusing sales tax applications? Your shopping trips
will never be the same after this entertaining and educational presentation
designed to make you a smarter consumer and help stretch your shopping dollars.
This program will also equip you with the proper process to follow and the
pitfalls to avoid if you are considering selling any of your gold, precious metals or
Wed., Sept. 19; Noon-2:00 pm

Allegheny National Forest, II                                      AlNatForII
Macario Herrera
The presentation will provide an overview of some of the current uses and
pressures which exist on the forest. Some of these are natural and some are man
made. Participants will better understand the challenges of effectively
managing this large landscape in the face of declining forest health due to
insects, disease, invasive plants and climate change. The presentation will also
provide an overview of other uses and how these might be managed in the face
of declining federal funding. How can we: continue to provide a sustainable
supply of high value timber; address the impacts of oil and gas extraction; and
maintain large recreational facilities needed by a large number of visitors?
Thurs., Oct. 4; 1:00-3:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Archaeology & GIS: Mapping the Arroyo Tannery Site                          ArcGis
Brian Fritz
The Arroyo Tannery was a large scale leather manufacturing center that
operated along the Clarion River in Elk County, PA between 1881 and 1924.
Adjacent to the tannery was Arroyo Village which included more than 40
company built houses for the tannery workers and managers. None of the
original buildings of the tannery or the village have survived. The field survey
recorded the location, size and shape of over 150 structures. GIS was used to
construct detailed maps that helped archaeologists to identify the function of
various buildings and the general work flow through the leather making complex.
Mon., Sept. 17; Noon-2:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)
Book Discussion Group, Fall                                       BookGrpFa
Constance Smith, Nancy Mickle
Love to read? Here's your chance to discuss wonderful books with other readers.
All types of books are eligible: fiction, memoirs, biographies, histories, etc. Fall
selections are: Sept - The Hunger Games Trilogy (Hunger Games, Catching Fire &
Mocking Jay) by Suzanne Collins; October - Still Alice by Lisa Genova; Nov - Major
Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson.
Tues., Sept. 18, Oct. 16 Nov. 13; Noon-1:30 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Boomtowns & Characters of Early PA Oil                            Boom
Paul Adomites
The first twenty years of the Pennsylvania oil industry (1859-1879) were an
amazingly energetic time. Millions of dollars were made, lost and stolen. The
most noble saints and the most wicked villains were populating the landscape.
Towns exploded into existence in days and dissolved into dust in months. This
class will tell the tales of those terrible towns and frenetic folks, separating
truth from the myths and legends, but delivering it all with a hearty chuckle and
deep appreciation. Guaranteed: the attendees will be both amazed and
amused. (Discounts available on the instructor's books).
Tues., Sept. 18, 25 & Oct. 2; 2:30-3:30 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Bridge I: Basic/Beginning*                                        Bridge-I*Fa
June Morrison
*Zelienople. This is the first of a Bridge class series, comprising 8 sessions,
written by the very qualified and well-known Audrey Grant and updated by Betty
Starzec, Senior TAP Teacher-Trainer. The first class is an introductory class that
concentrates on bidding. It is meant for those who are complete beginners, or
for those who wish to bring their bridge up to date with current standards.
Please call the instructor, June Morrison, at 724-452-3686 at least 10 days before
beginning class for instructions to register and order the textbook. Classes will
be held in the Overflow Dining Room at Passavant Retirement Center at
Wed., Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7 & 14; 10:00 am-12:30
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                             non-members - $5.00
Bridge II: Play of the Hand*                                    Bridge-II*Fa
June Morrison
*Zelienople. This is the second in a Bridge class series written by Audrey Grant
and updated by Betty Starzec. This class focuses on the play of the hand and is
designed as a sequel to Bridge I-Basic/Beginning. It is recommended that you
have taken the first course, although this one is designed to stand on its own if
you have a basic knowledge of Bridge. Please call the instructor, June Morrison,
at 724-452-3686 at least 10 days before beginning class for instructions to order
the new textbook.
Fri., Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9 & 16; 10:00 am-12:30 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $5.00

Bridge III: Defense*                                            Bridge-III*Fa
June Morrison
*Zelienople. This is the third in a Bridge class series, written by Audrey Grant.
This class focuses on defense strategies and is designed as a continuation to
Beginning Bridge and Play of the Hand. It is recommended that you already have
taken the first and second courses, although this one is designed to stand on its
own if you have a basic knowledge of Bridge, bidding and standards. Please call
the instructor, June Morrison, at 724-452-3686 at least 10 days before beginning
class for instructions to order the new textbook.
Tues., Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Nov. 6 & 13; 10:00 am-12:30 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $5.00

Cemeteries: An Introduction to Allegheny & Homewood                      CemIntro
Thomas Hannon
Cemeteries are transitional in that they reflect both the time frame in which
they were established and the culture in which they are found. Cemeteries in
our society moved from graveyards, relatively simple family burying grounds, to
church affiliated havens of eternal rest. The Rural Cemetery and Landscape
Garden Cemetery movements of the late 19th century present a totally different
appearance. Those taking this course and trip will see the difference.
Thurs., Oct. 18; 9:30-11:30 am
                                               Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Chinese Art: A Survey                                           ChiArt
Kurt Pitluga
This class will provide a brief survey of Chinese art. We will examine the artistic
highlights of the important dynasties including the magnificent bronzes of Shang
Dynasty and the terracotta warriors created by the famous Emperor Chin. We
will also study the rich tradition of painting and ceramics.
Mon., Sept. 17; 2:30-4:30 pm

Coal Town 1910-1999: Everyday Life                                CoalTown
Susan Ferrandiz
McIntyre, PA was one of the many western Pennsylvania bituminous coal
company towns developed during the early part of the 1900's. Its usefulness to
the coal company ended in mid century and the town was sold to a salvage
company. Like many coal towns of this period many of its residents and
breadwinner coal miners were immigrants from southern and eastern Europe.
The presentation will deal with the social aspects of the residents' lives. Photos
will enhance the oral presentation and session will end with the reading of
selected memories of some of the former residents.
Mon., Sept. 17; 9:30-11:30 am

Creative Writing                                                  CreWrFa
J. L. Horam
This class provides a relaxed and safe environment to learn shortcuts and
techniques. Individual help will be given.
Thurs., Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18 & 25; 2:00-4:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $30.00

Dante: The Image of Greed in Dante's Divina Commedia                        DanteG
Frank Treccase
In his journey in search of meaning, Dante runs into significant stumbling blocks.
The first one is GREED, depicted as a she-wolf. She is forever hungry, forever in
search of food. In her relentless search for more, she mates with other beasts.
She is evil that generates evil. In this lecture we will try to answer three basic
questions: What did Dante, the protagonist, learn from his encounter with the
she-wolf?; What are we learning form Dante's tale of that encounter? And How
relevant is for us, citizens of the 21st century, our own encounter with Dante's
Thur. Sept. 13; 3:30-5:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                                non-members - $5
Ecology: Science of the 21st Century                            Ecol
Gene Wilhelm
There are some truths, even fundamental ones, that are apt to elude us. The
most basic truth regarding earth, our home, is that all living beings, from the
minute to the gigantic, are related in some manner to each other and to their
environment. Ecology studies these interactions, and this course will explain
how and why we humans must become more conscious of this 21st century
scientific focal point. A textbook is required which may be purchased from the
instructor at $15, cash only. Please bring the exact amount.
Wed., Sept. 12,19 & 26; 9:00-11:00 am
                                                 Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0
                                                             non-members - $15

