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									Actio Doc.#    Document       Responsible                               Status and Actions required                                        Observation
 n                                                                                                                                         (Open/Closed)

                                              ISO Standard Implementation:
                                               K. Eishima asked each delegation to verify to what extent the published ISO
                                                                                                                               Reports presented at
#28-1                        All              documents have been listed as requirements for current programs and how
                                                                                                                               29th meeting - CLOSED
                                              implementation of the standards was being verified. Paul Gill- NASA; Jurgen Heyn
                                              – EADS, ECSS; others.

                                               Qualification Requirements for Commercial Microelectronics:
                                                                                                                                  CLOSED - New Action
                                              Dick Weinstein should contact the Aerospace Corp. (Brian Shaw?) to identify
#2                           D.Weinstein                                                                                          initiated (Refer to Action
                                              interest in developing a New Work Item and a potential U.S. project leader. Contact
                                              should also be made with ECSS to identify their interest and a potential lead.

              Multi Junction                   Multi Junction Solar Cell Calibration:
              cells-                          The Solar Cell/Array Workshop recommended that multi-junction requirements be
                             S.Baily or                                                                                               This contents will be
              Measurment                      included in the Single Cell Calibration document. The procedure is identical to the
#5      23039                D.Weinstein or                                                                                           described in single
              and                             single cell except for the need to separately characterize each of the cell layers to
                             M.Imaizuzmi                                                                                              junction document as a
              calibration                     ensure characteristic matching for the composite cell. If needed, Sheila Bailey must
                                                                                                                                      separate chapter.
              Proc.                           provide justification for a separate document.

              Pyrotechnics                    Pyrotechnics :
                                              The ECSS text will not be ready until December, at which time the document must         Closed. CD/C issuesd
              Explosive                       be modified for ISO use (by removing ECSS specific references). An ISO CD/C             and ECSS document
#6      26871                S.Goldstein
              Systems and                     would not be ready until May 2008 on the current schedule. The ECSS document is         being used to create
              Devices (Title                  now in public review; national experts should be alerted to the Public Review           new draft.
              was changed.)                   version.

                             from B.Reed to    Solar Cell/Panel Qualification :
#8 &                                                                                                                                  CLOSED
                             ?????            Sponsorship must be clarified, and the Solar Cell/Array workshop has
#9                                                                                                                                    Move to action 30-4
                             or D.Weinstein   recommended changes in the proposals.

                                               Solar Panel ESD Test Methods:
              Solar Panel                      A Working Draft has been completed. It was proposed that the document be
                                                                                                                           Closed. (CD/C issued 2-
#10     11221 ESD Test       M.Imaizumi       submitted as a CD. France wishes to confirm first that this is acceptable. K
                                                                                                                           08; due 4/29/08)
              Methods                         Eishima recommended that the document be issued as a WD for 1 month and then
                                              issue as a CD/C unless there are objections from the WD review.
                      Electrical and Electronic Requirements:                                              CLOSED
#11     D.Weinstein
                      Identify US experts and plan for discussion during the May 2008 Plenary              Move to action 30-12

                      Cooperation with ECSS:
                      Jurgen Heyn provided a copy of the ECSS document re-configuration plan
                      (Attachment 28-6). Of the 11 documents identified earlier for potential cooperation,
                      5 are being changed to handbooks and are no longer of interest. The remaining
                                                                                                           CLOSED - Status
                      documents of interest are as follows:
                                                                                                           discussed at 29th
#12     All                                                                                                meeting. Continuing
                      E-10 Part 12 Reference Coordinate System
                                                                                                           activity under Action #29-
                      Q-60-05 Hybrid Microcircuits
                      E-20-01 Multipaction Design and Test
                      E-30 Part 1A Thermal (re-designated as E-31A)
                      E30 Part 3 Mechanisms (re-designated as E33-01A)
                      E-30 _Part 5.1A Propulsion (re-designated as E-35A)

