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              RFP# FLT-12-94
          Parade Float Truck Driver

         Issued: October 26, 2012

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                                                    FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)
                           Parade Float Truck Driver

The City of Vernon is seeking proposals from parties interested in providing driving services
for transporting the Float Trailer and driving the City Float in Parades at various locations
throughout BC and Alberta. The proposal must include details on the tow vehicle which
should be capable of towing a 25’ enclosed trailer equipped with electric brakes. A valid BC
Class 5 c/w Heavy Trailer Endorsement (code 20) is required.

The driver must be available to travel on weekends throughout the Summer and Fall

Proposals with the words "Parade Float Truck Driver" marked on the envelope will be
received at the office of the Purchasing Agent, 1900 – 48th Avenue, Vernon, B.C. V1T 8Y7, up
to and including 2:00 pm local time, November 21, 2012.

Further information and instructions may be obtained from the office of the Purchasing Agent
between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday; Tel: (250) 550-3646.

This is a Request for Proposals only and not a tendering process and will not
necessarily give rise to a Contract A “bid contract”.

Proposals received after the closing time will be returned unopened.

The City reserves the right to waive information in any Proposal, or reject any or all Proposals
or to accept the Proposal deemed most favourable in its interest.

                                          Shannon Shannon
                                          Purchasing Agent
                                          The Corporation of the City of Vernon

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                                                          FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

PART I                          GENERAL INFORMATION:

1.    Submission of Proposal
Two (2) physical copies of each proposal shall be submitted in a sealed package or envelope
complete with appendix C – Price Proposal Sheet and shall be addressed to:

                                   The Corporation of the City of Vernon
                                   1900 – 48th Avenue, Vernon, B.C. V1T 8Y7
                                   Attention: Purchasing Agent

The proposal package / envelope shall be clearly marked RFP#FLT-12-94 – Parade Float Truck

Electronic proposal shall be clearly identify as RFP#FLT-12-94 – Parade Float Truck Driver and
emailed by the closing deadline to

2.      Closing Date
Proposals will be received up to and including 2:00 pm, local time, November 21, 2012. Proposals
received after the closing time will be rejected and returned unopened. Responses will not be opened
in public.

3.    Term of Work
The Work outlined in this Proposal is for a period starting February 1, 2013 with a completion date of
December 31, 2013.

4.       RFP Clarification / Addendums
If a Proposer has any questions about the contents of the RFP, or about any matters relating to it
(including as to any clarification, errors or omissions of or in this RFP), the question(s) must be directed
in writing, to the City’s representative identified below:


It is the Proponent's responsibility to visit the City website at ( for any addendum(s)
which may be issued.

5.     Acceptability of Proposals
A.     Proposals must be submitted in the Proposal Format as outlined in Part 4 - Appendix A -
       Proposal Content and Evaluation. Proposals that are unsigned, incomplete, conditional,
       unbalanced, obscure, or contain irregularities of any kind, may be rejected as informal.
       Proposal Form must contain the Proponent's business or home address and must be signed.

B.     The Proposal is irrevocable and open for acceptance for a period of thirty (30) days from the
       date of closing of this Proposal Call.

C.     The City reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion, to accept or reject any or all
       proposals to accept or reject any part of any proposal, and to make one award of each
       portion or on any two or more portions of the specifications herein, according to The City’s own
       judgement of its best interests. The lowest priced proposal will not necessarily be accepted.

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                                                      FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver
     Proposals will only be considered from reputable firms with proven previous experience       on
     projects involving work of a similar nature, magnitude and complexity to that which will     be
     covered by the contract.

D.   The City reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to waive any irregularities or
     insufficiency and to accept the Proposal which it deems most advantageous. If the City
     determines that a proposal      contains false or misleading information, the City is entitled to
     reject that proposal at any time as being invalid.

E.   The City shall not be obligated either to accept or reject any non-compliance with the
     requirements of this request.

