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									Please look over this information, sign and date it, and return to Mrs. Contreras by Friday, Sept. 7th

Student Information
Print Name:_____________________________________________________ Period: _______________

Parent/Guardian Information
Name: ______________________________________________Cell Phone #:______________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________Cell Phone #:______________________________________

Home Phone Number(s):_________________________________

I have read and understand the expectations. The course syllabus and expectations are on the Kentlake Website

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Textbook Information
This is the 2nd school year for our new math books for Algebra I-II, Algebra III-IV, and Geometry I-II. Students will be provided with an
internet link and electronic code that will allow them to access their textbooks online. Students may be given a choice to receive a take
home copy of the book or use the internet copy of their textbook. Please complete the short survey to help the math department
determine how many students would like to receive a hard copy of the new book.

Circle Yes or No (please read carefully)

Yes or No:        My student does want a hard copy of the textbook.

Yes or No:        I do have internet access at home.

Yes or No:        I am able to go to public library to use the internet to access the textbook online.

Yes or No:        I am able to stay after school to use the internet to access the textbook online.

On-line Textbook Policy
It is the student’s responsibility to access the computer version of the textbook and plan ahead. If the internet is not working, it is the
student’s responsibility to e-mail the teacher as soon as it occurs. If there is an internet issue the student must plan on coming in early
to campus to finish the assignment or make arrangement with the teacher to correct the problem. Issues will be handled on a “case by
case” basis. Repeat offenders will be issued a hard copy of the textbook and possible loss of credit for no homework.

I understand the on-line textbook policy:

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