                                                                                                      CLOSED - Status
                                                                                                      reported at 29th
                       Verify the review schedule for the 6 remaining ECSS documents of interest with meeting. Feb 18, 2008
#28-2   D.Weinstein   Joel Asquier to determine the review schedules and when they would be ready for remains the latest status
                      consideration as potential ISO projects.                                        report. Continuing
                                                                                                      activity under Action# 29-
                       Orbital Debris Survivability:                                                  CLOSED - Japan
#13     D.Weinstein    No relevant NASA work identified yet; current activity appears focused on      provided draft for review
                      meteorite shields; there may be related work in Aerospace.                      under Action # 29-3

                                                                                                            CLOSED No
                      Orbital Debris – Passivation:
                                                                                                            requirement for particle
                      Surry Satellites has renewed interest and the original draft is once again available.
#14     S.Hobbs                                                                                             size is needed.
                      Discussion was initiated about pyrotechnic systems needs (S. Goldstein) to
                                                                                                            Continuing activity under
                      validate a current assumption that there are no particles >100 microns.
                                                                                                            Action# 29-5

                      Lead Free Electronics:
                                                                                                           No status report.
W-1                    Standards for lead free soldering will be moved from GEIA into IEC so no further
        J.Heyn                                                                                             Remains OPEN as
(#16)                 action by SC14 is required. This item will be moved to a “Watch List” for status
                                                                                                           "watch" item
                      reporting only in future meetings.

                       Earth Observations :
                      The Calibration and Validation Committee of CEOS met and agreed that                 Status presented at 29th
W-2                   standardization work was needed, beginning with harmonization of methods vs full     meeting. No further
(#18)                 standards. This will be done through existing committees outside of ISO. Further     action. Remains OPEN
                      discussion is needed to determine if the CEOS committee wishes to publish the        as "watch" item
                      resulting standard through ISO or through another channel.
                                  Current experts registered for each project are listed in pages 16-20 of Attachment
                                                                                                                      CLOSED - Icontinuing
                                  28-5. Each delegation is to provide names, where missing, of experts who will
#28-3            All P/L                                                                                              activity under Action #
                                  serve as the experts/points of contact for these projects. The goal is to ensure we
                                  maintain at least 3 actively participating countries on all projects

                                  All Project Leaders shall ensure that issue date and revision numbers are included
#28-4            All P/L                                                                                             CLOSED
                                  on all review documents.

                                  Identify whether current mechanism documents (ECSS, AIAA, NASA, other?)
#28-5            M.Imaizumi       adequately address needs for solar power systems or whether a separate
                                                                                                                            Move to action 30-6
                                  mechanism document is justified.

                                                                                                                CLOSED - CD/C issued
                               ECSS and the US must evaluate options for reducing the time to issuing a DIS for and new version in
                 B. Chamayou &
#28-6    26871                 26871 Explosive Devices and Systems and must explore with the SC14 Secretariat development using
                 S. Goldstein
                               the need for extending the DIS due date.                                         released ECSS

                                                                                                                            CLOSED - Discussed at
                                                                                                                            29th meeting.
                                  K. Eishima will contact R. DiStefanis about the proposed change in approach, and
                                                                                                                            Continuing activity under
#28-7            K.Eishima        will contact the Canadian Head of delegation to get information on their past work
                                                                                                                            Action # 3 to review
                                  on survivability models
                                                                                                                            document developed by

                                                                                                                            CLOSED - Document
                                  Update the original draft of the Orbital Debris-Passivation document by December          presented at 29th
#28-8            S.Hobbs          and circulate to national delegates for review so an NWI can be proposed for the          meeting. Continuing
                                  May 2008 meeting                                                                          activity under Action #

                                                                                                                            CLOSED - 14302 will be
                                                                                                                            certified without change
                                  Determine time limits for recertification of an IS if it is to be revised and propose a   while a completely
#28-9    14302   N. Sargent
                                  schedule for revision of IS 14302.                                                        revised document is
                                                                                                                            developed from ECSS
                                                                                                                            and AIAA documents

