1 Country Album Carrie Underwood s Blown Away is the nation s number one album after selling 267

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					Don Chase in the Morning for May 10, 2012
Here is your weather forecast for May 10 & 11:
Today: Sunny & 78.
Tonight: Clear & 50.
Friday: Sunny & 78.

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Tamy Lovette wrote last night:
I just found out my mother Carolyn Mclemore is in Cape Fear Valley with kidney
stones. My daughter Aaliyah had two more seizure last Thursday night and goes to
UNC Chapel Hill today. Thanks Tammy. Big Time prayers for you, Aailyah &
Carolyn. Safe travels


#1 Country Album --- Carrie Underwood's Blown Away is the nation's number-one
album after selling 267,000 copies in its first week out, according to the latest
SoundScan figures. That's double the tally for the runner-up, Norah Jones's latest,
Little Broken Hearts. After a few weeks on top, Lionel Richie's Tuskegee is the
number-two country album. Luke Bryan's Tailgates and Tanlines climbs a notch to
number-three. Lee Brice's Hard 2 Love slides two spots to number-four, and Kip
Moore's Up All Night drops a couple of spots to number-five.
Adkins, Trace --- Trace Adkins was the keynote speaker at a fundraising breakfast
for the American Red Cross Tuesday in Brentwood, Tennessee. He retold the story
of his house burning down while he was on a flight to Alaska and in typical Trace
fashion he joked, "When somebody says, 'the Red Cross is there,' that's not a good
sign." He also thanked the Red Cross for being there when he couldn't be. Trace
says that they continue to remember things that they lost in the fire, but he
remains grateful that no one was injured in the fire.

Chesney, Kenny --- Kenny Chesney fans are just as much a rock star as he is. He
says, "Everybody has their way of living like a rock star...and it can be a wide range
of things, and trust me, we see that from the stage." Reveal how you "Feel Like a
Rock Star" to Kenny and Tim McGraw when they kick off the Brothers Of the Sun
Tour June 2nd with Jake Owen and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Corbin, Easton --- Easton Corbin has been announced as the next artist
participating in the Road to Ram Jam. He'll perform at the invitation-only Ram Jam
concert on December 29th in Nashville, and he'll auction off a Dodge Ram truck for
the Freedom Alliance, which benefits U.S. servicemen and women and their

Gospel Music Hall of Fame -- Ricky Scaggs is one of six inductees announced for the
GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The country-bluegrass star is joined by Aretha
Franklin, The Hoppers, Dallas Holm, the Christian rock band Love Song and the late
TV evangelist Rex Humbard. There's no word yet on whether Scaggs will attend the
August 14th ceremonies in Hendersonville, Tennessee (near Nashville). Elvis
Presley and Dolly Parton are among the organization's prior inductees.

Lambert, Miranda --- Miranda Lambert showed a much softer side of her personality
with her recent number-one, "Over You." She tells us, "I'm really happy that I got
to show that side of me. I didn't even know I had it in me."That said, she's ready to
kick it up a notch with her next single, "Fastest Girl in Town"--a song she says
takes her back to her "Kerosene" days.

McBride, Martina --- Martina McBride will sing the national anthem at the
Indianapolis 500 on May 27th. She says, "I am extremely excited that the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway has invited me to this year's Indy 500. It's a huge
honor to sing the national anthem at what is known as the Greatest Spectacle in

Morgan, Craig --- Craig Morgan is the first act announced for 2012's Fox and
Friends All-American Summer Concert Series. He'll play outside the Fox News
studios in New York the morning of July 13th, and his performance will air live.
More acts will be announced soon.

Swift, Taylor --- Taylor Swift has probably gotten more prom invitations than
anyone in history, but 19-year-old Devon Whitley's is one of the most touching.
Devon gets bullied because a rare congenital disease has left his face misshapen.
He was going to skip his prom, but thought that if he were to show up with a
beautiful girl like Taylor, the other students wouldn't make fun of him. He's even
made a YouTube video and hopes that it will help him land his dream date.

Tweets --- Condolences to Texas newcomer Ryan Beaver who gave the hardest
performance of his career. He tweets, "I had the privilege of singing for my grandpa
yesterday as we laid him to rest. It was tough, but I'm thankful for our time
-Tyler Farr gets in a little Don Williams when he tweets, "Not sure what exactly
'Tulsa Time' is, but pretty sure it runs two hours late. Or maybe that's just the
airport. Flight delayed!"
-David Nail is having a rough airport experience. He tweets, "San Antonio airport is
like a freaking nursery this afternoon! Human birth control is what I like to call it."
He then added: "P.S. I will never take my kid on a plane until he is old enough to
realize how miserable he makes people like me."
-Think Miranda Lambert is proud of her husband? She tweets a photo of her good
cheerleading form and said, "Ahhh! Team Blake did it," after his contestant
Jermaine Paul won The Voice.

