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									                                        CODE of CONDUCT
                                                       Of the

                                      Keller ISD Lacrosse Association

    1.   Players will abide by the Keller Independent School District (KISD) “NO Pass, NO Play” requirements and
         all other KISD eligibility requirements at all grade levels. Grade checks will be performed several times a
         season. HS Players will remit a Grade Check Parent Permission Form and each HS will alert team staff if a
         player is not passing a class (es). Youth players will need to submit or have their team manager check off
         current grades. Dates will be provided as to when this will happen each season. Failure to submit grades
         will place a player in inactive status.

    2.   Players will abide by the KISD student code of conduct for extracurricular activities. This KISD code of
         conduct will supersede all rules of the Keller ISD Lacrosse Association as related to player misconduct.

    3.   Player use of alcohol or tobacco before, during, and after the game, on or near the site of the event is
         prohibited. Illegal drug use will not be tolerated. If caught using any illegal substance, a player will be
         suspended or expelled from the program.

    4.   Parents and players are expected to display good sportsmanship toward teammates, the other team, all
         coaches, and officials at all times. If you are asked to leave a game or practice because of inappropriate
         behavior, the Executive Board will review the situation and is authorized to suspend you from future
         events. NTYLL/THSLL suggests a one game suspension for parents if asked to leave a game for
         inappropriate behavior. Keller ISD Lacrosse will abide by these terms.

    5.   Attendance at all practices and games is expected. It is the player’s/parent’s responsibility to notify your
         team’s coach or designated representative if unable to attend. Habitual, unexcused absences could result in
         decreased playing time and ultimately suspension from the team.

    6.   Fighting, foul language, stick throwing, taunting, ridiculing, or other temper tantrums will not be tolerated.
         A player will be immediately removed from the practice/game for any such behavior. Punishments and the
         re-joining of the activity are at the discretion of the coaches. Engaging in these behaviors could result in
         suspension from the team.

    7.   Players are expected to know the rules of the game. Unnecessary roughness or illegal hits are not
         acceptable. A player may be removed from the practice/game for infractions of these rules. A coach may
         remove a player even if a penalty was not called on the player. This can and will be superseded by the

    8.   Players/Parents will represent KISD and Keller ISD Lacrosse in a positive manner. Any behavior, not
         specifically addressed in the Code of Conduct, that is detrimental to the team or is damaging to the
         reputation of KISD or Keller ISD Lacrosse will subject the player to possible suspension from the team.

              We understand our responsibilities and the consequences of any unacceptable behavior.

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