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					                                Approved Minutes
                             Sacramento City College
                                 Academic Senate
                             Tuesday September 7th, 2010

President             Connie Zuercher

Vice-President        Greg Rose

Secretary             Troy Myers

Guests: Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, Sacramento City College President, Professor Alan Keys, Dr. Mary
Turner, Vice-President of Instruction.

Senators: Kim Beyer, Jared Anderson, Patti Redmond, Deborah Gambrell, Shannon
Culmo, Angelia Jovanovic, Debbie Loomis, Barbara Toupadakis, Adrian Chevraux-
Fitzhugh, Makeba Rangel, Dena Chubbic, Andrew Jones, Norman Lorenz, Chris
Daubert, Carolyn Pickrel, Carrie Marks, Riad Bahhur, Lorna Reach, Amy Zannakis,
Linda Reynolds, Carolyn Koloski, Lonnie Larson, Steve James, Jon Hanson, Randy
Rosenberger, Rick Woodmansee, Simeon Okoroike, Lori Petite, Roxanne Tambert,
Tamara Cheshire, Deskaheh Bomberry, John Herlihy, Sue Carriere, Susan Griffin, Ginni

Call to Order: Called to order by Connie at 12:02.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from August 19th were approved by consensus.

Announcements: Connie announced vacancies for Senate seats. These may be filled by one
year appointments, and any interested person should contact Connie directly. For full time
faculty, Humanities and Fine Arts has one vacancy. For part time faculty, Advanced Technology
has one; Business has two; Behavioral and Social Science has one; Humanities and Fine Arts has
two; Science and Allied Health has one.

Connie requested permission to appoint Michelle Smith from Science and Allied Health;
approved by consensus.

Tuesday, LR 105, Hiring Orientation for new Senators from 12-1.

Mary Turner announced that a draft of the fall hiring calendar will be released soon; senators
should share hiring information with their departments. She also noted that requested positions
should have been identified in the Department Unit Plans from last year. The hiring
presentations will be held October 19th and 26th.

Connie announced that best practices for the faculty mentor program should be re-examined. A
sub-committee was created to outline the roles of faculty mentors: Chris Daubert, Adrian
Chevraux-Fitzhugh, Deborah Krumpton, Jon Hanson, and Susan Griffin volunteered. Mary
Turner will coordinate.
Greg reminded us of how important the hiring process is to the Senate.

President Kathryn Jeffery welcomed the Senators; she also stressed the importance of hiring and
faculty mentoring. She noted that we are “off to the races” in a busy semester. Classes are full,
yet course sections were reduced; this fall SCC is down 5 thousand students. On the plus side,
student services are under less pressure. Student financial need is increasing, and there will be a
career center activity this week to help students during job searches.


Faculty Code of Ethics Revision (second reading)                            L. Gunderson

From the beginning the issue has been with the phrasing of Item Two. Senator Patti Redmond
suggested the following language be added: “when not directly related to the application of
theoretical concepts of the course.” Another Senator asked if the word “derogatory,” already in
the current language, makes that addition unnecessary. Other Senators noted the current
language provides no process of reinforcement, no concrete penalty, and that this fact diminishes
the need for precision . A motion was made to include Patti’s suggested language; motion
passed. Patti will rewrite Item Two to include the new language for a 3rd reading at our next

Incomplete Grade Language for Catalog Revision (second reading)                 T. Myers/G. Rose

Questions were raised about the use of specific examples of student emergency in the new
language. A motion was made and passed to remove the written examples. One Senator
expressed concern that all departments had not had sufficient time to examine the new
language. Mary Turner noted that over a thousand Incompletes are given each semester and that
only about 20 percent of students complete the work. Also, she will continue to dialog with
Admissions and Records because concerns were raised about students who repeat a course
when they have an outstanding incomplete from a prior attempt at that course. Finally, she
noted the written record of work which must be completed is not available to Administration
and this has caused problems in the past. Mary concluded by observing the campus the needs
more time to discuss the issue. Issue tabled to next meeting.


Connie requested permission to announce that Linda Stroh’s memorial will be Oct 22nd at 2 PM.

Teaching Demonstration Hiring Process Pilot                            J. Hanson M. Fabian

A Hiring Task Force was formed from the Equity Group to examine faculty hiring; the Task
Force concluded that student input should be included in the hiring process. Finalists would
extend their teaching demonstration and give a much longer presentation in front of a student
impressions group; this group would then give its input to the hiring committee. Senators raised
a number of questions. What if the students already knew the instructor and showed bias? Jon
responded that the number of biased students should be low. A Senator asked if Student
Government would be involved in selecting the impressions panel? Jon said yes. Another
Senator asked if the hiring committee would be present for the longer teaching demonstration.
Jon responded that the committee chair, the equity offer and any available faculty would be
present. Another Senator asked about the weight given to the student input by administration;
would this new process give less power to faculty? Alan Keyes expressed his concern that
faculty who do not make it to the final cut will not have had the chance to address a student
group, but he would like to see a more thorough teaching demo. Someone suggested we have
less questions to make time for a longer demo. Jon stated the longer demonstration was for the
second round faculty only because of logistical and time concerns. Connie asked about the out
of town person who might need special accommodations and who might not be able to make the
student impressions group. Mary Turner reminded us this is a proposed pilot to see if a student
impressions group works or does not work. Jon agreed that this is true and that the process can
be tweaked after it is attempted. Chris Rose asked if all hiring committees have a student now;
Jon stated that it is an option; some do, some don’t. Chris also questioned how the student input
would affect the point system currently in use to rank candidates. Jon declared the input from
the students would be shared during the “strengths and weaknesses” discussion at the
Presidential briefing. Connie asked if we could address approval of the pilot at the next
meeting. Mitra Fabian requested a draft version of the minutes to look over concerns. Any
concerns with the pilot project need to be forwarded to Connie this week.

SLO Process Update                                             A. Keys      R. Woodmansee

Our multi year plan is due September 15th. There are two SLO workshops coming up: 9/28 and
10/1. Alan reminded us of his new SLO office hours announced to the campus in his recent
email. Rick reminded us all that he is available to help, especially with anyone feeling insecure
about SLO’s. There is an official SLO subcommittee of the Senate. Alan requested a member
from Humanities and Fine Arts. Jared Anderson volunteered and was appointed by Connie.

3. District Strategic Planning Schedule                                        C. Zuercher

The District is updating its Strategic plan a year early. The Coordinating committee consists of
constituency leaders and representatives of Administration, specifically the Chancellor’s
cabinet. Each campus will have a town hall meeting: SCC’s will be on 9-20, in the Student
Center, from 8:30 to 10:30 in the morning. A Charette will be held on October 27 at the
Doubletree Hotel from 8:30 to 4:30. Someone asked for a definition of “charette;” Mary Turner
suggested we “think of it as an athletic huddle.” Connie was not sure but thinks the charette
might be invitation only. Connie also wonders how the district strategic plan will affect campus
strategic planning.

Meeting adjourned: 11:58.

                                 NEXT MEETING:
                        September 14th, 2010—Hiring Orientation
                Tuesday, September 21st, 2010—Next Senate Meeting
                To place items on future agendas, please call x2150

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