Numeric Window Variables by 0wX83Ug


									                             Numeric Window Variables
                                TTS Revision 4.1
                                  OBS-3 Option
                                Revised 9/17/2004

Add the InLoc variables to the Numeric window that correspond to the active sensors at
your TTS site.

InLoc #       Variable Name          Definition (all values from most recent wake-up)
179           med_turb               Median turbidity (NTU)
180           stage                  Stage height (ft. or m)
190           min_stg                Minimum stage
191           thr_code               Threshold code
192           smp_code               Sample code
194           dump_cnt               Dump counter
194           nxt_bot                Next sample bottle number
196           turb_off               Turbidity offset
198           stg_off                Stage offset
201           bat_volt               Battery voltage

Optional Sensor & Calculation Output
181           disch                Discharge
182           atemp                Air temperature (deg C)
183           wtemp                Water temperature (deg C)
184           rain                 Rain in tips (for the execution interval)
185           daily                Daily rainfall total, reset automatically at midnight
186           season               Seasonal rainfall total
199           q_mult               Discharge multiplier
200           q_exp                Discharge exponent

Additional TTS Information
187          rev_count               Reversal counter
188          thr_count               Threshold counter
189          thr                     Threshold
Suggested Display Groupings in the Numeric Window

bat_volt                   min_stage                rain
                           stg_off                  daily
stage                      turb_off                 season

med_turb                   smp_code                 disch
                           thr_code                 q_mult
dump_cnt                   rev_count                q_exp
nxt_bot                    thr                      atemp

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