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                                                                   FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

     PART 2                               GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

1.   Further Terms & Conditions:
     a. This RFP should not be construed as a contract to              Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria
         purchase goods or services or to enter into any               described in Appendix provided that these criteria
         other contractual arrangement. This RFP is not an             may be changed without notice to the proponents.
         invitation to tender or an invitation to bid, but is a
         request for submission of proposals on the terms              In addition to the RFP requirements, The City
         and conditions described in these RFP                         encourages proponents to respond with innovative and
         documents and will not necessarily give rise to a             creative submissions.
         Contract A “bid contract”.
                                                                  6.   General:
     b.   The City will not be obligated in any manner to              a. Contractor shall read and be governed by all
          any Proposer whatsoever until a written                         aspects and terms of this RFP.
          agreement has been duly executed, by authorized              b. Contractor shall supply all labour, materials and
          City of Vernon personnel, relating to any approved              equipment required to complete the work as
          proposal. However, proposals should be as                       specified.
          detailed and complete as possible to facilitate the          c. Contractor      must    identify   the     authorized
          formation of a contract based on a proposal or                  Representative for communication purposes.
          proposals that are pursued.                                  d. No verbal agreements or conversation with any
                                                                          officer, agent or employee of The City, either before
     c. The City reserves the right in the case of                        or after the execution of the Proposal, shall effect or
        insufficient responses, in the sole opinion of                    modify any of the terms or obligations herein
        the City, to cancel the Invitation for RFP, and re-               contained.
        solicit for better response, with or without
        any change being made to the Invitation                   7.   Negotiation:
        package                                                        a. This is a Request for Proposals ONLY and will not
                                                                          give rise to a Contract A “bid contract”. The City is
2.   Amendment of Proposals before submission                             free to negotiate with any of the proponents and as
     date:                                                                a result of the negotiation process the City is not
                                                                          required to treat all proponents equally.
     Proponent is entitled to amend its proposal at any time
     before the deadline for submission of proposals.                  b. The City recognizes that “Best Value” is the
     Amendments must be received by the closing date and
                                                                          essential part of purchasing a product and/or
     time as set out above.
                                                                          service and therefore the City may prefer a RFP
                                                                          with a higher price, if it offers greater value and
3.   Negotiation with Preferred Proponent:                                better serves the City’s interests, as determined
     If the City selects a Preferred Proponent, the City will             by the City, over a RFP with a low price. The
     enter into negotiations with the Preferred Proponent in              City’s decision shall be final.
     an attempt to settle one or more agreements
     necessary to implement the work..            If the City     8.   Qualifications and Competency of Proponents:
     considers that it is unlikely to settle such agreements
                                                                       The City reserves the right to reject Proposals from
     with the Preferred Proponent despite having
                                                                       Proponents who are unable to provide evidence that
     negotiated at least 20 days after selection, the City is
                                                                       they are capable of providing the necessary labour,
     entitled to cease negotiations with the Preferred
                                                                       materials, equipment and adequate financial
     Proponent and to begin negotiations with another
                                                                       arrangements for satisfactory performance and
                                                                       provision of services as herein specified. Evidence of
                                                                       such competency and experience must be provided,
4.   City reserves right to Reduce Term of the RFP:                    and the proposal shall be evaluated taking such
     Should the RFP not result in a Preferred Proponent,               evidence into account.
     the City reserves the right to reduce the scope of this
     RFP so that work can be performed on a contract              9.   Financial Stability:
     basis until such time as negotiations resulting from this
                                                                       Before the award of any contract, the Proposer may be
     RFP have been completed.
                                                                       required to furnish evidence satisfactory to The City, in
                                                                       its sole and absolute judgement, of the necessary
5.   Evaluation Process:                                               facilities, ability and financial resources to fulfil the
     The proposals submitted in response to this RFP will              conditions of the contract.
     be evaluated by a team of 2 -3 staff members.