Eighties: The World of the Eighties                             Eight
Valentin Kefeli, Mary Lou Kirin
The 1980's was a decade of drastic changes in the world. Red China formed a
market style of Communism and solved the problem of hunger. The Soviet Union
survived the last decade of its existence. The stagnation of Brezhnev's time
eventually was followed by the election of Mikhail Gorbachev, the author of
Perestroika and Liberalization. The final act of Russian Communism was the
destruction of the Berlin Wall in Germany and the union of two German states.
Soviet state satellites and some Soviet republics tried to separate from Russia.
The textbook will be provided by the instructor. Please bring $15 to reimburse
the instructor for printing costs.
Tues., Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9 & 16; 2:00-4:00 pm
                                               Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Empires: Their Rise and Fall                                    Empires
Robert Davis
In this class we will examine a select number of the world's historic empires in
terms of the reasons for their rise, their achievements, the duration of their
supremacy and why they went into decline and failed. From the early Roman
and Chinese empires to the modern fall of the British and Soviet empires, a
number of explanatory themes regarding the process of rise and fall have been
repeated throughout history. In our examples we will explore those themes and
in conclusion evaluate how much they might apply to the future role of the
United States in the world.
Mon./Wed, Oct. 29, 31, Nov. 5, 7, 12 & 14; 3:00-4:15 pm
                                               Open to ILR members only (FREE)
Film: Crime and Punishment, II                                     FilmCrII
Kenneth Harris
This film segment features a set of seven movies about unusual crimes or
criminals, selected from among the following: 'The Sting'; 'The Duelists''; 'He
Walked By Night'; 'The Secret in Their Eyes (in Spanish with English sub-titles); 'In
the Bedroom'; 'The Way Back'; 'The Thirty-Nine Steps' and 'Atonement'. Each film
is shown in its entirety and without interruption, followed by a discussion of
topics and questions growing out of the film.
Wed., Oct.3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7 & 14; 11:30 am-2:30 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Genealogy/Family History: How To Begin                             GenFamHist
Robert Hinds
In this class we will address the basics of gathering and organizing information on
ancestors, including the use of computers and web based resources.
Wed., Sept. 19, 26, Oct. 3 & 10; 9:30-11:30 am
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

George Washington In Butler County                                 Georgew
Martin O'Brien
This class will study the path and events of George Washington through Butler
County and western Pennsylvania in 1753. This trip was detailed personally by
Washington and his guide Christopher Gist in separate journals. The first events
of the French and Indian War occurred near Slippery Rock--Believe it!!!
Remember Washington crossed Slippery Rock Creek twenty years before he
crossed the Delaware.
Tues., Oct. 9; 10:00 am-Noon
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Good Grief: Dos & Don'ts to Help Grieving Friends                  GoGrief
Ruth Leo
Personal experiences and source materials will be used by class participants to
prepare guidelines for helping a friend who is grieving. People grieve the loss of
independence, their health, their jobs or their marriage, as well as the death of
a spouse or other loved ones. Having a friend who understands grief is priceless!
Mon., Nov.12; 9:30-11:30 am
Good Old Days? The 1900's House                                   Good1900
Edmund Dlutowski
The 1900 House may be the closest thing to a time machine any of us will ever
A family agrees to spend three months living the life of a lower middle-class
family of the late 19th century in England, without modern conveniences, in an
authentically reconstructed Victorian house.
This program shows us the down side of “the good old days” and keeps us from
romanticizing the period.
Tues., Oct. 23, 30, Nov. 6 & 13; 9:30-11:30 am
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Grove City: Boom, Bust and Bubble City                            GroveCity
Mary Sample
Join us at the Grove City Area Historical Society for an afternoon of history and
food. Lunch will be served at the Historical Society at 11:30 am. Following
lunch Skip Sample will speak on the history of Grove City in the context of the
business/industrial evolution of western Pennsylvania. Participants will also have
the opportunity to tour the building and view the displays. Class fee covers
lunch and tip.
Mon., Oct. 29; 11:30 am-2:30 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $12.00

Hot Issues: Current Events Discussion Group                       HotIsFa
Barbara Blackstone
Some controversies are 'hot', others just persistent. Participants will select those
they consider timely, and discuss one at each session. We exchange information
and points of view without any intention of reaching agreement. Insight and
enlightenment are all we seek, in a congenial setting. Our first topic will be
“The most controversial topic on today's news”.
Wed., Oct. 3, 10, 24 & 31; 9:30-11:30 am
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $20.00

Japanese                                                          Japan
Junko Yamamoto
The class is designed for those who do not have any background in the Japanese
language. The participants will practice simple conversation in Japanese. You
will learn how to write your name, say greetings, colors and food vocabularies.
You will practice ordering food in Japan and also learn the geography of Japan.
Thurs., Oct. 18, 25, Nov. 1, 8 & 15; 2:30-3:30 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                          non-members - $15.00

Jazz Guitar: Masters of the Bebop Era                            JazzGuitFa
Joe Barth
This class will feature an examination of the development of jazz guitar during
the Bebop and Hard Bop eras of jazz. We will observe the improvising and
comping approaches of such masters as Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery
and others.
Mon., Oct. 29 & Nov. 5; 10:00 am-Noon
                                                      Tuition/Fees: ILR members -
                                                                   non-members -

Larry Berg Discussion: Presidential Election 2012                LBergFa
Larry Berg
A frank discussion will be encouraged about the upcoming election: the
candidates, the issues, the political parties and their tactics, campaign finance
laws, the new voter ID regulations and the significance of this election.
Wed., Oct. 17; 10:00 am-Noon
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Library: Bailey Library Tour (Bonus)                             LibTour
Christine Hogg, Catherine Rudowsky
The best kept secret of Slippery Rock is the SRU Bailey Library, free to ILR
members and the community. Here is the opportunity to go on a guided tour
with SRU librarian, Catherine Rudowsky. You will learn the resources available
throughout the library and sign up for a free library card or renew your current
card. It is an invaluable tool for finding research material whatever your topic
may be.
Saturday, Sept. 8; 9:30-11:00 am
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $0.00

Lunch & Lecture (Bonus)                                          Lun&LecFa
Mary Alice Cobbett
Bring your brown bag lunch and join new friends for a series of stimulating
presentations. Advance registration is not required for ILR members. The
following topics will be presented: Sept. 13, 'Mary Pickford and Yard Long Print',
Karen Trempus, Sept. 27 'Marvelous Morocco', John and Carole Fruehstorfer, Oct.
11, 'Go Nuts About Squirrels', Miranda Crotsley, Oct. 25, 'Therapeutic Massage for
Wellness', Patricia Redshaw.
BONUS: This event does NOT COUNT toward your 12-class limit.
Thurs., Sept. 13, 27, Oct. 11 & 25; 11:30 am-1:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $20.00

