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Institutes of the Christian Religion

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					Calvinism & Anabaptists
    I. Calvin & Calvinism

   Catholicism remained strong in Fr.
       John Calvin
   Huldrych Zwingli—Catholic priest-- Zurich, Switz.
       Influenced by Erasmus & Luther
       1520: attacked Catholic Church
           Wanted personal faith of early Christianity & believers to have
            control over the Church
       1528: N. Switz. followed Zwingli, but war broke out in
        south against Swiss Catholics
           1531: Zwingli died in battle--agreement that each canton could
            decide religion
    A. Calvin Formalizes Prot. Ideas

   John Calvin (1509-1564)
       Fr. Prot. who carried on Ref. work in Switz.
       1536: published Institutes of the Christian Religion
           a summary of Prot. theology
       1536: settled in Geneva
       Retained Luther’s reliance on faith & on the Bible
       Men & women are sinful by nature
           God decided before who would be saved, known as…?
               Predestination
           The “elect” – people expected to follow the highest moral standards
       Calvinism
B. Calvin Leads the Ref. in Switz.

   Calvin = Geneva
       Theocracy
           Prohibited dancing, card playing, bright clothing, profanity
       Calvinists—follow rules of Bible strictly, no work on
        Sabbath, be thrifty, & work hard
       Geneva = model city for Prots.
       It should not be “forbidden to laugh, or to enjoy food,
        or to add new possessions to old”
C. Calvinism Spreads

   Calvinism spread to Fr. (Huguenots)
   1562: war betw. Hugs. & Catholics
   1572: Fr. royal fam. arranged marriage
       Parisian massacre that set off more war
   1598: Edict of Nantes: King Henry IV allowed
    Hugs. to practice religion & gave equal rights
   John Knox—Scottish preacher who visited Geneva
       Brought Calvinism to Scotland
       Churches governed by a group of laymen (presbyters)
       Followers = Presbyterians
       1560s: Calvinism became Scotland’s official religion
           Deposed Mary Queen of Scots in favor of James
II. Other Prot. Reformers

   Bible = source of all religious truth
       People interpret differently---led to new Prot.
    A. The Anabaptists

   “baptize again”
   Only baptized those old enough to decide to be
   Church & state should be separate (unlike Calvin)
   Persecuted by both Prots. & Catholics
   Forerunners of the Mennonites & Amish
   Later influenced Quakers & Baptists (split from
    Anglican church)

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