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									                                                  Vista Ridge High School
                                       Latin Honor Society Application for Membership
                                              Deadline for application: April 15th

First Name                                       Middle Name                                    Last Name

Street Address                                                         City                     State             Zip Code

Phone Number                                                                  email address

Graduation year                                  Grade Avg in Latin                             Overall GPA

Current Latin Course & Level                                                  Current Latin Course Grade

To complete this application, please attach your current unofficial transcript with all high school Latin
classes highlighted.

Reflect on the considerations for membership and your personal qualities before answering these questions. For
each question, give one or two personal examples and elaborate. You can attach a separate sheet of paper to
your application with these answers.

    1. Why did you choose to study Latin and why have you continued?

    2. How do you demonstrate enthusiasm for the Latin language in and/or outside the classroom?

    3. How do you show your acceptance or appreciation of other cultures?

    4. Select two personal goals from the list below and tell us how you plan to develop and/or grow in these

Personal Goals:                                                               Personal Qualities
         Language Performance                                                          Respect the rights and dignity of all people
                   Exhibit a sincere interest and enthusiasm for the                   Represent the high standards of the VRHS Language
                   language and classics.                                              Department
         Cultural Awareness                                                            Strive to do your best in Latin classes
                   Display a sincere appreciation for cultures                         Value honesty
                   Are open minded and accepting of cultural                           Demonstrate leadership qualities
                   differences                                                         Accept responsibilities
                   Show interest and concern for what is happening                     Work well with others
                   in the world                                                        Are optimistic and enthusiastic
                   Make an effort to be a part of activities and                       Show respect toward others
                   events in the community that involve other                          Are positive role models
                   languages and cultures

The statements above are true and answered in my own words.

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