Luncheon Out-Group A*                                             LnchO,A-Fa
Teresa O'Malley, Henry Anna
*Join us at area restaurants for good food and great companionship. (You'll pay
for your own lunch) Group A is always on the lookout for something new, exotic
and different in cuisine. We will eat at Habitat, Meat and Potatoes, Casbah and
Nonni's this term.
Thurs., Sept. 20, Oct. 4, 18 & Nov. 1; 11:30 am-1:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $20.00

Luncheon Out-Group B                                              LnchO,B-Fa
Frank Hoffman, Ruth Hoffman
Join us at area restaurants for good food and great companionship. (You'll pay for
your own lunch.) Group B tends to go all over Western PA and Eastern Ohio.
Please: sign up for group A or for group B, but not both! You will be sent the
location for the first restaurant after registration, and participants will provide
suggestions for the next three establishments.
Thurs., Sept. 20, Oct. 4, 18 & Nov. 1; 11:30 am-1:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Mormon Religion Revisited                                         MormonR
Robert Hinds
This class presentation will include an historical and doctrinal perspective of the
Mormon religion with an emphasis on political context.
Tues., Nov. 6 ; Noon-2:00 pm

Opera Orientation: Don Giovanni (Bonus)                           OpOrDG
G. Warren Smith
Opera has no villain more unrepentant than the great and terrible Don Giovanni.
Based on the legend of Don Juan, Mozart's masterpiece is pure opera buffa in
which a bad master and his bumbling servant fall into predicaments from which
they must extricate themselves by hook or crook. If you plan on attending the
opera, or if you are simply curious about this opera, join us for this brief
orientation. SEE ALSO: Don Giovanni, the Opera in the trips section.
Thurs., Nov. 8; 10:00 am-Noon
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $5.00

Opera Orientation: Rigoletto (Bonus)                             OpOrRig
G. Warren Smith
Based on a Victor Hugo play about treachery in the court of the French King
Francois I, this tragic story revolves around the licentious Duke of Mantua, his
hunch-backed court jester Rigoletto, and Rigoletto's beautiful daughter Gilda. In
preparation for attending the first of the operatic masterpieces of Giuseppe
Verdi's middle-to-late career, or if you are simply curious about this opera, join
us for this brief introduction. SEE ALSO: Rigoletto, the Opera in the 'Trips'
Thurs., Oct. 11; 10:00 am-Noon
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $5.00

PA Forest History & Winter Tree Identification                   PAForHist
Eric Best
(Class meets at Jennings.) Pennsylvania's forests and their history are
fascinating, even in winter. Real tree experts learn to notice clues in the
branches, bark and buds that are present in the winter months to help identify
the trees. Discover PA forest history as well as techniques that can help
distinguish Pennsylvania' common trees in any season during this informational
program and short hike at Jennings Environmental Education Center.
Wed., Nov. 14; 1:00-3:30 pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Painting: Mary Hogg Watercolor Group                             PaWtrFa
Barbara Davis, George Compton
Originally taught by the late Mary Hogg, this group is an informal gathering of
anyone who enjoys watercolor painting - beginner or beyond. We share ideas
and help each other solve painting problems. Bring your own materials or
contact your facilitators for suggestions as to what you need.
Thurs., Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov., 1, 8 & 15; 9:30-11:30 am
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                          non-members - $35.00
Photography: Improvng Your Pictures                               Photo
Audrey Pollock
Have you ever looked at your photographs and wondered why you bothered?
Three members of the New Castle Camera Club, all of whom have many years of
experience and are award winning photographers, will share insights into their
special areas of expertise. Karen Kriley will address portrait photography,
Audrey Pollock will focus on still life, and David Diffenderfer will present scenic
photography. All these presenters have had their work displayed in several
galleries, including the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts in New Castle, PA. Session A,
Portrait Photography will meet at Ultimate Images Studio, 120 Franklin St.,
Slippery Rock; Session B, Still Life will meet at the Extended Learning Ctr. Rm
108; and Session C, Landscape/Scenic Farm will meet at West Park Alpaca Ranch
(See attached directions).
Thurs., Sept. 13, 20 & 27; 9:00 am-Noon
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                               non-members - $15

Piano: Applied Piano III and/or Basic Theory                      PianoAppIII
Christine Hogg
Members will bring their own music of sacred, pop or simple classics and learn
how to work it out in class. The number of sessions will be decided upon at the
the first class meeting. Scheduling will be at the convenience of the
participants. Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. Members only.
Schedule at convenience of participants. Tues. and/or Wed. only.
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Presidents: White House 'Truth' vs. Inconvenient Facts                    PresLies
Charles Zuzak
This class will focus on several U.S. presidents and the Lies they told as opposed
to facts. The lecture will feature political cartoons of presidents as well as
current candidates. There will be time for questions and answers.
Tues., Oct. 23; 11:45 am-1:00 pm

Printmaking: A Creative Habit*                                    PrintMakng*
Zarah Blair
Think you're not an artist? Substitute the word 'work' for 'art'. Does it make a
difference? Discover your work through the vehicle of printmaking and the book
'The Creative Habit' by Twyla Tharp. Included are four 2 hour classes in my
studio followed by a brown- bag lunch critique. We will use a 1500 lb. press.
Materials fee is $12, payable at the first class. People returning to this class will
explore new process options. If you have questions, call Zarah at 724-353-2366.
Tues., Oct. 9, 16, 23 & 30; 10:00 am-Noon
                                                  Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Quilt Guild ala ILR                                                QuiltGldFa
Jean Wanchick
Here's your chance to learn new skills and meet other quilters! You can help
decide what the Guild's program will include: guest speakers, demonstrations of
new techniques or patterns, sewing for charity, visiting quilt shops, etc. Bring
your suggestions! We share our work, get assistance with problems, learn from
each other and socialize. (Note: the group will decide what fees - if any - are
Mon., Sept. 17, Oct. 15 & Nov. 19; 1:00-4:00 pm
                                                 Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $10.00

Relaxation/Visualization                                           Relax
Nancy Mickle
We live in a stressful world which often causes tension that may result in sleep
problems, disease and loss of joy in our daily lives. In this class you will be
learning the techniques needed to help reduce tension, lesseen/eliminate pain,
produce a peaceful state of mind, increase your self-protection and expand your
self-knowledge. You will be in control of your mind and body at all times while
learning these techniques.
Tues., Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2 & 16; 10:00-11:30 am
                                                 Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $20.00

