UNIT 1 Exam Review by JI4c4Mm


									AP World History
UNIT 1 Exam Review
   1. What are the (8) characteristics of a civilization?

   2. What are the defining characteristics of the Neolithic Period?

   3. Sumerians vs Egyptians view on rulers

   4. What are the defining components of Buddhism? Hinduism? Confucianism?

   5. Know the geographical features that influenced the early river valley civilizations

   6. Know “book ends” of the Periodization chart

   7. What is the Mandate of Heaven?

   8. Know the roles/responsibilities of the following: historian, archaeologist, and anthropologist.

   9. What was the Epic of Gilgamesh?

   10. What was the Code of Hammurabi?

   11. What technology was first achieved by the Chinese?

   12. Know defining characteristics of the following government structures: Theocracy, Monarchy,
Republic, Dictatorship.

   13. What was the Holocene period?

   14. Define role of the Mesopotamian woman in society. What caused the diminishing role?

   15. What technologies were developed during the Shang Dynasty?

   16. What political philosophies were developed during the Zhou Dynasty?

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