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How to Keep Personal Computer Accounts Private
Every member of staff is entitled to have a personal account on the University’s central computer system. This is protected by a password, chosen by the staff member, which must be kept private and confidential. However there may be situations where it is necessary to share files between groups of users or to allow specific individuals access to your personal email. Mechanisms to allow this, without the need to divulge your personal passwords, are available on the CFS service. All staff are urged to follow the procedures outlined below when sharing information in order to avoid contravening regulations or compromising security.

Acceptable procedures for sharing information and associated links:
i Sharing Files - This explains how to share your CFS files with other CFS users.

ii The Shared filestore (X drive) - About the departmental disk space available and how you can rent more. iii Automatic email forwarding - This FAQ deals with autoforwarding of email received on CFS. Autoforwarding can also be dealt with on the mail hub. The Information Desk can set an autoforward, for the duration of a planned absence, if contacted by the user concerned before the start of the absence. iv Email aliases - This is the form to request an email alias for a department or a society. Space is provided on the application form to specify 4 recipients of mail sent to the alias. v Delegate Facility in Outlook - This facility may be used to allow specified individuals to read and, if permission is granted, to reply to your email on your behalf. NOTE: The delegate does not need to log on to the delegator's account to obtain access to the email.

vi Public folders in Outlook - This describes how to exchange information using Public Folders in Outlook. vii Departmental Accounts (Contact the Information Desk - Generic shared accounts, which allow more than one person to know an account name and its password, are available upon request An example of use is a generic departmental secretary account. viii Emergency Procedures (Contact the Information Desk - At the express request of the account holder, or where this is not possible the Head of Department/Office or authorised deputy, temporary access using the account’s password can be granted to a third party to check for email, to copy files etc.. In such circumstances a senior member of staff must be nominated to extract the required information. The Computer Centre Information Desk ( must be approached at an early stage, preferably by the owner of the account in question, in all cases where file sharing outside the above documented procedures is required. J.D. Wilson April 2006

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