CLASS OF 2013
From The School Counseling Department:                                                             Vol. I
Ms.   McCrea           A-Dh                                                                        October 2012
Ms.   Meade            Di-J
Ms.   Curd             K-Q
Ms.   Thomas           R-Z
Ms.   James            AEC
Ms.   Mays             Director
Ms.   Sandidge         Secretary

         FINALLY! Your senior year is well under way (and believe it or not, a quarter of the way through)! We
hope that you have a fun, yet safe and productive year at ACHS. We don’t have to tell you how important it is that
you come to school every day, get to class on time, and complete your school work in a thorough and timely fashion.
You already know that! Remember also, that newsletters, flyers, and announcements will be more important than
ever now that you’re a senior. Information will be provided on scholarships, college visits, open houses, financial aid
workshops, and much, much more. Please make sure that you read everything and that you share the
information with your parents. (Trust us, your life will be much easier if you do!) We'll be posting the
newsletters on our school web site, for your parents' convenience. We are here to assist
you. Let us know if you need additional information, letters of reference, or help with applications. If we are not
in the office or not immediately available, please put your name on the sign-in sheet at Ms. Sandidge’s desk and we
will contact you as soon as possible.

We have now visited all senior English classes to discuss plans for next year and what we can do to help you meet
your goals. For those of you applying to two or four-year colleges, here’s a re-cap:
       1. Keep it simple. The college application process requires you to be diligent, careful, thorough, and
            organized, but it does not require you to be overwhelmed. Get familiar with just a few good
            resources. One of our favorites is is also good and the
            individual college websites are excellent.

        2. If you haven’t already, please visit the colleges to which you are planning to apply. Nothing can
           substitute for spending time on campus. Most schools have fall open houses which are great times to
           visit. This information is readily available on the colleges’ websites.

        3. Your goal should be to complete your applications before winter break. You will be so glad you did this!
           In most cases, all SAT and ACT testing should also be completed by December. Remember: you must
           contact the testing companies directly to send your scores to colleges. SAT and ACT scores will
           not be on your high school transcript.

        4. Complete your senior information sheet and transcript release form and bring them to our office
           as soon as possible. We won’t send any transcripts until you tell us you’re ready, but we’ll have the form
           on file when that time comes. Remember, you’re going to keep us posted on your progress, so that we'll
           have all the supporting documents ready to go shortly after you send your applications. Two weeks,
           however, is the minimum amount of time you need to give us to pull all of that together for you. Don’t
           miss a deadline because you haven’t given us enough time to do what we have to do.

        5. If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action and have not seen us to discuss this, you need to get
           in touch with us immediately!!
       6. Online applications and communication by email are now the norm. Some colleges waive the application
       fee for students who apply on-line. Some even have different application deadlines for paper applications
       versus online applications. (Earlier deadlines for paper!) Go to the websites of the schools you are
       interested in and check things out. With most colleges you can apply online, download an application, or
       request a hard copy by email. If you do not have Internet access at home, let us know; you can use the
       computer in the Guidance Conference Room.

After the first of the year, you will want to concentrate on financial aid. We’ll have a financial aid workshop in
January (we’ll let you know the specific date later) for parents and students to acquaint everyone with the Free
Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Then there will be two Super Saturday events, one at Sweet Briar
on Saturday, January 26 and the second at Central Virginia Community College usually in early February. At
either of these events, you and your parents can complete the entire financial aid application process with
experienced aid officers. These workshops are for students who plan on attending any two or four-year college
next year – not just for those planning to attend Sweet Briar or CVCC. You’ll get more information about this later.
Give your parents a heads-up and encourage them to take a look now at There is a FAFSA on the
Web Worksheet available to help them gather information that they (and you) will need for the actual FAFSA,
which you cannot file until after January 1. is a good source for national scholarship
information. You can and should be researching that now. Most (but certainly, not all) of the local and regional
scholarships will be available during the winter and spring months.

