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                                     LEP Student Identification Codes
  Home Language Survey (HLS)                           WST1106                                             SR32, A360
    98      English                   03   Laotian      06     Korean        09      German
    01      Spanish                   04   Cambodian    07     Japanese      99      Other (check additional 146 codes
    02      Vietnamese                05   Chinese      08     French                from the code table before using)

  LEP Identification                                   WST1175                                              SR81, A040
     0      Not LEP (includes students exited more than 2 years)
     1      Identified LEP: Student scored WMLS CALP Oral Language Level of 1, 2, 3, 3.5
     F      Exited LEP: Monitored Year 1
     S      Exited LEP: Monitored Year 2

  Parental Permission Code                             WST1175                                              SR81, A045
     3     Parent     requested placement of Non-LEP student in Bilingual Program
     B     Parent     approved ESL, but did not deny Bilingual (non-Sp speakers PK-8, Sp speakers 6-8)
     C     Parent     has denied placement of LEP student in any special language program
     D     Parent     has approved placement of LEP student in bilingual program (Elem. only)
     F     Parent     approved services for LEP student in grade 9-12
     G     Parent     approved placement of a recently exited student back into a Bil or ESL program
  All other codes     will show up on your error reports.
  Bilingual                                              WST1175                                    SR81, A015
     0     Non-participant
     3     Transitional bilingual/Late Exit Program (SAISD’s current program for Grades PK-5)
     4     Dual language immersion/two-way (only for campuses with a District approved program)
  All other codes will show up on your error reports.
  ESL                                                 WST1175                                   SR81, A020
     0     Non-participant
     2     Content-Based ESL (SAISD’s current program for Grades 6-12)
  All other codes will show up on your error reports.
  Category Codes                                       WST1175                                              SR30, A395
     7     Parent Denials
     8     Exited students (8X) or students who tested Fluent upon entry (8N)
     9     Non-LEP in a Bilingual classroom with home language=English
     0     Untestable (may receive services: Schedule code is blank)
  All other codes will show up on your error reports.

  Schedule Codes                                       WST1175                                              SR30, A400
    X       Student exited from the program (Category 8 only)
    N          1. Not LEP/NOT Served (Category 8 only)
               2. Untestable LEP students not served (Category 0 only)
  blank     HLS =98 or LEP students receiving services

  Withdrawal Codes                                     WST1175                                              SR81, A035
    33    Status Change—program change or changed from served to parent denial
    45    Program Exit (student met exit criteria and is now non-LEP)
    Other withdrawal codes are used, but are automatically generated by system and should
                                      not be used on this screen.

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