Roy S. Evans (of Jeep fame): His Life and Times                    RoyEvns
Leeland Bortmas
This class will focus on Mr. Evans' accomplishments on the way to becoming a
multimillionaire and owner of the largest car dealership in the country. His
intervention and support had a great impact on the development of 'Butler's
Proud Moment in History', the world's first military jeep.
Tues., Sept. 25; Noon-2:00 pm
                                                 Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                              non-members - $5.00
Scripture Rocks of Douglas Stahlman                               ScripRocks
Kenneth Burkett
Legends grow in part from facts, and many versions abound about the numerous
Scripture Rocks frequently encountered by hunters and hikers scattered
throughout the woodlands surrounding Brookville, Pennsylvania. This class
session will present an ongoing joint project to rediscover, formally record and
interpret the Scripture Rocks inscribed by Mr. Stahlman during the early 1900's in
an attempt to understand his perception of religion with a slightly different
Tues., Oct. 2; Noon-2:00 pm

Slovakia: The Heart of Europe                                     Slovak
Anne Dayton
Slovakia is located in the center of Europe. It has a population of about 5 million
people and is about half the size of Pennsylvania. In the past it was part of
Great Moravia, the Hungarian Kingdom, then Czechoslovakia. In 1993 it became
an independent nation, and joined the European Union in 2004. In this course we
will talk about the nation and its people, see a slide show, and visit the
Slovak Folk Crafts store near the Premium Outlets to see maps, a large animated
wood carving and hand crafted Slovak products.
Mon., Nov. 5 & 12; 2:00-4:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Spiritual Worldview: Broadening Our View                          SpritWrld
John Sloat
The class will focus on the discussion of the following topics. The Christian
Church is dwindling in size, influence and wealth. Is something wrong? Younger
generations appear to be less religious, but more spiritual. The world (i.e.)
families, localities, political parties and nations all need more unity to survive.
Thurs. Nov. 8 & 15; 2:00-4:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $10.00

Story of Painting with Sister Wendy                               storypnt
Christine Hogg
The delightful Sister Wendy brings her knowledge, her deep love of art and her
luminous insights to 'The Story of Painting'-making a sometimes difficult subject
accessible and stimulating to everyone. From the cave paintings at Lascaux-
through the turbulent history of the ages- to the continuation of the future,
Sister Wendy just wants us to surrender to the wonder of the story.
Wed., Sept 12, 19, Oct. 3 & 10; 9:30-11:00 am
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)
Sustainable Home: Our Adventure Building One                     SustHo
Todd Garcia-Bish
Todd Garcia-Bish began his career at Camp Lutherlyn in 1993 when he was hired
as Director of Applied Environmental Science. Over the next two years, Terra
Dei Homestead was developed including an organic garden and the first straw
bale house built in Pennsylvania. In 2007, Todd and his family started to
construct their own straw bale home based on what they had learned in building
Terra Dei Homestead. We will discuss the steps they have taken to make their
home more sustainable. In particular, we will focus on straw bale construction,
earth plastering, rainwater catchment and passive solar design.
Wed. Sept. 26; 11:30am-1:30pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                            non-members - $5.00

Three Sisters                                                    ThreeSis
Ryan Stauffer
In this class we will explore the development of corn, beans and squash. The
technology to grow these remarkable plants spread out of Mexico and eventually
traveled into the New England region. People dramatically changed these plants
from their native forms into the vegetables we know. These staple crops also
affected the cultures that grew them. We will also learn traditional gardening
methods and recipes. Some foods will be available to try.
Wed. Sept. 26; 2:00-4:00pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Timber Wolves                                                    TimbrW
Laura DeYoung
This is a science based educational program about Timber Wolves, including
habitat, pack function, management and the controversy surrounding wolves in
North America. We also will discuss similarities and differences between wolves,
domestic dogs and coyotes. We'll listen to recorded howls and observe skulls and
Wed., Nov. 7; 10:00-11:00 am
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)
Travel Preview: Alaska (Bonus)                                   TravPre
Matthew D'Eramo
Everyone should see the wonders of our fabulous 49th State in person! Colorful
history and breathtaking scenery abound on this tour: tour Fairbanks, ride the
Alaska railroad, visit Denali National Park, tour Anchorage, cruise Glacier Bay and
Southeast Alaska. An unforgettable experience you don't want to miss!
Monday, Sept. 24; 11:00 am-noon
                       Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00 non-members - $0.00
Wigton Massacre and Sam Mohawk                                    WigMascFa
Brad Pflugh
The participants will hear an in-depth descripption of the infamous Butler County
Wigton Massacre, including events leading up to it. Taking a look back to the
early 1840's, we will study Sam Mohawk and his path that led to the brutal
murder of a local Butler Co. family, including how Sam Mohawk got here, the
manhunt to track him down, the trial for the murders, and the aftermath it left
on Butler County. By default, several local families and historical sites will be
brought to light as we track Samuel Mohawk's steps on those fatal days.
Wed., Oct. 24; 3:00-4:30 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Kick-Off: Social & Wine Tasting (Bonus)                           zk-KickOff
Joanne Santus
Join us for a kick-off salute to our fabulous ILR. Instructors are urged to attend.
Registration is required for this event.
Sunday, Sept. 9; 4:00 - 6:00pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                             non-members - $0.00

Allegheny National Forest (North) Tour                            zt-AlNatForN0
Thomas Black
This tour will concentrate on the northern part of the forest, including stops
which provide examples of forest health, timber, oil and gas and recreational
applications and issues. Many of the sites will be on or in proximity to the
Allegheny Reservoir. Bring a bag lunch and dress for the weather.
Fri., Oct. 5; 7:00 am-4:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Ballet: Nutcracker                                                zt-BallNutc
Lois Larsen
Travel with us by motor coach to the Benedum Center where we will immerse
ourselves in the wonder of America's favorite holiday tradition, 'The Nutcracker'.
Following the 11:00 am performance we will lunch out at our own expense. Class
fee includes your ticket and transportation.
Fri., Dec. 7; 9:30 am-4:00 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $55.00
                                                            non-members - $60.00
Biking the Armstrong Trail                                        zt-BikeArm
G. Warren Smith
Tracing the course of the scenic Allegheny River, the Armstrong Trail runs along
the former Allegheny Valley Railroad. From 1855, the railroad served passengers
and freight from Pittsburgh to Buffalo. The rail line ended passenger operations
in 1941. We'll start from the scenic Cowanshannok trailhead for 1.27 miles,
joining the Armstrong Trail at Buttermilk Falls and head upriver toward Rimer
and return. See: for the history and a map of the trail.
Bring your own bicycle, food and water. Recommended: a spare tube and air
pump. Required: a helmet.
Sat., Oct. 13; 9:00 am-3:00 pm (rescheduled from Oct. 6)
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                           non-members - $10.00

Bowling for the Young at Heart                                    zt-BowlingFa
Lois Larsen
How long has it been since you bowled? For those of you who would like to
resume this activity, combine the exercise with a little socializing and lunch out
together, this is for you. Let's give it a try. Participants will pay for their own
admission and shoe rental at the door.
Mon., Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 8 & 15; 2:00-4:00 pm
                                                Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $0.00
                                                             non-members - $0.00