We’ve already had a number of colleges and universities that have visited ACHS to speak with interested students.
The schools listed below have been scheduled thus far for the rest of October and November. Take advantage of
this opportunity to meet face to face with admissions representatives. Sign-up sheets are on the door to the
Guidance Conference Room. Come in, sign up, and we’ll send for you when the reps arrive. We’ll let you know when
additional colleges are scheduled to be here.

               Randolph-Macon College (Ashland, VA) –Thursday, October 25; 8:30am
               Sweet Briar College – Friday, October 26; 8:30am
               Ferrum College – Thursday, November 1; 11am
               Lynchburg College –Thursday, November 8; 10am
                      You may sign up for Lynchburg College in two different ways:
                             1) just for an information session
                             2) for on-site admission. The admissions reps from LC will review your
                                 transcript, test scores, and application and give you a decision on the spot,
                                 if you have completed an online application or bring a completed paper
                                 application to your guidance counselor by Monday, November 5, and a set of
                                 ACT or SAT scores is available for you.
Visiting a college during an open house is a great way to gather information, ask questions, meet current students,
and tour the campus and its facilities. Here are some that are scheduled this fall. If you don't see the schools
you're interested in, just give them a call or go online to their web site; they've probably also got an open house or
two planned.
               Averett College                         November 17

               Bridgewater College                     November 17
Christopher Newport University     November 3; November 17

Ferrum College                     November 10; December 8

James Madison University           November 10

Liberty University                 November 1-4

Longwood University                November 17                   November 3 (Diversity Day)

Lynchburg College                  November 10

Norfolk State University           November 17

Old Dominion University            November 3; November 17

Radford University                 November 10

Randolph College                   November 10

Roanoke College                    October 27; November 6; November 10

Sweet Briar College                October 27; November 11-12

University of Richmond             November 12

University of Virginia             See website for tour schedule

Virginia Commonwealth University   November 3

Virginia Military Institute        November 30-December 1

Virginia Tech                      November 10; November 11                         See website for tour schedule
              The next senior class breakfast will be November 1st at 8am. Only seniors that have paid dues will be
              allowed to attend the breakfast. After breakfast, all seniors will be called to the cafeteria to listen
              to the representative from Jostens discuss graduation orders. Senior graduation orders will be taken
              November 7th, 8th, and 27th and December 5th (this is the final order date) during all lunches. If you
              have not yet paid your dues, Mrs. Reed, the senior class sponsor is available every morning from 7:30
                to 7:40 in the cafeteria to collect dues of $30. Your class officers are as follows:
                President – Chris Grubbs                       Secretary – Jeff Dreher
                Vice President – Jacob Massie                  Treasurer – Jesse Stinnett

Information on the following scholarships is currently available:

         1.   Our school has an opportunity to nominate one senior to be considered for the Harry F. Byrd
              Leadership Award. One student from each congressional district will be chosen to receive a $10,000
              scholarship. Wow! If you are interested in competing for this award, please see Mrs. McCrea in the
              school counseling office right away. The deadline is fast approaching!

         2. If you are interested in attending James Madison University, you should check out several of their
            merit-based scholarships, including the Dingledine and Madison Achievement Scholarships.
            Applications for the Dingledine Scholarship are due November 1. Students must apply early action to
            be considered for this particular scholarship. The deadline for the Madison Achievement Scholarship
            is January 15, which is the deadline for applying to the university. No additional application is
            required for this particular award. Go to for more information.

         3. WDBJ 7 in Roanoke is accepting applications for the Noel C. Taylor Scholar Athlete Award (a
            $2,000 scholarship). An applicant for the award must be a participant in a high school football
            program (may be a manager, statistician, etc.) who has made a significant contribution to athletics.
            He/she must have a need for financial aid to continue his/her education and is not likely to receive a
            full athletic scholarship from a college or university. Leadership, service, and character will also be
            considered. The deadline for WDBJ to receive applications is Monday, November 26. An essay, two
            letters of recommendation, and a transcript are required, so if you are interested, you must see your
            counselor right away.

