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									Aimhigher funds a project in the Basildon and Thurrock University
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (outside of the Healthcare Strand ) to
encourage students to consider graduate pathways in the NHS in areas
other than medicine. The Directorate of Education and Training, at
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has the
primary aim of supporting lifelong learning for all staff in the organisation.
The Staff Training and Development Team of the hospital, based in this
directorate, work closely with Aimhigher schools and colleges in the
Thames Gateway . In partnership with Aimhigher Essex, a number of
events have been run to target local school pupils and inspire them to
think about graduate careers in the NHS that aren’t the obvious doctor or
nurse jobs. As well as highlighting these other career paths, the events
are also designed to inspire the local pupils to study at degree level as
part of their career pathway. Six events are run in each academic year,
for local partnerships of schools and colleges , reaching 360 year ten
pupils. The events are a day long and involve five ‘hands on’ workshops
where pupils can speak to hospital staff and find out what it’s like to work
on ‘real’ patients. This is a unique opportunity to find out what a career is
really like before committing their future to it. Departments that have
been involved include Cardiology, Pathology, Radiology, Finance, IT and
Occupational Therapy. Their workshops have involved using an ECG
machine to scan a heart, calculating finances in the hospital and testing
fake samples of urine to name just a few. Over the past three years the
events have changed, using feedback from local schools, and have
become interactive and inspirational events that motivate pupils. One
teacher has commented that she has seen events gain in quality and that
a positive effect is an ‘improvement in pupil motivation’. When considering
careers and the educational path to follow, one school commented ‘for a
few of our students (although only still in year 9) the day actually
reassured them of the career path that they wish to take in the future’.
This feedback reflects that, in addition to providing a fun day out, the NHS
Careers Days achieve the main aim to raise aspirations to progress to
further and higher education. Students feedback includes: ‘I have really
enjoyed my day learning about the different paths you could take down
the NHS’ ‘It was good because there was practical and it was educational’
‘We learnt a lot about jobs’

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