Butler Airport: What's Up?                                        zt-ButlAir
Karen Trempus
Airport manager Ivan Longdon will share the history of the airport with pictures
and interesting information. Amelia Earhart was there, and WW II pilots trained
there and bunked at Slippery Rock and Grove City Colleges. Dedicated in 1929
and being in operation for over 80 years, the airport is a vital facility in Butler
County. The civil Air patrol and Lifeflight crew are based there. We will hear
about the expansion plans, past, present and future. Meet at Butler Airport first
gate for a tour which will begin at 10:30 am. Following the tour you may lunch
on your own at nearby restaurants.
Fri., Oct. 12; 10:30 am-Noon
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)
Carnegie Museum: Behind the Scenes Look at Paleontology zt-CarnMus
Edmund Dlutowski
Enjoy this unique opportunity to take a Behind-the-Scenes guided tour of
vertebrate paleontology, conducted by one of Carnegie Museum’s scientists.
Learn how fossils are processed and stored by museum staff. Lunch available for
purchase on site. Pay your own parking fee; class fee covers admission to the
Carnegie Museum.
Fri., Oct. 5; 8:00 am-3:00 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $13.00

Cemetery Tour: Allegheny & Homewood                               zt-CemTour
Thomas Hannon
The cemetery as a cultural landscape has experienced several evolutions since
the frontier era in U.S. History. It began as an isolated burial place for transient
and semi-transient pioneering folks, and moved through the period of the family
and church-related cemetery to the public or community type. Each evolution
represents demographic, design and perceptual changes in the society in which it
is found. Allegheny is the oldest of the so called 'rural' cemeteries in western PA
while Homewood is the oldest 'lawn garden' type; therefore distinct design
differences exist between the two cemeteries. Both represent the final resting
places of Pittsburgh's elite.
Fri., Oct.19; 8:00 am-4:30 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $30.00
                                                            non-members - $35.00

Don Giovanni: The Opera (Bonus)                                   zt-DonGovi
G. Warren Smith
The Don (Juan) assaults every woman he encounters, and by the opera's close has
murdered one man and badly wounded another. His lady-killing ways finally
catch up with him in the form of a statue that he invites to dinner. Unrepentant
to the end, even as he is dragged away to hell, he refuses to save himself by
renouncing his crimes. Join us for the pre-opera lecture at 1:00 pm before the
matinee performance at 2:00pm. Carpool; class fee covers your opera ticket.
You may bring a bag lunch to eat before the lecture. SEE ALSO; Don Giovanni
Sun., Nov.11; 11:30 am-6:00 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $40.00
                                                            non-members - $45.00

Emsworth Lock & Dam Presentation and Tour                         zt-EmswthDam
Thomas Black
This tour and presentation will involve a visit to the oldest lock & dam project on
the Ohio River, built in 1922. The Emsworth Locks & Dams at Neville Island
consist of two lock chambers and two dams, one of which is on the back channel
of the river. The low cost and environmentally friendly waterway transportation
made possible by the locks and dams is vital to numerous economies throughout
38 states. More than 40 million tons of cargo moves in and out of the Port of
Pittsburgh each year and approximately 820 barges per month pass through the
Emsworth locks loaded with coal, aggregates, petroleum, steel and other
commodities. NOTE: This is a federal facility and proof of citizenship is
required. Acceptable proof is photo of first page of passport or birth certificate.
Class fee covers motor coach transportation. Lunch will be provided at the
Fri., Sept. 21; 9:00 am-3:00 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $30.00
                                                           non-members - $35.00

Genealogy Workshop, Cranberry Twp, Group A                       zt-GenWkshpA
Robert Hinds
We will focus on learning how to use the Family History Center facilities in
obtaining ancestral information. The workshop will be at the Family History
Center in Cranberry Township at the corner of Powell and Rochester Roads.
Participants in the workshop must arrange their own transportation to the site.
Three separate sections will be offered. Space is limited to five participants in
each section. Please register for Group A, B or C.
Fri., Sept. 21; 9:15 am-1:00 pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Genealogy Workshop, Cranberry Twp, Group B                       zt-GenWkshpB
Robert Hinds
See class description above.
Fri., Oct. 19; 9:15 am-1:00 pm

Genealogy Workshop, Cranberry Twp, Group C                       zt-GenWkshpC
Robert Hinds
See class description above.
Fri., Nov. 9; 9:15 am-1:00 pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

George Junior Republic                                           zt-GeorgeJr
Monica Ondrusko
George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania is a residential school for court
adjudicated youth. It is located on a 450 acre campus in Grove City, off Route
58 north across from the County Market shopping area. The republic was
founded in 1909 by William Ruben George as a private nonprofit treatment
community for disadvantaged youth. Though it has grown and changed during
the past century, the school's continuing goal is to create an environment where
youth receive guidance, education and skills training as preparation for
productive adult life. Today inclusive and individualized practices are basic to
GJR programs and treatment. Mr. James Bird, Director of Development, will
share with us the key features of the school' history. Mr. Bird will guide our tour
by mini-bus, and we will enjoy a catered lunch prepared by students and staff.
Class fee covers the cost of transport and lunch. Carpool or meet at GJR.
Fri., Oct. 26; 9:00 am-1:00 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $15.00

Glass Blowing Center                                              zt-GlassBl
Edmund Dlutowski
Enjoy a visit to the new and expanded glass blowing facility. You can experience
flame working demonstrations, watching one of the resident glass workers at the
in-store workshop. Watch as hot glass is manipulated in an open flame to
produce sculptures, marbles, blown vessels, jewelry and other items. You can
browse the selection of hand blown glass gift items. We'll carpool to the glass
center near Boyers. Bring a bag lunch. A picnic shelter is available.
Fri., Sept. 28; 10:15 am-2:00 pm
                                                 Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Holiday Luncheon (Bonus)                                          zt-HolidyL
Hazel Allen
Join us for a lovely holiday buffet luncheon. Yummy offerings will include tossed
garden salad, chicken, beef, baked potatoes, rolls & butter, green beans, cake
and beverage. You may bring your own bottle of wine if you wish. BONUS: This
event does NOT COUNT toward your 12-class limit.
Wed., Dec. 5; 1:00-2:30 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $25.00
                                                           non-members - $30.00

