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									                          Foundation 2 Psychology
Level: 0                            Credit Value: 20                            Module Code: ACE0325
Prerequisite: ACE0309, ACE0310 and ACE0316 or ACE0326,

This unit introduces the student to a variety of key theories, methods and concepts in Psychology. It
is divided into six parts:
1. Social Psychology: including individual and group behaviour, the self concept, social explanation,
language and communication;
2. Developmental Psychology: including key life stages and developmental processes;
3. Cognitive Psychology: including decision making, memory, vision and language;
4. Neuropsychology: including physiology and biochemistry, the brain and nervous system, physical
and psychological functioning and neurodegenerative diseases;
5. Health and Clinical Psychology: including psychological disorders and health behaviours;
6. Research Methods: including the aims, objectives and design of research projects.

This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of key theories, methods and concepts
in Psychology.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the unit, students will demonstrate an ability to:
• understand, describe and evaluate different psychological theories, methods and concepts in
  the areas of social, cognitive and developmental psychology;
• understand, describe and evaluate different theories and concepts in the areas of
  neuropsychology, health and clinical psychology;
• evaluate, discuss and report on specific psychological investigations choosing from a range of
  methods and using appropriate psychological terminology.

34% Exam         33% Essay 33% Other Assessment

Key Reading:

No key reading has been identified

Students who are already registered with TILL and who have a valid UCard can access full reading lists for
modules before they begin. They do so either via MUSE, under the "Library" tab, and "View Library resource
lists"; or via the "How can I find my reading lists?" link on http://www.shef.ac.uk/library/services/taught.html

                   Contact: Julie Goode 0114 222 7018 j.k.goode@sheffield.ac.uk
Academic session: 2009-20010                                                                       ACE0325

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