                                  Jim Chang is to initiate the process for revision of 14623– Pressure Vessels and
#28-10   14623   Jim Chang                                                                                                  Review summary
                                  propose a schedule at the May 2008 meeting.
                                                                                                                            dispatched on 5/13/2009
                                                                                                                                CLOSED (The ISO web
                                     Determine is 16454 has been published and if not, what issues remain.                      site showed the
#28-11                N. Vvedensky
                                                                                                                                document as published
                                                                                                                                in October 2007)

                                     K. Eishima asked each delegation to determine National plans for use of CEOS               CLOSED
#28-12                All            earth observations data and to provide recommendations for a presentation on               monitor CEOS
                                     Earth Observation standards data standards for the next plenary.                           progress

                                     The Convenor will ask the SC14 Secretariat to request final review and publication
#29-1                 Convenor       of DIS 21648 - Flywheel Module, and DIS24638 Pressure Components by the ISO CLOSED
                                     Central Secretariat.
                                      Participation delegations should compare ECSS E-20B and AIAA S-122 to identify
                                     differences, evaluate the need for a common document and recommend
                      C.Signorini                                                                                    CLOSED
#29-2                                improvements to the proposed current outline for 12N440 in Attachment 29-14.
                      J.Heyn                                                                                         Move to action 30-12
                                     Japan should also include the Japanese JERG document in the comparison for
                                     additional recommended content.
                                     Participating delegations should review and comment on Attachment 29-17, the
                                     proposed outline for the Orbital debris Survivability standard. The ODCWG should CLOSED
#29-3                 All
                                     provide a draft of the IADC Protection Manual for comparison and background for Move to action 30-17
                                     development of the Survivability standard.
                                     Contact should be established between ABSL Power and Jeff Breuer at
                      S.Hobbs                                                                                   CLOSED
#29-4                                NASA/MSFC and the NASA Battery Workshop to identify related NASA documents
                                     and experts to support the proposed Battery Qualification standard.

                                     Each delegation should identify potential experts to participate in development of
                                     the planned passivation standard, and provide comments on the new draft                    CLOSED
#29-5                 All
                                     (Attachment 29-19). The review should include recommended additional                       Move to action 30-18
                                     requirements for upper stages. Due 29 August, 2008.

                                     Noel Sargent is to prepare a recertification ballot for IS 14302 and provide it to the     CLOSED
#29-6    IS14302      N.Sargent
                                     SC14 Secretariate by 29 August, 2008.

                                                                                                                                CLOSED. Both
                                     J. Heyn will verify if A.Mouton (vs Y. Falco) will serve as the lead for recertification
         IS14621-Part                                                                                                           documents re-affirmed.
                      J.Heyn         of 14621 Part 2. D. Weinstein will identify a US lead for Part 1. Coordinated
#29-7    1, IS14621-                                                                                                            New action opened to
                      D.Weinstein    ballots for Part 1 and Part 2 will be prepared including a question on whether the
         Part 2                                                                                                                 confirm need and assign
                                     two documents should be merged.
                                                                                                                                new project managers

                                     An NWI for Systematic Review of IS14622 Loads and Induced Environment by the
#29-8                 P.Blanchard                                                                                 International Standard
                                     end of 2008, with a CD planned by the summer of 2010
                                     Initiate and complete Systematic Review of IS15387 Single Junction Solar Cells -
#29-9                 All                                                                                             CLOSED
                                     Measurement and Calibration, by 9-15-2008
                                     Initiate and complete Systematic Review of IS21347 Fracture and Damage Control
#29-10                All                                                                                             CLOSED
                                     for Spaceflight Structure by 9-15-2008
#29-11                Convenor       The Convenor will revise theWG1 framework by the fall meeting.                   CLOSED
                          Each delegation should identify experts to support the NWIP from China on                CLOSED. Project
#29-12   All & ECSS       Reference Coordinate Systems and provide comments on the proposal. The                   relates to navigation;
                          ECSS document will be provided when available.                                           responsibility transferred
                          The US should identify any Microcircuit Qualification documents equivalent to
                          ECSS-60-04 for consideration and a potential US lead (Previous Action 2).                CLOSED
#29-13   D.Weinstein
                          Cooperation will be initiated with ECSS when that project is initiated, the goal being   Move to action 30-11
                          a proposed outline/draft of the proposed document for discussion at the fall 2008
                          ECSS is requested to provide working drafts of the following documents for support
                          of ongoing ISO projects or evaluation of potential for cooperative projects.