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                                                                 FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver
10. Liability:                                                        13. Proposers’ Expenses:
    The Proposer shall ensure that the City, its officers,                  Each Proponent is solely responsible for the risk and
    agents and employees, are saved harmless         from                   cost of preparing and submitting its proposal and
    any liability whatsoever arising out of Contractor’s                    subsequent negotiations with the City. Neither the City
    performance or non-performance of the term of this                      nor its officials, employees, agents are liable for the
    Proposal.                                                               cost of doing so or obliged to remunerate or reimburse
                                                                            any Proponent for that cost.
11. Right to Cancel RFP and to Accept Proposals:
    a.   The City is entitled to cancel this RFP at any time          14.   Damages:
         by addendum without liability for any loss,                        The City will not be responsible for damages arising
         damage, cost or expense incurred or suffered by                    out of this RFP. If a court of competent jurisdiction
         any Proponent as a result of that cancellation.                    determines that The City has any liability, it is a term of
                                                                            this RFP that the maximum damages claimable by
    b.   In considering any delivered response to this                      anyone affected are the actual net cost of preparing
         RFP, the City reserves the absolute and                            the proposal concerned.
         unfettered discretion to:
         1. Accept or reject any proposal that fails to               15.   Confidentiality of Proposals:
             comply with the requirements set out in this                   a. The City is subject to the Freedom of Information
             RFP for the content of proposals;                                 and Protection of Privacy Act. That Act creates
         2. Assess proposals as it sees fit, without in any
                                                                               a right of access to records in the custody or under
             way being obliged to select any proposal or
                                                                               the control of the City, subject to the specific
                                                                               exceptions in that right set out in the Act. The City
         3. Assess and select proposals as it sees fit
                                                                               will receive all proposals submitted in response
             without being obliged in any way to select the
                                                                               to this RFP in confidence, including for the
             proposal that offers the lowest price or cost;
                                                                               purposes of s.21 of that Act. Because of the right
         4. The right to require clarification after the
                                                                               of access to information created by that Act, the
             dates and times set out above from any one
                                                                               City does not guarantee that information contained
             or more of the Proponents in respect of
                                                                               in any proposal will remain confidential if a request
             proposals submitted;
                                                                               for access in respect of any proposal is made
         5. The right to communicate with, meet with or
                                                                               under the Act.
             negotiate with any one or more of the
             Proponents respecting their proposals or any
                                                                            b.    Proponent must keep proposals confidential and
             aspects of the project;
                                                                                 must not disclose their proposals, or information
         6. Reject any or all proposals with or without
                                                                                 contained in them, to anyone else without prior
             cause, whether according to the selection
                                                                                 written consent from the City.
             criteria set out above or otherwise.

    c.   By submitting its proposal to the City, each                 16.   No Collusion:
         Proponent represents and warrants to the                           Proponents must not communicate, directly or
         City that the information in its proposal is accurate              indirectly, with any other Proponents (including through
         and complete.                                                      any employees, agents or contractors) regarding the
                                                                            preparation, content or submission of this proposal.
    e.   This RFP does not impose on the City any duty of                   Each proposal must be submitted without any
         fairness or natural justice to           any or all                collusion, or knowledge, in the preparation of or about
         respondents with respect to this RFP or the                        any other proposal. Submission of a proposal to the
         process it creates.          Unless the City is                    City is deemed to be a representation and warranty by
         expressly permitted or required by this RFP to “act                the Proponent submitting that proposal that it has
         reasonably”, the City is entitled to act    in   its               complied with the requirements of this paragraph. If
         sole, absolute and unfettered discretion.                          the City determines that a Proponent has violated this
                                                                            paragraph, the City is entitled to disqualify that
12. Ownership of Proposals:                                                 Proponent and to reject its proposal as being invalid.
     a. All responses to this RFP become the property
        of The City and may be included as part of any                17.   Waiver and Allocation of Risk:
        future contractual arrangement.                                     The City accepts no responsibility or liability for the
                                                                            accuracy or completeness of this RFP (including any
    b.    All reports / documents prepared by or on behalf                  schedules or appendices to it) or of any recorded or
         of a Proposer will be, upon creation and receipt                   oral information communicated or made available for
         become and remain the property of the City, may                    inspection by the City (including through the City’s
         be used by the City for any purpose, and may not                   representative or any other individual) and no
         be used by a Proposer other than for the purpose                   representation or warranty, either express or implied, is
         of performing the work and the terms of any                        made or given by the City with respect to the accuracy
         contract arising from the Proposer’s proposal.                     or completeness of any of those things. The sole risk,
                                                                            responsibility and liability connected with reliance by