Underwood, Carrie --- Carrie Underwood headed back to Ellen DeGeneres's talk
show yesterday to set the record straight about her relationship with her husband
Mike Fisher. A month ago, she joked with Ellen that he's a "hoarder." But she says
that got blown out of proportion, and that things are much better now. "I had my
closet full of my stuff and he has his stuff. Now we share." Carrie says her
complaints about Mike's beard hove gotten overblown, too. She tells us, "When
people ask me about married life, I'm like 'Oh my gosh, he's so wonderful...'
Nobody writes that stuff. They write about how I hate playoffs because of the
playoff beard."

Urban, Keith --- Little Faith Margaret Urban is already a cover girl. She poses with
her mother, Nicole Kidman, on the cover of the Australian version of Harper's
Bazaar. Inside is a picture of her and Keith Urban's older daughter, Sunday Rose.
Nicole and Keith are notoriously protective of their daughters, so you'll the only
photos you'll see don't show their faces.
Womack, Lee Ann --- Lee Ann Womack took a break from recording her next album
to sing at the Centennial First Ladies Luncheon in Washington, D.C. yesterday. She
performed at the request of Helen Green, the wife of Texas congressman Gene
Green. She says, "When you're asked by Congressman Green from Texas's wife to
help her, the collected spouses of Congress, the Supreme Court, President's
Cabinet and the Vice President to help honor our first lady, you don't say, 'Well, I'm
working on a record.'" Last night, Lee Ann attended the presentation of the Library
of Congress's Gershwin Award at the White House, where songwriters Burt
Bacharach and Hal David were honored.


A man who was detained for attempting to smuggle a bunch of lizards through a
German airport says he had no idea he was committing a crime -- and was planning
to have the 50 critters as his in-flight snack. The man, whose name was not
released, was returning from the Middle East, and had the lizards stuffed into his
carry-on luggage. When stopped for questioning, he insisted they were just part of
his diet -- and offered to bite the head off one of them as proof, a proposal officials
declined. Authorities believe he was planning to sell them on the black market for
several hundred dollars a pop -- a price that may or may not include fries.

A group of Wisconsin high school students said their prom ended up being even
more unforgettable than they expected when they fell into a lake. Miranda
Sachtschale and Matt Timm, juniors at Kettle Moraine High School in Wales, said
they and their friends went to Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc prior to the prom
Saturday to take some group pictures and they all gathered on a wooden pier. As
they were standing their waiting to have their picture taken, they heard a crack,
and then the whole thing collapsed. The group said the water was cold but
thankfully they had some blow dryers.

It’s time now for Officer Don’s Police Blotter, a service of Holmes Security Systems.
U.L. Listed, locally owned with a local monitoring station. That means faster
response time for you. And, isn’t that what you’re looking for in a security
company? Call 483-6922 or online at Holmes. That’s H-O-L-M-E-S Electric

A Texas teenager got locked up after he had the bright idea of robbing a cop ... in
the middle of a police station. Keithan Waltham walked into the Dallas-area
precinct with a towel covering his hand and pointed at the dispatch window with it,
saying, "Give me all the money." The officer on duty didn't take kindly to the
request and took the 18-year-old into custody, booking him on charges including
attempted robbery. Waltham wants to be released, saying it was all a big joke and
insisting, "I didn't say nothing like that -- they didn't find no guns on me."

An Indiana man was pulled over by state troopers and cited for drinking and driving
with four kids ... ON the car. Aaron Stefanski and his girlfriend had stopped to
refuel -- at a liquor store, that is -- when they were struck with the bright idea to
strap the kids to the hood with a tow strap. The store manager saw the scene go
down and called cops, who tracked the car down about three blocks away.
Stefanski, whose blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, insisted he'd only
driven "about 20 feet" and said he just strapped the kids on because he thought
they'd enjoy it.

A New York man is in grave trouble after cops socked him with felony charges for
digging up a neighbor's dead pet chinchilla and bombarding her with photos of the
creature. Raymond Williamson unearthed the rodent after what was described as a
domestic abuse incident with the unnamed woman. He began sending photos to her
cell phone and continued even after she demanded he stop. Williamson was
remanded into custody at a psychiatric hospital, but still faces charges of
aggravated harassment and grand larceny ... not to mention an accusation of being
a dirty rat.

