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									Draft: 09/29/08

              MDC Goods Movement Workgroup Conference Call
                          September 18, 2008
                                      Call Summary

General Overview: The main focus of this call was to present information on the
SmartWay DrayFLEET Model.

Discussion: The call began with Bill Jones (EPA) taking roll and then discussing the
agenda for the call.

Ken Adler (EPA) gave a presentation on the SmartWay DrayFLEET Model which can be
used to create port or terminal level drayage emission inventories and to identify and
assess strategies to reduce drayage emissions and costs. The presentation began with
background information about SmartWay and drayage trucks along with their relevance
to air quality. Mr. Adler showed a map of port and nonattainment areas and discussed
PM2.5 and NOx emissions from drayage trucks. He went on to discuss strategies to reduce
drayage emissions including technology solutions for drayage trucks and terminal
management strategies. He pointed out that diesel particulate filters, flow through filters,
and selective catalytic reduction are not currently practical/available for most drayage

Mr. Adler discussed the goals of the SmartWay DrayFLEET Model and the intended
audience and users and he stated that the model can support state implementation plan
modeling with additional analysis. He went on to discuss the study objectives and who
worked on the model, including EPA, the Federal Highway Administration, the American
Association of Port Authorities, the Transportation Research Board and other industry
stakeholders. Mr. Adler discussed the model inputs and outputs, the information flow,
and he showed an example of what the model looks like. Mr. Adler went on to discuss
the four case studies that tested the model and evaluated management strategies. Case
studies were done at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, New York and New
Jersey, Norfolk, and Houston, data was presented along with conclusions. The final part
of the presentation was about extending SmartWay partnership agreements to the drayage

Next on the call an update of the National Clean Diesel Program was presented and
discussed by Mr. Jones. The FY08 State Clean Diesel grants have been awarded. All 50
states will receive funds. Awards have also been finalized under the FY08 Mid-Atlantic
competitive grant program and will be funding retrofits and replacement. Grantees area
Philadelphia, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Virginia Port
Authority, Montgomery County (MD) School District, the Pennsylvania Department of
Transportation, and Maryland Environmental Services.

Mr. Jones encouraged collaborative partners to send ideas, topics, and speakers for the
next call to either himself or Susan Stephenson (MARAMA). Suggestions included
having a shipper lead a discussion on the call or James Corbett (the University of

Draft: 09/29/08

Delaware) could present his supply chain model. On January 21st, EPA Region I is
hosting a port call from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.
Next steps: MARAMA will prepare notes for this call.

The next call will be in early December.


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