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									       PAMS EPA Summer Salary/Supplemental Pay Request Form                                                 Original Request: [ ]         Revision No.

       Name:                                                                                                 Date:
       Employee ID:                                                                                          Dept:
                                                                                                               Annual Salary:
       Are you requesting more than 2 months of Summer Salary?                                                                         (Note: excluding salary supplements)
                   (more than two months will require Dean authorization)                                      Monthly Salary:

             * I would like to request to be paid from the following grant(s) and/or contract(s) for the time period(s) listed below.
             * I will not be taking any vacation during this period of time.
                                                                                                                                       Reviewed by               Effort Confirmation
                  Account             Agency             Start Date         End Date             # Months        Amt of Pay          Departmental Tech.         (For Dept. Use Only)
             * If you need to make a change to your funding source please notify your departmental Accounting Technician.
            ** Keep in Mind: July and August Summer Salary Requests will receive retroactive increases based on % of the approved legislative increase.
                Plan your requests for July and August accordingly.
           *** NSF-approved budgets will not include, funding for an individual investigator which exceeds two-ninths of the academic year salary. This limit
                includes summer salary received from all NSF-funded grants (and flow-throughs).

       I understand that in order to comply with NCSU's REG05.20.35 - Section 2.1.3, I will provide my Department with a written confirmation (e-mail or memo) of each
       period worked, for which summer supplemental pay is received, within 15 days after payment is received. Furthermore, I understand that I will need to certify in my
       TEARS Summer Report that my effort was consistent to the amount of time that will be charged to indicated sponsored research projects for this period. ▼¹

                Requester's Signature                  Date              Lead Principal Investigator         Date                   College Business Office                   Date
                                                                         (if different from Requester)

                Department Head                        Date                                                  Dean                                            Date

          After departmental review, the Form is due to the PAMS Business Office on the                      If you have questions concerning this form contact:
           first working day of each month for which you are requesting summer salary.                              Xiaolin Wang at 513-1000 for 5-Ledger funded summer salary
            Please send all forms to the attention of Carlos Rivera - Campus Box 7558                                  Joyce Stevens at 513-2089 for all other funding sources
       ▼¹ REG 05.20.14 - Supplemental Pay for EPA Employees can be accessed on the PRR Website:

(Revised 04/20/2010)                                                                                             FN = D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1d8e6181-5384-449c-8b29-19d8f8c965c7.xls

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