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Books on energy can be found in the library by browsing the shelves mostly in the 339.79 Dewey
numbers (energy). You should check the catalogue for the specific call number and for more
resources, such as vertical files.

Recommended Websites
                                      Use FUSE to search for           Technology and the environment
                                      more web resources. It
                                      should be your first point       A great site on the alternative energy sources of
                                      of access to useful sites.       sun, wind, sea/tidal, wave, dams/hydro, drinking,
                                      Try using the search term        and geothermal. These are demonstrated with
of a particular form of energy in the search square to find
useful resources. FUSE can be accessed from home at
                                                                       animated graphics.
                                                                       World of energy: Fact sheets
What is energy?                                                        Click on the relevant fact sheet title in the left
This site gives a brief overview of energy and the                     column (e.g. solar, wind, water, geothermal,
forms of potential energy and kinetic energy.                          thermal) to find a mass of information and further
                                                                       information on particular types of energy.
Energy kids
A great site for an overview of energy including                       Learning about renewable energy
energy sources and using and saving energy.                            This is an excellent site to learn about the
                                                                       renewable energy technologies of biomass power,
Energy resources                                                       geothermal power, solar power, and wind energy.
Find information about solar power, wind power, tidal
power, wave power, nuclear power, and more.                             Renewable energy
                                                                       Find out how nature can be used to create energy,
Click 2 learn                                                          including hydro, sun, wind, landfill, and geothermal
Use this site to find information on the following types               energies.
of energy: solar, hydro, biomass, wind, carbon, and


Do not forget to write your bibliography!
To reference an internet page follow this guideline:
Author (if known) or   Year of        Title of         Publisher,   Publication     Date of      Full web address with no breaks.
authoring body,        publication,   document,                     Place,          access,

 It will look like this:
Energy Australia, 2006, Renewable Energy, Energy Australia, Sydney, viewed 29 October 2009,

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