Holy Pittsburgh                                                   zt-HolyPgh
Patricia Griest
Join us for a tour of Pittsburgh's Rodef Shalom Temple and Botanical Garden.
The tour begins in the Old Testament Biblical Garden following the Jordan River
to the Dead Sea. We move on to the temple for a docent led tour. Next we will
lunch at Church Brew Works housed in a repurposed church. After lunch we will
visit St. Paul's Cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese, where
we will have a tour. Class fee includes transportation, admission fees and lunch.
Wed., Sept. 12; 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Ice Age Sites in the Slippery Rock Area                         zt-IceAge
Ryan Stauffer
This day trip will take us to the edges of Lake Edmund (Slippery Rock sits at its
beach). After that we will visit an esker and a kettle hole lake. We will take
note of different soils and rocks that were pushed down from Canada. A visit to
Cleland rock, Slippery Rock gorge, the McConnell's Mill area and Lake Arthur will
round out the day. Carpool. Bring water and a bag lunch.
Fri., Sept. 28; 10:00 am-2:00 pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Kayaking 101                                                    zt-Kayakng
Linda Armstrong, Borcz,E
Join Linda Armstrong for Kayaking 101 where we will have instructions on life
jackets, getting into and out of a kayak, proper kayaking techniques and then
enjoy a quiet paddle around the lake shoreline to practice our newly learned
skills. Bring drinking water, and dry clothes – just in case! Please wear water
shoes or old sneakers – no flip flops. After our kayak program, homemade lunch
will be served at the classroom. Class fee covers lunch. Also instructing will be
Emily Borcz, Outdoor Programming Specialist PA State Parks. Pymatuning State
Wed., Sept. 26; 7:30 am-2:30 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $15.00
                                                           non-members - $20.00

The Kerr Museum                                                 zt-KerrMus
Lois Larsen
Commissioned in 1897, the Kerr House is an example of a late 19th century
Queen Anne style home which served as the residence of the wealthy Kerr family
well as the medical office of Dr. Kerr. Enjoy a guided tour of this 2 story
restored home in Oakmont, PA. Class fee covers admission. Lunch will be at
your own expense. Carpool from Slippery Rock, Butler or New Castle. (Please
arrange rendezvous point with trip leader).
Fri., Sept.14; 9:00 am-4:00 pm
                                               Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $7.00

Phipps Conservatory Fall Flower Show (Bonus)                    zt-Phipps,Fa
Rhoda Taylor
Enjoy the variety of chrysanthemums and other fall flowers at the Phipps' Fall
flower show. Our own motor coach will free us from the hassles of parking and
traffic. We will tour the facility and have some free time to visit the gift shop.
Then we will have lunch at a restaurant on the way home (you pay for your own
meal). Class tuition covers transportation and admission. (Admission is free for
Phipps members; so if you are a member, deduct $11 from the fee.) Group size
is limited, so register early! BONUS: This trip does NOT COUNT toward your 12-
class limit.
Fri., Oct. 26; 9:00 am-3:30 pm

Pow Wow at Three Rivers American Indian Center                    zt-PowWow
Ginger Dlutowski
Join us on a visit to the 34th Annual Pow Wow presented by the Council of Three
Rivers American Indian Center. You will enjoy watching the gathering of various
tribal members who share in singing, competition dancing and renewing
friendships. You may join in the Snake or Round dance. Pow Wow participants
can purchase traditional American Indian foods such as Buffalo Burgers, Indian
Fry Bread and Indian Chili. There will be vendor booths to purchase authentic
American Indian treasures, such as jewelry, baskets, clothing, quilts, pottery and
much more. School buses take you from the Dorseyville School parking lot to the
Council site. Admission is $4 for senior citizens payable at the gate. Please let
the facilitator know if you plan to carpool from Slippery Rock or from Butler.
Sat., Sept. 29; Noon-3:30 pm
                                                Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Rigoletto: The Opera (Bonus)                                      zt-Rigoletto
G. Warren Smith
The Duke of Mantua is a chronic womanizer and an all-round snake in the grass.
Yet, everyone knows that he cheerfully imprisons his enemies, and his courtiers
are adept at pretending not to notice when he appropriates their wives. See
what happens when the Duke covets the 'girlfriend' of his sarcastic jester, who
turns out to be the jester's daughter. Join us for the pre-opera lecture at 1:00
pm before the matinee performance at 2:00 pm. Carpool: class fee covers your
opera ticket. You may bring a bag lunch to eat before the lecture. SEE ALSO:
Rigoletto Orientation.
Sun., Oct. 14; 11:30 am-6:00 pm
                                              Tuition/Fees: ILR members - $40.00
                                                           non-members - $45.00

Strand Theater, An Inside Look                                    zt-StrndIn
Ron Carter
Meet at the Strand Theater in Zelienople at 1:00 pm for a presentation on its
history, present and future by Ron Carter, president of the Strand Theater
followed by the movie 'The Chief' about Art Rooney and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
You have the option of arriving 60-90 minutes early and lunching at your own
expense in one of the area restaurants. You will pay $5 admission at the door.
Fri., Nov. 2; 1:00-3:15 pm
                                                     Open to ILR members only (FREE)

Facilitators & Instructors
Paul Adomites
Paul Adomites got his first check for writing when he was 12 (and the earth was still
cooling). Since then he has written hundreds of ads, brochures, commercials, articles
and at least ten books. His latest two are: 'Pennsylvania Crude: Boomtowns and Oil
Barons' and 'Oil Fields, Oil People'.

Hazel Allen
Hazel is an enthusiastic member and supporter of the ILR. She volunteers in her church
and in the community. She also enjoys time with her family, particularly her

Henry Anna
Henry J. Anna is professor emeritus of political science and public administration at
Slippery Rock University. A native of Cambria County, PA, Hank has traveled extensively
and has so far visited more than 25 countries on 5 continents and 47 U.S. states. He is
adventurous in his dining habits and enjoys reading and gardening, as well as volunteer

Linda Armstrong
Linda has worked with PA State Parks for over 15 years in the Environmental Education
Division. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Park Resource Management and her
Masters in Environmental Education from Slippery Rock University.

Mary Bach
After more than 25 years as an activist on consumer issues, Mary Bach is now serving as
Chair of AARP's Pennsylvania Consumer Issues Task Force. As a volunteer, she is
spreading AARP's strategic messages about fraud against older consumers.

Joe Barth
Joe Barth is Senior Pastor of Slippery Rock Alliance Church. Dr. Barth taught music at
Simpson College, Multnomah School of the Bible and Crafton Hills College. He holds a
D.Min. from Bakke Graduate University, an M.C.M from Western Seminary, a M.A. and
B.A. from California State University. He is a contributor to JUST JAZZ GUITAR
magazine and author of Voices in Jazz Guitar.

Larry Berg
Larry Berg has spent 53 years in broadcasting. For 36 years he hosted The Larry Berg
talk show on WISR and WBUT in Butler. He spent 11 years as an on-air personality at
KDKA and 14 years as owner-manager of WBUT and WLER-FM in Butler. Larry is past
president of the Butler County Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Butler. He
has also served on many dozens of Boards of Directors of local service groups.

Eric Best
Eric Best has been an educator at Jennings Environmental Education Center since 2000,
where he develops and facilitates programs for all ages of students, as well as teachers
and community members. He is the center's
tree expert,' and is the go-to for all forestry-related questions in the park.

Thomas Black
Tom Black is a retired chemistry teacher. He manages to keep busy by taking ILR
classes, (many, many), traveling, studying German and going to Challenges in New
Castle. If you try to call him, you'll find that he is rarely at home.

Jeanne Blackman
Jeanne Blackman is a certified floral designer who retired from elementary school
teaching ten years ago. She then taught English as a Second Language to adults. She
has taught many courses in flower arranging at Senior Centers in the past ten years.