                          i. ECSS E 32A, ECSS E 32-10A and SG-1-10 (or equivalent information to
                          complete resolution oc ECSS comments on ISO CD 10786
                          ii. ECSS E 20B for support of 14N440 – Electrical and Electronic Requirements
                          iii. ECSS E 10-09A for support of potential cooperative project on Reference             CLOSED
#29-14   ECSS
                          Coordinate Systems                                                                       Move to action 30-15
                          iv. ECSS E 31A for support of potential cooperative project on Thermal Control
                          v. ECSS E 33-01A for support of potential cooperative project on Mechanisms
                          vi. ECSS E 35A for support of potential cooperative project on General
                          Requirements for Propulsion Systems

                          Paul Gill will provide a report on NASA water management activities to support a         CLOSED
#29-15   P. Gill
                          potential WG1 project in this area.                                                      Move to action 30-16

                          Dick Weinstein will contact AIAA to register all WG1 members on the KAVI                 CLOSED
#30-1    Dick Weinstein

                          K.Eishima will ask SC14 secretariat to verify that the critical dates for CD and DIS
#30-2    K.Eishima                                                                                             Status Report Updated
                          shown in these minutes agree with the dates kept by the ISO Central Secretariat .
                                                                                                               by SC14 secretariat

                          K.Eishima will confirm the number of experts participating in current projects.
#30-3    K.Eishima
                          >>>>> 4 experts have to participate.

         D.Weinstein and The ISO- ECSS Coordination WG will propose an approach at the next meeting for Closed
         K.Eishima       deciding which solar cell/panel qualification standards require ISO documents. Move to action 31-6

                                                                                                           CLOSED. Questions
         Carla Signorini Determine the basis if NASA experience with space charging effects supports the
                                                                                                           should be answered
#30-5    & Dick          need for more stringent requirements. Carla Signorini to contact Henry Brandhorst
                                                                                                           through existing
         Weinstein       and Dick Weinstein to contact Robert Walters (NRL).
                                                                                                           comment process
         S.Goldstein>>>  The US should perform a comparison of the ECSS ST-E-33-01C document with
#30-6                    the AIAA and NASA Mechanism documents to determine if integration into an ISO
                         document would add value.
#30-7    M.Watanabe      The CD/V version of CD10785 will be provided in January 2009.                     CLOSED
                                                                                                                   Closed Ballot issued 15
#30-8    M.Ikeuchi        As presently planned, the CD/V version of CD10786 will be provided in January, 2009.
                                                                                                                   May, due 13 August
                                    Resolve comments received for CD/C 11221 and prepare a DIS ballot for                      CD/V Comments
#30-9                M.Cho                                                                                                     resolved.
                                    distribution before the May 2009 Plenary meeting.
                                                                                                                               But 2009 fall workshop
                                                                                                                               neded to ensure
                                    Determine the due date for the CD/V ( for DIS registration ) for 26781 Explosive           Closed. CD/V issued,
#30-10               B.Chamayou
                                    Systems to ensure there are no further threats of cancellation.                            due 8/13/2009
                                    R. Weinstein distribute ESCC Q-ST60-05 “Generic Requirements for Hybrids” for              CLOSED No US
#30-11               R. Weinstein
                                    US consideration as the basis for a NWI before the next meeting                            interest

                                    The US should do a comparison of the AIAA-S122 and ECSS ST-20C documents There are significant
#30-12               R. Weinstein   and Japan will compare the AIAA S-122 document with the JERG standard to              differences.
                                    provide a basis for deciding at the May 2009 Plenary if an ISO standard is justified. ISO document will
                                                                                                                               not be concidered.