         4. If you are a young entrepreneur who operates your own small business, you may be eligible to receive
            a 2013 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. You must apply online by December 17 by going to

         5. The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program annually awards $10,000 renewable scholarships to
            20 college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship.
            Visit for more information, eligibility requirements, and an
            online application. The deadline to apply is January 10, 2013.

         6. Students interested in studying in the theatre program at Radford University, should consider
            applying for the Nancy Pridemore and GeorgAnne Buck Scholarships offered by the university. You
            must apply to Radford by January 25 to be considered. See your counselor for more information.
          7. If you are interested in serving our country in the Navy and would also like to earn scholarship money
             to attend college, you should look into the Naval ROTC Scholarship Program. This competitive
             program offers full tuition and other financial benefits at a number of colleges and universities with
             Naval ROTC units. Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, you would be commissioned as an
             Ensign and would then serve at least five years of active duty service. You may apply by visiting
    or get more detailed information at

          8. The Virginia Chapter of the American Fire Sprinkler Association is sponsoring a scholarship
             contest for high school seniors. Students may receive up to $1,000 in tuition assistance at the
             national level and additional Virginia prizes of $1,500 for 1st place; $750 for 2nd; and $500 for 3rd.
             The requirement is to write a 700 to 1,000 word essay on the value of automatic sprinklers in schools.
             The deadline to postmark entries is February 1. Applications and more information can be found at

          9.    If you are interested in applying to Randolph College and would like to be considered for an alumni
               scholarship worth $1,000 per year for four years, please see your counselor.

          10. Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants announce their annual $1,000 scholarship program for
              students who wish to continue their education. Visit for
              more details. The application deadline is June 14, 2013.

          11. Go to if you are interested in entering your name in a scholarship sweepstakes
              offered by SunTrust Bank. One winner of a $1,000 scholarship will be chosen nationwide every two
              weeks from October 26 through May 10, 2013.


1.   The Outreach Office at the University of Virginia was created to support the University’s commitment to
     diversity. As a part of that mission, the Office coordinates several scholarships specifically for students from
     underrepresented minority or ethnic groups. See your counselor for more information on these scholarships.
     The Outreach Office also sponsors Fall Blast (this year on November 2) for Hispanic students and Fall Fling
     (November 3) for African American students. If interested in attending Fall Blast, you can register at Blast.html ; if interested in Fall Fling, go to

2. The Common Application for Black Colleges allows students that are interested in applying to historically
   black colleges and universities to complete a single application form, pay a one-time $35 fee and have their
   applications submitted to 35 member institutions across the US. Go to for more

3. Still trying to decide where you might want to go to school next year? Visit, a free
   resource to help you gather information and make good decisions about your future.

4. The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership is seeking bright, interested students to apply to the 2013
   High School Leaders Program. Students who participate in the program live at the University of Virginia for
   two weeks in the summer and receive in-depth classroom instruction and hands-on training in politics and
   leadership. If you are interested in being considered for this program, please see your counselor.
5. Scholarships are waiting for you to apply! Go to, a national scholarship search engine for
   valuable information on making college a more affordable option.

6. Tuition Funding Sources (TFS), sponsored by Pepsi-Cola products, offers students access to a large
   scholarship database free of charge. Go to and click on “login” and then the
   “First Time User?” link.

7. If you will be attending a private college in Virginia next year, you will be eligible to receive the Tuition
   Assistance Grant (TAG), a monetary award for undergraduate students which you do not pay back. The
   amount of the award varies each year, but is in the $2,800 range. Once you have decided where you will be
   going, make sure you ask the college’s financial aid office about the TAG.

                                              SEE TESTING INFO BELOW!

                                            Don’t Forget...
                               **The December 1 SAT registration
                                    deadline is November 1.

                               **The December 8 ACT registration
                                    deadline is November 2.

                               Come by the School Counseling
                               Office for registration forms or go
                               online to for the
                               SAT; for the ACT.

                               Remember! Your test scores will not be
                               on your transcript; you must send them
                               to the colleges directly from the testing
                               company. Do this when you register for
                               the test!
                                            ACHS School Code: 470075

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