Barbara Blackstone
Before retirement in 2004, Barbara Blackstone spent 34 years teaching public speaking,
small-group decision-making, intercultural communication and speech skills for
classroom teachers in SRU's communication department. She's enjoyed the give-and-take
as a member and/or mediator in ILR sessions. She hopes to carry on the lively tradition
that Irv Kuhr began.

Zarah Blair
My first life was Nursing Home Administration. My second is illustrator, writer and
teacher. My present loves are drawing, printmaking and inspiring others to create. I am
a wife, mother and grandmother. My goals are to develop personal works that are
relevant and to coach others in developing exciting creative habits.

Leeland V Bortmas
Leeland Bortmas is a lifelong Butler resident. He is a car collector & restorer and
restored 5 of the 42 Butler built Bantam BRC 40 Recon cars in existence. He is involved
locally and nationally with the history of the American Bantam Car Company.

Kenneth Burkett
Kenneth Burkett is the Executive Director of the Jefferson Co. History Center in Brook-
ville, PA and a Field Associate Archaeologist with the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. He
is best known for his extensive work on the Late Prehistoric Fishbasket Village Sites in
Clarion and Armstrong counties and Pteroglyph studies in the Allegheny River basin.

Ron Carter
Ron Carter is a former corporate and freelance marketer with 20 years in business
management, leadership experience, development, training and contract negotiation.
He has always had a passion for the theater and is now fulfilling a dream of building a
theater program as President of the Strand Theater in Zelienople.

Mary Alice Cobbett
Mary Alice Cobbett, a Slippery Rock University graduate, is a retired Reading Specialist
and Spanish teacher. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, she lived for four years in
Central and South America.

George Compton
George believes that trying new things contributes to a long life. He painted with oils
before becoming interested in watercolor. He is retired from Armco and is an active ILR

Robert A Davis
After 35 years of service, Bob Davis retired from SRU's Geography Department. He has
taught numerous classes in the ILR dealing with regional or international topics.

Barbara Davis
Bobbie Davis retired from the Slippery Rock Area Schools where she taught both 5th and
6th grades. She began watercolor painting through the ILR classes taught by the late
(and greatly missed) Mary A. Hogg.

Anne Dayton
Anne is a retired Assistant Professor of English at SRU. She has led 11 international
Elderhostel trips to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. She has taught in Oxford, England;
Budapest, Hungary and Presov, Slovakia. She and her husband travel extensively and are
the owners of the Slovak Folk Craft Store.

Laura I DeYoung
Laura DeYoung is currently a member of the Timber Wolf Alliance Speakers Bureau,
located in central Wisconsin. She also teaches environmental education at Lutherlyn in
Prospect, PA. She was involved in the barn owl reintroduction project at Moraine State
Park and is also a member of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology.

Ginger Dlutowski
Ginger Dlutowski retired from the VA Medical Center in Butler after 25 years service in
administrative services and information systems. She is Red Hat Queen of a chapter in
the Butler area with over 100 members. Ginger is also president of National Association
of Active & Retired Federal Employees in Butler. She currently serves as Secretary for
the Butler chapter of the Society for PA Archaeology and is the current president of the

Edmund T Dlutowski
Dr. Edmund Dlutowski has extensive archaeological field experience and has worked on
prehistoric and historic archaeological sites. He is a life member and past president of
The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. He is a former editor of the Bulletin of the
Eastern States Archaeological Federation and remains active in archaeology.

Susan Ferrandiz
A graduate of Long Island University, Pratt Institute and SRU, born in Brooklyn, NY,
Susan now lives in the woods with her husband Bob Hinds. Retired as an assistant
professor from the SRU Library Department, she now spends part of her time designing
and making ethnic-inspired necklaces.

Brian Fritz
Brian L. Fritz is the principle investigator for Quemahoning, LLC, a cultural resources
consulting business that specializes in industrial archaeology, paleo-landscape
geomorphology and GIS solutions for archaeological problems. Mr. Fritz earned geology
and anthropology degrees from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in
Geology from the University of Akron.

Todd Garcia-Bish
Todd Garcia-Bish is the Director of Environmental Education at Camp Lutherlyn. He
holds a bachelor's of science degree in chemistry from Gettysburg College and a master's
of science degree in environmental science from Indiana University in Bloomington,
Indiana. In 1996, Todd became Director of Environmental Education at Camp Lutherlyn.

Patricia Griest
Pat Griest is the owner and operator of Platt Lighting. She is manufacturer's
representative to a dozen or more Decorative Lighting Manufacturers. Her best jobs are
Mother, Wife and Grandma, not necessarily in that order. She loves to travel and meet
new people.

Thomas J Hannon
Dr. T. J. Hannon taught both regional and topical courses in Geography at SRU for 34
years. Prior to coming to SRU he taught in the public schools of New York. Primarily a
cultural geographer, his interest in large part has been in religious landscapes, primarily
tombstone design and diffusion.

Kenneth Harris
Ken Harris is a retired professor of theater from Slippery Rock University. His life has
been blessed with opportunities for adventure, romance and mystery. He is incurably
curious about what comes next. This is his fourteenth film series.

Macario Herrera
Mac has worked in forestry and conservation for the last 25 years of his career. He
currently serves as the Bradford District Ranger on the Allegheny National Forest.
During his career, Mac has been involved in numerous collaborative projects including a
large-scale tree planting program which resulted in the planting of over 20,000 trees
and watershed plans and implementation efforts which received national recognition.
He is a recipient of the EPA Award for Environmental E¬x¬c¬e¬l¬l¬e¬n¬ce.
Robert W Hinds
Robert Hinds has been pursuing family history research for over 40 years, and has taught
genealogy classes and tutored individuals in research techniques. As a retired geologist,
he has familiarized himself himself with the natural gas industry, particularly with
respect to organically rich black shales such as the Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale.

Ruth F Hoffman
Since she retired from teaching at Franklin Middle School, Ruth Hoffman has been active
in church activities, volunteering at the Grove City Historical Society, Meals on Wheels,
traveling and taking ILR classes! She and her husband, Frank, love to eat out.

Frank Hoffman
Frank retired from SRU in 1999 after 32+ years in the Biology Department. Frank's
interests include gardening, reading (mainly mysteries), computer games and spoiling his
grandchildren. He also serves as chairman of the accession committee for the Grove
City Area Historical Society.

Christine Hogg
Chris Hogg is an independent piano teacher owner of the federated piano "Studio in the
Woods". She was named to Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 1994.

J. L. Horam
A talented writer, Ms. Horam has been named to: 'Poets, Artists and Editors of the US
and Canada', 'Who's Who in America', 'Who's Who of American Women' and 'Who's Who in
the World'. She has 34 poems published in 14 anthologies in the U.S., Wales and
England. J.L. has recently completed 2 short stories, 3 poetry manuscripts and is
working on a collection of flash fiction.

