Nan Ma Resume by t1mYG7


									                                                                           1-1162 Meadowlands Dr. E.
Nan Ma                                                                     Ottawa, ON
3D Game Engine Developer                                                   K2E 6J2
3D Physics Engine Specialist                                               (613)697-6026                                         

Game Industry Employment History
May, 2007 – Present
    Learning Dimension, Inc. Ottawa, Ontario
        PC 3D game engine development (MS Windows)
             Various types of vehicles simulation
                     Boats, submarines, aircrafts, helicopters, all-terrain jeeps and antigravity crafts
                     Space sufficient with heavy weight behavior and light weight instance design
                     Speed sufficient implementation by minimizing the uses of square roots and
                     Sufficient physics simulation for springs and collision reaction
             Procedural control of articulated figure
                     Procedural foot planning system for producing seamless random walking motion
                     Invented the recorded motion blending, which can produce all direction walking,
                      smooth switching from only forward walking and sideway walking recorded
                     Invented key-bones snap shot blending enable to have smooth motion between
                      completely different motions
                     Partial body motion controller, allow different part of body to play recorded
                      motion independently
             AI’s, city traffic simulations, helping on building pipeline from tool to builder to engine,
              helping others on solving mathematical problems
        Main contributor of mobile phone 3D game engine development (Symbian OS, for Nokia
         N95 8G)
             Collision detection system
                     Ported and optimized PC collision detection system (Optimized to factor 3 faster)
                     Contact normal extension, be able to produce accurate contact normal for all
                      type contacts (face to face, face to edge, face to corner, edge to edge, edge to
             Impulsive collision reaction system
                     3D translational and rotational Impulsive reaction based on mass and moment of
                      inertia tensor
                     Settling system helps objects rest more easily and prevents the jiggle effect
                     Involved friction into the impulsive motion
             All-terrain jeep simulation
                     Kept and improved PC all-terrain jeep’s feature but implement with much more
                      efficient code
                     Redesigned and simplified collision detection techniques of vehicle simulation
                     Improved spring motion, steer tilting, massive collision reaction effect
                   Added interesting power-up effects
              Fixed point number math library (fixed point number math,           fixed point number
               based vector math, fixed point number based matrix math)
                   Low accuracy handling
              Terrain, camera, waypoints, AIs, sound system and GUI

Personal Game Engine Development History
Jan, 2007 – May, 2007     PC-based 3D game engine
              Point collision detection system
              Simple all-terrain jeep
              Simple procedural animated figure (constructed by couple boxes)
              Terrain, sprite AIs following waypoints, particle system and triggers
Sept, 2008 – Dec, 2008    Mobile phone 3D game engine (Taking over by the Learning Dimension, Inc.)
              Fixed point number math library
              Tiling terrain
              Collision detection for objects vs. terrain
              All-terrain jeep

    Game Engine Platform OS
         MS Windows OS, Symbian OS (Mobile)
    Game Engine Developing Skills
         Strong C++ coder
               Highly efficient memory allocation and management skills
               Strong optimization skills
               Documenting and Unit testing as always
               Strong debugging skills
         Strong C++ compiler knowledge
               Bit-wise encoding/decoding skills
               Variable padding skills
               Virtual table insertion skills
         Strong 3D math (Transformation, Quaternion, Euler Angle, etc)
         Strong 3D physics (Rigid body motion, Impulsive motion, spring motion, etc)
    Other skills
         Strong team player and communicator
         Self motivated and educated
         Creative and innovative

    Honor Bachelor, Computer Science, Software Engineering Stream
    Carleton University 2004~2010           CGPA 9.72/12.0

    Dr Wilf Lalonde     
         Founder and director of Learning Dimension, Inc. Professor of Carleton University

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