Looking up Promo Codes by HC121103205539


									Looking up Promo Codes
Due to the amount of promotional codes we have to use so that we can identify when an
order/customer has taken advantage of an extra offer, please find below instruction of how to
look the promotional codes so that if you cannot find the original literature on the offer then
you can look it up in GP.

Quick look up.

    1. Go to the menu bar in GP and select CARDS.
    2. Select INVENTORY
    3. Click ITEM
    4. Then a screen will pop up called item maintenance

    5. In the item number field type 99PRM and then click on the magnifying glass
    6. A list of all of the codes will appear, you will then need to sort it by description.
       Click on the drop down called ADDITIONAL SORTS and select BY
7. The list will then be sorted showing all promo code descriptions, you can then scroll
   down to find the offer code that you want and double click. It will then appear in the
   item maintenance screen with the description for you to see.
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Smart List promotional code look up

The alternative way of looking up a promotional code and then being able to have a full list
saved to you desk top for reference is by running a smartlist.

    1. Go to the smartlist screen
    2. Scroll down the options and find ITEM QUANTITIES
    3. Click on the cross next to item quantities to expand out the smartlist options

    4. Scroll down the options and find the smartlist called PROMOTIONAL CODES
       LIST. Click on it and then the list should formulate. When the list is complete you
       can the export this out to excel and save it to your desk top. Please keep in mind that
       this list will be updated regularly so you may be best to run it once a month to ensure
       that you have the up to date list.

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