to Prof Friedman August 23 2009 by j26QdXa


									    Subject line: Kudos for your Molec. Quantum Mech. textbook and some important information

Dear Prof. Friedman,
I read the textbook in Molecular Quantum Mechanics -Third edition- that you co-wrote with
Prof. Atkins. It was very student-friendly, yet this did not detract from a proper and profuse
treatment of this pretty but so complex subject.
I see that you have extensively studied the Schumann-Runge bands. I was going to ask
you if you know about the Schumann resonance between the surface of the Earth and the
ionosphere, but I’ve just found out it is a different Schumann.

Dr. Judy Wood’s painstaking research has shown that not only was 9/11 an inside job, but
it was an inside job perpetrated through the weaponization of the Hutchison effect, an
exotic unconventional process whose physics, if used for the good, could bequeath virtually
inexhaustible, environmentally-benign energy to all humanity. That is why the Twin towers
were reduced to dust with very little debris left, that is why the residual strange fires did not
burn the firefighters, that is why some nearby cars were upside down, that is why the core
steel columns disappeared but the pieces of paper did not. Wood has taken her case to court
and has denounced NIST’s official reports on the destruction of the Towers, but the American
“Justice” system wants to hear nothing about it: if I understand it correctly, the recent
summary order of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has upheld the original
judgment of the District Court for the Southern District of New York which rebuffed Wood’s
allegations as without merit. Apparently Judge Daniels’ opinion was that Dr. Judy Wood
could not possibly be right because then the US military would have to be complicit in the
horrendous crime, and hence Honorable Judge Daniels did not even bother to examine the
evidence presented by Wood. How’s that for a scientific method.

Directed energy weaponry probably triggered the Hutchison-effect-type anomalous cold
dissociation of the atoms of steel in the buildings. By employing phase conjugation,
which if I remember well was already pioneered by Nikola Tesla over a century ago, such a
beam could have hit remotely the targeted Twin Towers without ionizing or affecting the air in
the beam’s path. This likely gave rise to nearby hurricane Erin on September 11, 2001 as a
field effect. George J Bugh understands the dynamics of electron spin wave technology:
his technical book was somehow allowed by his aerospace/military contractors to come out.

My M.S. was in low energy nuclear reactions (“cold fusion”), so I have not studied the
cumulative reaction probabilities of Cl+HCl or the C3g Rydberg state of O2, but I am slightly
familiar with Bloch waves and potential energy barriers. Thanks to Dr. Hideo Kozima (the
one or two papers I did with him are posted in my webpage), I can now see how easily
ambient neutrons can catalyze these low energy nuclear reactions. The little I know is from
the empirical evidence I have come across, whether or not a conventionally-accepted theory
can yet explain it, and I can see how Prof. Steven Jones, who played a damage control role
in the original “cold fusion” controversy, has similarly been instrumental in insuring that, in the
words of Andrew Johnson, only a “limited hangout” exposé of the 9/11 official cover-up
is allowed out in the alternative media. The key is to ensure that this “limited hangout” does
not reveal the central role that “free energy” (i.e., scalar beam weaponry, the Hutchison
effect) played in the pulverization of the Twin Towers. Humanity might in the end irremediably
wake up about who really perpetrated 9/11, thanks to all the noise made by activists and
Loose change pamphleteers, but the fact that it was triggered by the black perverted use of a
technology that could grant virtually unlimited clean free energy for civilian use is the last
thing the Powers that Be want to be known, so paid agents like (presumably) Steven Jones
are crucial to throw as much dust and smoke as possible on genuine researchers who want
to get to the bottom of Ground Zero.

Anyway, my webpage contains cutting-edge information on these and other related topics,
such as exopolitics.

                                       Conrado Salas Cano

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