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                                                                 FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver
    any Proponent or any other person on this RFP or any                        this Agreement to cease operations because of
    such information as is described in this paragraph is                       failure to install or adopt safety devices or
    solely that of each Proponent. Each Proponent                               appliances directed by the order of the said Board,
    acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible                       or required under said Act or regulations there
    for obtaining its own independent financial, legal,                         under or because said Board is of the opinion the
    accounting, and other advice with respect to the                            conditions of immediate danger exist that would
    contents of this RFP or any such information as is                          be likely to result in injury to any person, or
    described in this paragraph. Each Proponent who                             because of lack of payment of an account due to
    submits a proposal to the City is deemed to have                            the Board, the City on 24 hours written notice to
    released the City from, and waived, any action, cause                       the Contractor may terminate the Contract.
    of action, claim, liability, demand, loss, damage, cost or
    expense, of every kind, in any way connected with or               22.   Protection of the Work, Property & Public:
    arising out of the contents of this RFP or any such
                                                                             The Proposer shall comply with all applicable laws,
    information as is described in this paragraph. Each
                                                                             ordinances, rules, regulations and lawful orders of any
    Proponent who submits a proposal is deemed to have
                                                                             public authority having jurisdiction for the safety of
    agreed that it is solely responsible and liable to ensure
                                                                             persons or property or to protect them from damage,
    that it has obtained and considered all information
                                                                             injury or loss.
    necessary to enable it to understand the requirements
    of this RFP, and of the project, and to prepare and
    submit its proposal.                                               23.   Subcontracting:
                                                                             Use of any subcontractor must be clearly identified.
18. Special Provision:                                                       Any party who may be participating in the RFP must
                                                                             be clearly identified. However, in the case of joint
    Proponents who, either directly or indirectly through
                                                                             submissions, one party must be prepared to take
    another corporation or entity, have been or are in
                                                                             overall responsibility for successful completion of the
    litigation, or who have served notice with intent to
                                                                             work defined in the proposal.
    proceed with court action against     the     City  in
    connection with any contract for works or service, are
    ineligible proponents. Receipt of proposals from such              24.   Definition of Contract:
    proponents will be disqualified from the evaluation                      The City may, at its option, notify a Proposer in writing
    process.                                                                 that its proposal has been accepted and such
                                                                             acceptance shall, at The City’s option, constitute the
19. Governing Law:                                                           making of a formal contract for the services as set out
                                                                             in the proposal. Alternatively, the subsequent full
    This RFP and any contract entered into between the
                                                                             execution of a written contract shall constitute the
    Proposer and The City will be governed by and be in
                                                                             making of a contract for service, and no Proposer shall
    accordance with the laws of the Province of British
                                                                             acquire any legal or equitable rights or privileges
                                                                             whatever relative to the services until The City has
                                                                             delivered either a signed notice in writing to the
20. Permits, Notices, Law & Rules:                                           Proposer or a fully executed written agreement to the
    The Proposer shall have the ability to apply and pay for                 Proposer.
    all necessary permits or licences required for the
    execution of the work. The Proposer shall give all                 25.   Acceptance of Terms:
    necessary notices and pay for all fees required by law                   All the terms and conditions of this RFP are deemed to
    and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and                          be accepted by the Proposer and incorporated in its
    regulations relating to the work and to the preservation                 proposal, except those conditions and provisions
    of the public health. The Proposer shall be responsible                  which are expressly excluded by the proposal. The
    for safety of all workmen and equipment in accordance                    City Work & Service Terms & Conditions shall also
    with all applicable safety legislation passed by Federal,                apply, refer to City of Vernon website at
    Provincial and Local Authorities governing safety.             
21. Compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulations:
    a. The Proposer shall ensure compliance on his part                26.   Contractors Insurance:
       with the Workers Compensation Act (Work Safe                          The following insurance is to be purchased and
       BC) and any regulations there under, especially                       maintained by the successful proponent:
       provisions of said Act or of regulations under said
       Act having to do with the prevention of accidents,                    1. PUBLIC LIABILITY & PROPERTY DAMAGE
       the prevention of diseases and the provision of safe                  INSURANCE: INDEMNITY
       working       conditions,      including     proper                     The Contractor shall save and hold harmless the
       sanitation and ventilation.                                             City, its officers, agents, servants and employees,
                                                                               from and against any and all suits or claims alleging
    b.   In any case where pursuant to the provisions of                       damage or injury (including death) to any person or
         the Workers Compensation Act, the WCB orders                          property that may occur or that may be alleged to
         the Contractor in respect of his operations under                     have occurred, in the course of the performance of