                                    Determine a publication date for AIAA- S-121 and provide access to WG1                     CLOSED -
#30-13               N.Sargent      members before the March 2009 ESA EMC Workshop.                                            Document Published
                                     Determine if 24637 (EMI Reporting Requirements) has been published and when CLOSED. 24637 was
#30-14               N.Sargent      it will be available to support re-writing 14302.                            published on 2/9/2009
                                    The above 4 ECSS documents ( Hybrid micro-CKT, Thermal Control, Mechanisms, CLOSED. Each
#30-15               All            Propulsion ) should be downloaded from ECSS website and reviewed by WG1     document being tracked
                                    members to develop recommendation on developing ISO documents in these      separately
#30-16               R. Weinstein   Determine if the NASA Water Resources Management Plan is still valid.

                                    Commentts on Attachments 30-23 and 30-24 ( Survivability related) and the                  Closed
#30-17               All            organization and content of the two proposed NWI's shall be submitted by January           NWIP was
                                    Additional comments on the passivation standard draft (Attachment30-26) should             Closed
#30-18               All            be provided to Dave Gibbon by December 15,and should focus on the approach                 NWIP was
                                    and concept rather than details.
                                    D. Weinstein will re-activate kavi registration for all participants and confirm receipt   generated.
#31-1                D. Weinstein   of registration information
                                    Confirm that there is still a technical need for 14621-1 and 14621-2 and, if
#31-2                US & France    need and potential use is confirmed, establish new Project Leaders (France,
                                                                                                                               Move to action 32-9
#31-3           26871 B. Chamayou   Determine the deadline for issuing the DIS ballot for 26871
                                                                                                                               Move to action 32-2
                                    All delegations should review the NWIP for Simulation of Control Systems for               CLOSED. Ballot
#31-4    N654        All            Launch Vehicles and provide comments by August 30, 2009.                                   closed 2009-10-29
                                    D. Weinstein will provide a current list of all NASA Technical Standards – both those
#31-5                D. Weinstein   already published and those under development.
                                    Each delegate should review the non-ISO documents in the revised WG1 Framework
#31-6                All            and prioritize them for possible ISO projects (due August 30).
                                     Any WG1 participants unable to access the AIAA kavi web site should send D.
#32-1                All            Weinstein an email describing the problem. D. Weinstein will add new attendees to
                                    the web site access list.
                       Determine with the SC14 Secretariat why voting reports for completed ballots have
                       not been distributed. Second, recommend that voting reports and comments be sent
#32-2   D. Weinstein   directly to Project Leaders as well as delegation Heads to avoid delays in resolution
                       of comments. Also, request that the ISO web site for SC14 be updated to properly
                       show status within 1 month of changes. (D. Weinstein,)
#32-3   S.Whitehouse   S.Whitehouse will perform an editorial (vs technical) review of CD/V 10786.
                       The US will identify a Project Leader for Solar Cell and Solar Panel Qualification
#32-4   D. Weinstein   Methods.
        B. Chamayou     Contacts will be made with ABSL (UK) and SAFT (FR) and with ABSL/US (Chris
#32-5                  Pearson) to determine their interest and potential roles in an ISO Li Ion Battery
                        D. Weinstein will request that Jeff Brewer (MSFC) announce the potential ISO project      CLOSED. Presented
#32-6   D. Weinstein   on Li Ion batteries at the NASA Space Battery Workshop.                                    at NASA
                        N. Sargent will perform a comparison of AIAA-S-121 and ECSS-E-ST-20-07C to
#32-7   N. Sargent     identify common requirements for the revision of IS14302.
                       Each delegation shall identify the need/justification for revision of IS14621 parts 1
#32-8   ALL            and 2, and identify experts available to revise either as a combined standard or a
                       Experts from AIAA and ECSS will be identified to perform a comparison between
#32-9   US & ECSS      their two mechanisms documents (AIAA-S-114, and ECSS-E-ST-33-01) and
                       recommend if a common ISO document should be developed.
#32-                   Based on Attachment 32-20, 21, 22, all participants will identify priorities for new ISO
        All            application standards to K.Eishima before the next meeting.
#32-                    J.Penha will determine if Brazil can host the WG1 34th ( Fall 2010) meeting in Brazil
11                     and, if so, identify the proposed location and dates.

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