Valentin Kefeli
Valentin Kefeli began teaching at SRU in 1995 where he taught Practical Botany,
Environmental Biology and Biological Seminar. He also works as advisor in the Slippery
Rock Watershed Coalition on problems of water cleaning, fabricated soil production and
landscape rehabilitation. He has taught classes in Russian and Russian culture for the
ILR for three years.

Mary Lou Kirin
Mary Lou has been the manager of the Slippery Rock Senior Center since 2006. She
coordinates all services at the center. She organized a presentation titled Reminisce
with the Forties. Everyone was encouraged to share items from their private
collections: pictures, articles, clippings music and personal treasures. This event
prompted the creation of the ILR class.

Lois Larsen
Lois Larsen, a retired teacher, has experience teaching in N.Y.C., Delaware and
Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. from N.Y.C. University and did graduate work at
Fordham University. At SRU, Lois has worked with international students in the
Educational Foundation Interstudies program. She enjoys gardening, travel and
collecting and selling antiques. Lois also serves as majority inspector at the polls on
election day as well as ILR curriculum committee member.

Ruth E Leo
Ruth E. Leo was a faculty member in Nursing at SRU for 24 years. She has also been
employed as a registered nurse, a pediatric nurse practitioner nursing faculty member
and a parish nurse.

Ivan Longdon
Ivan Longdon has worked at the Butler County Airport for 17 years in various capacities,
most recently as Airport Manager. He loves his airport and its history and enjoys making
others aware of Butler County's "best kept secret."

Nancy Mickle
Nancy Mickle graduated in 1984 from Slippery Rock University with a BA in
Communications. She coached two area high school speech teams for several years.
After working almost 16 years at SRU's Bailey Library, she retired in 2004. She has taken
numerous classes and workshops involving relaxation and visualization techniques, and
has conducted extensive individual help sessions in these areas.

June Morrison
June is not a life-master, but is qualified to teach beginning classes. She has been
taking classes and playing bridge weekly for approximately 15 years and teaching classes
for 6 years.. She is a college graduate and is currently retired from a career in
Computer Management and Nutrition Counseling.

Martin O'Brien
Martin O'Brien graduated from Georgetown College and Georgetown University School of
Law. He is a retired President Judge of the Butler County Court of Common Pleas. He
currently serves on the Board of Directors for Butler County Community College
Foundation, Butler County Historical Society, Rivers of Steel Heritage Area and
Washington's Trail-1753.

Teresa O'Malley
Teresa is married to Jerome, the mother of two sons, and the grandmother of six. For
eight years she worked in Commissioned Sales at Sears. She is currently President of
Evans City Fireman's Auxiliary, SWPA Swo Cluster planner and ILR Luncheon Out Leader.
She loves traveling, reading rubber stamping, working crossword puzzles, music, movies,
volunteering and spending time with family and friends.

Monica Ondrusko
Monica retired from SRU after 28 years as a member of the College of Education Faculty.
She is an avid student of philosophy and psychology and is intent on developing a career
as world traveler. Her recent journeys have been to countries in Central and Eastern
Europe and Russia.
Brad Pflugh
Brad received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in History from SRU and an
Education degree from Pitt. He is currently the chairperson of the Social Studies
department at Knoch High School and part-time instructor at Butler County Community
College. He has recently written a book on the Wigton Massacre.

Kurt Pitluga
Dr. Kurt Pitluga is an assistant professor of art history at Slippery Rock University. He
holds a Ph.D. in art history from Penn State University with a concentration in American
Architecture. He has extensive experience teaching a wide variety of art history
courses, ranging from African to Contemporary Art. For the last five years he has
guided SRU students to Europe visiting such artistically enriching cities as Florence,
Rome, Paris, London and Madrid.

Audrey Pollock
Audrey Pollock's interest in photography began with slide film, but once she discovered
the ease and economy of digital photography, her interest quickly became a passion.
Audrey is a member of the New Castle Camera Club where her photos have won several
awards and honors.

Mary Sample
Mary "Skip" Sample is a retired teacher/realtor. She has been active in the Grove City
Area Historical Society since its inception. She was the first president and was
instrumental in organizing the Society. She returned to the presidency in 2009 and has
been in that position since.

John W Sloat
John W. Sloat, retired Presbyterian minister, served churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania
for more than 40 years. He is also an author, pianist and organist. He discusses the
differences between religion and the Kingdom of God. He speaks of a current
reformation, a gradual movement toward a vital spirituality.

G. Warren Smith
An opera "buff" and outdoor enthusiast, Warren is a retired chemistry professor and
university administrator. His research studied the history and use of medicinal plants by
Arctic Natives. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, AAAS and the Explorers

Constance K Smith
Connie Smith has 25 years' professional experience in higher education, and prior to
landing in Pennsylvania, she lived in Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New York
and Texas. She admits to being a book-oholic by choice and a computer nerd by

Ryan Stauffer
Ryan Stauffer is a Slippery Rock native who works as an environmental educator for the
Audubon Society of Western PA. His family farm borders Jennings and Moraine State
Park. Ryan utilizes the unique history of the area for recreation as well as for its
resources. H keeps an extensive garden and grows the 'three sisters'.

Rhoda Taylor
Rhoda Taylor taught biology at SRU for more than 30 years. Since her retirement in
1998 she has developed several new interests. She has been a volunteer docent at
Phipps Conservatory since 2003, and following a number of ILR classes in quilting, joined
the Fiberarts Guild in Pittsburgh and has embarked on a 'new career' - making quilted
wall hangings. Many of her art quilts have been shown in juried shows.

Frank Treccase
Frank Treccase holds Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Italian and Spanish.
He is a Professor Emeritus at SRU where he taught Italian and Spanish for over 25 years.
In addition to his teaching experience, he conducts tours to Italy each summer.

Karen Trempus
Karen is a graduate of SRU and taught kindergarten, first and second grades in the
Allegheny Valley School District. In 2005 she won the Teacher Excellence Award in her
district. She is a member of the Red Hats, Penn Township Planning and Park
Committees, the Brownsdale Cemetery Committee and Questers Antique Group. Her
husband, bichon, maltese and horse are her joys.

Jean Wanchick
After retiring from SRU, Jean Wanchick learned to make quilts. Since then, she has
taught classes and organized quilt shows.

Gene Wilhelm
Dr. Gene Wilhelm, Professor Emeritus of SRU, taught biogeography, ecology and
environmental courses and researched human impact on natural ecosystems in Africa
and the Americas for 30 years. This year, he was recipient of the coveted Great Egret
Award by the National Audubon Society for six decades of active conservation.

Junko Yamamoto
Junko Yamamoto is an assistant professor for Secondary Education/Foundations of
Education Department at Slippery Rock University. She grew up in Kyoto, Japan, and
holds a PA Teaching Certificate in Japanese. She taught Japanese at Shady Side
Academy Junior School, The University of Pittsburgh and Mt. Lebanon High School.

Charles A Zuzak
Charles "ChucK" Zuzak is Dean Emeritus at Slippery Rock University where he served for
21 years. His doctorate in political science is from the University of Maryland. He has
been a consultant to state and local governments and directed seminars on American
democracy and two-party politics.

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