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                                                             FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver
 this Contract, whether such claim shall be made by                       that the insurance complies with the requirements of
 an employee of the Contractor, or by a third person                      the Contract Documents and that the territory of the
 and whether or not it shall be claimed that the                          policy includes the country in which the work is to be
 alleged damage or injury (including death) was                           conducted.
 caused through a wilful or negligent act or omission
 of the Contractor, its officers, servants, agents or                      Each insurance policy required under this Contract
 employees, or a wilful or negligent act or omission of                    shall contain an endorsement to provide all named
 any of its sub-contractors or any of their officers,                      insured’s with prior notice of changes and
 servants, agents or employees, and at its own                             cancellations. Such endorsement shall be in the
 expense, the Contractor shall defend any and all                          following form:
 such actions and pay all legal charges, costs and
 other expenses arising therefrom.                                         “It is understood and agreed that the coverage
                                                                           provided by this policy will not be changed or
2. INSURANCE – PUBLIC LIABIILTY &                                          amended in       any way or cancelled until thirty
 PROPERTY DAMAGE:                                                          (30) days after written notice of such change or
 The Contractor shall maintain and keep in force                           cancellation shall have been given or sent by
 during the term of the Contract and until the date of                     registered mail to all named insured’s.”
 the completion certificate, two million dollars,                          Should the Contractor fail to make payment of
 ($2,000,000.00) inclusive limits for Public Liability                     premiums or other assessments required by the
 and Property Damage, against liabilities or damages                       Contractor’s insurers to maintain such policies in
 in respect of damage to property arising out of the                       force and effect, the City may in his discretion
 performance of work.                                                      make payment of such premiums or assessments
                                                                           and deduct the amount thereof from such monies
 The Contractor shall, at the time the contract is                         as may be then or later payable to the Contractor
 signed, submit to the City a copy of the insurance                        pursuant to the Contract documents or recover the
 policies required under this Article and shall also                       same from the Contractor as the City in his
 provide to the City from time to time, as may be                          discretion may determine.
 required, satisfactory proof that such policies are still
 in full force and effect.                                         27.   Documentation:
                                                                         The following documents are required for the
 The City of Vernon shall be an additional insured on                    performance of work detailed in this RFP. insurance
 the policy. In addition, such insurance policy shall                    certificates, WCB Coverage and business license. All
 include the following “Cross Liability” clause:                         required documents must be on file with the City prior
                                                                         to the commencement of any work.
  “The insurance afforded by this policy shall apply in
 the same manner, as though separate policies were
                                                                   28.   City of Vernon Privilege:
  issued, to any action brought against any of the
                                                                         Submission of an RFP does not guarantee inclusion
 named insured by or on behalf of any other named
                                                                         on a resulting shortlist of pre-qualified candidates. The
                                                                         City of Vernon reserves the right in the case of
                                                                         insufficient responses, in the sole opinion of the City, to
                                                                         cancel the Invitation for RPF, re-solicit for better
 Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere
                                                                         response, with or without any change being made to
 herein, it is understood and agreed that the City shall
                                                                         the invitation package.
 not be liable for any loss or damage to Contractor’s
 equipment including loss of use thereof. Each and
 every policy insuring the Contractor’s equipment to               29.   Proprietary Information:
 be used on the work shall contain the following                         If a Proponent considers that any part of its proposal
 clauses:                                                                is proprietary, including by reason of its being
                                                                         copyright, the proposal must clearly identify those
 “It is agreed that the right to subrogation against                     portions of it that are considered proprietary.
 the City or any of his officers, employees, or
 agents of their parent, subsidiary, affiliated, or                30.   Local Conditions:
 associated companies or corporations is hereby                          The Contractor shall by personal inspection,
 waived.”                                                                examination, calculations or tests, or by any other
                                                                         means, satisfy himself with respect to the local
4. INSURANCE – AUTOMOTIVE:                                               conditions to be encountered and practicability of the
 A minimum of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00)                        work and of the methods of procedure.
 of public liability and property damage insurance
 shall be carried on all automotive equipment.                     31.   Shortlist:
                                                                         The City may, at its option, develop a shortlist of
5. INSURANCE – GENERAL PROVISIONS:                                       Proposers based on the stated criteria. Subsequent
 Before starting the work, the Contractor shall file with                to the submission of proposals, interviews and
 the City, certificates of all insurance policies                        negotiations may be no obligation to receive further
 acceptable to the City. These certificates shall state                  information from any Proposer.

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                                         FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

PART 3                         TERMS OF REFERENCE
The City of Vernon Parade Float is used to transport the Queen Silver Star and
Princess at a number of Parades. The first parade of the year is the Vernon
Winter Carnival in February. There are a number of out of town events starting in
May and ending in September. The parade events generally take place on
weekends. The Float driver must be able to commit to each scheduled event.
The parade Float is a self propelled vehicle which is decorated in a theme
intended to showcase the Greater Vernon area. The Parade Float is transported
in an enclosed 25’ trailer. The Float is transported in a trailer which is towed to
each event site according to a predetermined parade schedule provided by the
Queens Committee.

The driver must have a clean driver abstract with a minimum Class 5 BC Drivers
Licence complete with Heavy Trailer Endorsement (code 20) to enable towing
the trailer which weighs approximately 11,300lbs.

