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CIPSON Planning Meeting June 11, 2004 by j26QdXa


									CIPS ONTARIO Planning Meeting June 11, 2004 - Notes from Linda Johnstone:

Present: Jim Finch, Bob Fabian, Rick Penton, Pat Gaudet, Anthony Ko, Linda Johnstone, Ian
Johnstone, Kevin Alfonso, Gerry Brownlee, Bharat Shah

1. All present introduced themselves, their experience with CIPS and their interest in CIPSON.
   All interested in making ISP a better value proposition, volunteered time, believed in new
   CIPS vision.
2. Rick Penton, chair of Societal Transition Committee before becoming CIPS National
   President, gave an update on the status of the transition/vision.
        a. Sees CIPS as primarily a professional organization, wants to support the ISP with
             primary goals of professionalism and advocacy.
        b. Vision has been defined, now (this year) need to implement and add value.
        c. Need to prioritize initiatives: developing BOK and Standards of Practice, strengthen
             and improve visibility of Code of Ethics.
        d. Strategy identified – alternate paths to ISP. Recognized that the provinces need
             more direct control of certification. Other levels of ISP have been proposed, e.g.
             student, candidate, senior, fellow. Also working towards mutual recognition with
             other countries equivalents.
        e. Discussion included: Need to explore how BCS so successful and ISP not (BCS
             allied with engineers and set up high standards but also permitted associates),
             brochure for colleges (last year’s quashed), update CIPS website, market ISP (after
             adding value) to companies and governments.
3. Vision discussion:
        a. Members likely to become more specialized
        b. IT profession moving from innovation to repeatability (PMI, 6Sigma successful
             because of standards of practice.)
        c. Will there be one or many organizations in CIPS
        d. CIPS could adopt PMBOK (as did IEEE) and include specialties.
        e. First standard of practice likely to be Systems Development
        f. Three levels of standards:
                    i. Practice GUIDE for work under most circumstances
                   ii. RECOMMENDED practices – need a reason not to follow
                  iii. REQUIRED practices – must follow unless special reason.
        g. PMP and ISP complementary not in competition (except for funds), but PMP not
             necessarily relevant to agile interactive projects.
4. Why CIPS losing members:
        a. Lack of value, cost, both vary by province
        b. Competition for individual’s limited funds, e.g. PMP almost mandatory
5. Possible actions:
        a. Value statement for ISP – get message out to members and employers
        b. Promote code of ethics – trustworthy employees, competent etc.
        c. Get ISP added to list of professionals that can sign passports etc.
        d. ISP s/b equivalent to 4 year degree + maintain currency + standards + ethics,
             Consider whether ICCS exam is sufficient or not for ISP, non-academic routes
6. Alignment of various CIPS bodies:
        a. Provinces generally united amongst selves, not necessarily with National
        b. Need more National / Provincial alignment – Rick would like CIPSON to participate
             more in National projects (Note members from Ontario have participated in Transition
             project (and are continuing to do so but some now as National board members)
7. Possible new Fellow designation:
        a. Create an initial group of fellows who can create other fellows
        b. Beware - similar in BCS and cronyism rampant/suspected in BCS in 70s
        c. Need to ensure not just “old boys club”, need to ensure women and minorities
             represented, maybe need nomination mechanism, must be seen to be fair/open
        d. Need to engage past peers and employers to certify experience and competence.

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8. General discussion:
        a. Ontario ISP mandate includes education, ethics, promotion, discipline
        b. Lack of money hampers efforts, only receive $15 p.a. per member net of National
            admin fees. This planning meeting really eats into funds. Funds from sponsorship
            and patrons are not necessarily appropriate for a professional organization.
        c. Need to increase the value of the ISP – then sell it and get more visibility
        d. Need a BOK, increase professionalism and ensure currency of knowledge
        e. Need to increase the profile of the organization and membership, get more
            recognition and focus on business and technology
        f. Increase financial resources
9. What could be put on the table that members can recognize in terms of value – quickly:
        a. For minimal cost could utilize the website more – 25 domains, thousands of e-mail
            accounts, discussion board
        b. One day seminar update on state of the profession, possibly sponsored by Computer
            World or they might help get sponsors, held at a college + optional banquet on a
            Saturday. S/b < $100 cost, discount for ISPs. C/b a sponsor keynote speech. S/b
            coordinated with CIPS sections, could be repeated in other locations. Need to define
            target audience and identify sessions that would interest
10. Ideas and commitments from attendees:
        a. One day seminar agreed to be feasible – Board members = program committee.
            Bob to head the initiative, Bharat to investigate possible venues. Pat mentioned that
            Humber no longer has an IT department. Staff/courses have been absorbed by new
            business and communications departments.
        b. Pat to use her CIO Advisory Council contacts to test the seminar idea and help
            determine content.
        c. All board members to consider ideas to increase membership and improve
            communications and publicity.
        d. Jim suggested promoting to student organizations but need to find a means whereby
            students do not cost us too much money – need a champion at each institution.
            Toronto Section tried with CDI and Ryerson but continuity a problem
        e. Jim mentioned that Joseph Chan at the provincial government is trying to promote
            the ISP but needs material on value etc. (Need short/medium/long presentations?)
        f. Bob said we need to demonstrate that we are defining professionalism and what it
            means to be a professional, and then promote the benefits – a priority for
        g. Discipline cases could illustrate commitment to professionalism. Rick said that only
            two cases have been heard and both have been dismissed – no names can be
            mentioned if not found guilty.
        h. National membership and membership renewal system is broken and ineffective.
            Rick said that National is mending. Could current board monitor and call Ontario
            ISP non-renewers to ensure that they are not falling off due to lack of notice from
            National? Only e-mail (could be obsolete) used until struck off.
        i. Gerry offered to detail the tasks to be undertaken by the membership portfolio,
            including retention initiatives and getting more ISPs involved.
        j. Rick expects National to plan promotions to HR departments and CIOs soon and will
            need local ISPs to present the material.
        k. Bob would like to use the web site for committee discussions
        l. Jim suggested that only few and reactive board meetings might be needed. Most
            issues could be dealt with off-line via e-mails and conference calls.
        m. Promotion and Marketing of CIPS Ontario should be aligned with that of National, but
            speed is essential if membership numbers are to stabilize or rise.

Position commitments: President – Bob Fabian, Past President – Jim Finch, Membership –
Gerry Brownlee, Treasurer – Linda Johnstone, Registrar (liaison with National) – Ian Johnstone
Note that a secretary is required to complete the executive and has legislated registrar

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