Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9, Applied by a74QIjce


									                                    English, Grade 11, University Preparation
                                           Course Outline 2011-2012, WCI

Course Code    ENG3UI

Guideline      The Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 and 12 English, 2000

Textbooks               Viewpoints (Short Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Drama)
                        Reference Points (Provides lessons on communicating creatively through prose, drama,
                         poetry, media, etc.
Major                   Macbeth
Works                   Reading Circle Novels: The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The Color Purple, The Kite Runner,
                         The Lovely Bones, The Alchemist, The Great Gatsby, Lullabies for Little Criminals
Course         This course emphasizes the development of literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills.
Description    Students will analyse challenging texts from various periods; conduct research and analyse the
               information gathered; write persuasive and literary essays; and analyse the relationship among media
               forms, audiences, and media industry practices. An important focus will be on understanding the
               development of the English language.
                                       Course Assignments (written assignments, oral presentations, 50%
                                                     tests/quizzes, group work/presentations, etc.)
                                                                         Literary Essay I (Macbeth) 10%
                                                                         Speech (Writing/Delivery) 10%

                                                                       Literary Essay II (Novel Study) 10%
                                                                                           Final Exam 20%

Course         Unit      Topic                                                            Approx. Periods
                 1       Review and Short Stories                                         12
                 2       Poetry (DRIFT)                                                   9
                 3       An Introduction to Drama and the Tragic Genre, Literary          15
                         Theories, The Literary Essay I (Macbeth)
                 4       Non-Fiction, Informal Writing, The Personal Essay, Speech        12
                 5       Novel Study, Literary Theories and Criticisms, The Literary      15
                         Essay II (novel study)
                 6       Film Techniques, Documentary Film, Exam Preparation              15
Late           Marks will be deducted for work that is submitted after clearly communicated due dates. A maximum
Assignments    of 5% per day may be deducted for late work up to a total of 30%. Please note the “Late and Missed
               Assignments” policy in your Student Handbook.

Plagiarism     It is wrong to use the ideas or words of someone else without giving that person proper credit. If you
Policy         are caught stealing someone else’s work, you will be a zero on the assignment. Please note the school
               “Cheating and Plagiarism” policy in your Student Handbook.
               1.    Be on time and be prepared.
               2.    Be respectful.
               3.    Listen actively before speaking.
               4.    Contribute – your ideas are valued!
               5.    Be pro-active (e.g., speak to your teacher ahead of time about absences or missed assignments).

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