Float Driver:
   • The Driver must have experience towing a trailer of comparative length and
   • The Driver must have the ability to assemble the float for each Parade event and
      disassemble post Parade event and store the Float in the Trailer.
   • The Driver must be able to perform minor decorative repairs on the Float
   • The Driver must be physically fit and capable of working alone.
   • The Driver must be available to travel on weekends starting in May and
      continuing to the end of September.
   • The Driver may be subject to a criminal record check

Tow Vehicle Requirements:
  • The driver shall supply tow vehicle including the appropriate insurance coverage
  • The tow vehicle shall be equipped with a Class V hitch complete with electric
     brake connections and 2 5/16” tow ball.

Float Trailer Specifications:
   • Trailer – 25’ long Wells Cargo Trailer complete with tilt ramp door.
   • 2 5/16” ball hitch
   • Weight – 3787 kg

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                                                   FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

Float Specification
   • Self propelled, set back steer axle chassis
   • Length – 25 feet
   • Width –
         o disassembled – 8’ wide
         o Assembled - 12’ wide
         o Weight – 3000 lbs

Parade Events:
   • The events vary from year to year.
   • The average number of Parades the Float may attend can be between 10 -15
     events, starting in May and ending the end of September.
   • Past events attended have included:
        o Falkland – May
        o 100 Mile House - May
        o Lumby Days - June
        o Summerland – June
        o Peachland – July
        o Williams Lake – July
        o Quesnel - July
        o Kelowna – July
        o Calgary - July
        o White Rock – August
        o Penticton – August
        o Armstrong – September
        o Salmon Arm - September

Fee for Service Compensation:
   • The driver shall be compensated for each day worked at each Parade event
   • The driver shall be compensated for the use of the tow vehicle based on the
      price per kilometer proposed.
   • The driver shall be compensated for meals, accommodation for overnight parade

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              FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

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                  FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver


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                                                                 FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

      PART 4                                    APPENDICES

      APPENDIX A - Proposal Content and Evaluation

      Proposals shall provide the following information complete with Appendix C -
      Proposal price form.

      1. Provide details of proposed towing vehicle, (type, year, make, model and include      recent

      2. Provide details of driver experience with towing a trailer (years of towing experience, type of
         towing, lengths of hauls, etc)

      3. Provide proof of Valid BC driver's licence c/w Class 20 trailer endorsement, current driver's
         abstract and copy of vehicle insurance. (provide photocopies of these documents)

      4. Confirm availability and commitment for Services throughout the year. Schedule
         includes weekend travel)

      APPENDIX B – Evaluation Criteria
      Request for Proposals, are used to select a preferred proponent, who has demonstrated
      they are capable of providing the Services described.

      Two or three employees will typically do the evaluation of the Request for Proposals. These
      employees will collaborate to complete a consensus rating.

      The evaluation will consider several key items, weigh them according to our interpretations
      of relevance, and then develop a total point structure for each. It is not the intent of this
      evaluation to remove subjectiveness from the evaluation progress, but the intent is to guide
      those individuals reviewing the submissions so they do not miss important criteria or give
      excessive weight to items of less importance.

    APPENDIX B - Evaluation Criteria Matrix
                            Evaluation Criteria
1. Condition & Capability of Truck                                                              35
2. Availability                                                                                 30
3. Similar Experience                                                                           20
4. Fee                                                                                          15

Total Points Available                                                                         100

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                                                   FLT-12-94 - Parade Float Truck Driver

    PART 4           APPENDICES

APPENDIX C – Proposal Price
In accordance with the "RFP Conditions and Instructions" which I/we have carefully
examined, the undersigned hereby submits a quotation to supply all labour, equipment,
supervision and services to do all the work outlined in the RFP Documents.

                       Description                                 Proposed Fees
   The driver shall be compensated for each day
   worked at each Parade event
                                                              $                    /day

   Compensation for the use of the tow vehicle based
   on the price per kilometer proposed.                       $                    /km

   Compensation for meals                                     $                   /day

   Compensation for accommodations required for
   overnight events
                                                              $                   /day

ACKNOWLEDGE ADDENDUM(S) #____________________________________

FIRM NAME: ________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________EMAIL:_______________

PHONE NO._________________________ POSTAL CODE __________________

FAX NO.____________________________ DATE _________________________

SIGNATURE OF BIDDER _____________________________________________

PRINT NAME _______________________________________________________


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