A woman intent on voting for one candidate in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall
primary election ran over her estranged husband, who backed another. Police said
the incident involved Amanda Radle, 30, a recall proponent, and Jeffery Radle, 36,
who supports recall target Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Police said after the two
argued, Jeffery Radle stubbornly stood in his estranged wife’s path and at one point
jumped on the vehicle hood as she was trying to drive to the polls Tuesday. She
allegedly didn’t let his presence deter her and struck him with her SUV, inflicting
head, neck and back injuries that sent him to the hospital and led to her arrest.
Jeffery Radle was hospitalized in stable condition.

Welcome to today’s Don Chase Secret 2 Success:
Our motto is “Expect Great Things To Happen.”
A big thanks to WKML’s deanO for forwarding this to me. Kelly Clarkson tweeted
one of my favorite Secrets 2 Success a day or so ago. Bill Cosby gets the credit for
this. "I don’t know the key to success, but I do know the key to failure is trying to
please everybody." By all means, be happy. "I don’t know the key to success, but
I do know the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Bill Cosby
Our motto is “Expect Great Things To Happen.”
Thanks for being here for today’s Don Chase Secret 2 Success.

In major league baseball yesterday:
Chicago Cubs 1, Atlanta 0
Cincinnati 2, at Milwaukee 1
Toronto 5, at Oakland 2
Colorado 6, at San Diego 2
Tampa Bay 4, at NY Yankees 1
Texas at Baltimore Postponed
Chicago White Sox 8, at Cleveland 1
NY Mets 10, at Philadelphia 6
Pittsburgh 4, Washington 2
Miami 5, at Houston 3
Kansas City 4, Boston 3
LA Angels 6, at Minnesota 2
St. Louis 7, at Arizona 2
Seattle 2, Detroit 1
LA Dodgers 6, San Francisco 2

Games today/tonight & starting pitchers:
Texas at Baltimore 4:05 PM Lewis vs Chen
Tampa Bay at NY Yankees 7:05 PM Price vs Sabathia
Washington at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM Strasburg vs Correia
Texas at Baltimore 7:05 PM Holland vs Hunter
Cleveland at Boston 7:10 PM Lowe vs Beckett
Toronto at Minnesota 8:10 PM Alvarez vs Marquis
Detroit at Oakland 10:05 PM Scherzer vs Colon

NBA PLAYOFFS: Heat Finishes Off Knicks, Grizzlies Stay Alive
-The Miami Heat put the New York Knicks out of their misery last night, 106-94, to
take the series four-games-to-one. LeBron James had 29 points, eight rebounds
and seven assists. The Knicks Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 35 points, but
his singular effort wasn't enough to stop the Heat, who advice to play the Indiana
Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.
-In the night's other game, the Memphis Grizzlies forced a Game Six on Friday by
beating the Los Angeles Clippers 92-80. Marc Gasol had 23 for the Grizzlies, while
Chris Paul scored 19 for the Clips, before he was sidelined with a groin injury.

For Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, there's no going back now. He's
officially on the cover of the Madden NFL 13 game -- which means he's next in line
to suffer the "Madden Curse." Last year's victim, running back Peyton Hillis, had a
horrible season after being on the cover of Madden, playing in only nine games
because of a bad hamstring and gaining only 557 yards. Hillis went so far as to
blame his crappy season on the curse.


AMERICAN IDOL: The Top Four performed songs from California artists, and songs
they wish they'd written, on last night's American Idol.
-Phillip Phillips did "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by California sons Creedence
Clearwater Revival. Jennifer Lopez heard a Joe Cocker quality in his voice. Randy
Jackson heard a pitch problem. Phillip followed with "Volcano" by Damien Rice as
the song he wished that he'd written. J-Lo said few people could pull off the song.
-Joshua Ledet did "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. The judges went wild. Joshua
next did "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown. The judges were on
their feet.
-Hollie Cavanagh did "Faithfully" by Journey. Steven Tyler said Hollie has grown up
and blossomed. Randy complimented her with his trademark "dude" and "dawg."
Hollie followed with "I Can't Make You Love Me," a hit for Bonnie Raitt. Steven
thought Hollie fell a little short, and didn't feel it.
-Jessica Sanchez did "Steal Away" by Etta James. Steven said she showed off a new
side. Jessica followed with "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls.
-For the duets, Joshua and Phillip did "This Love" by Maroon 5, and Jessica joined
Hollie on "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles. The group performance was "Waiting for
a Girl Like You" by Foreigner.

John Travolta plans to turn the tables by suing the man who is suing him for sexual
battery. The actor's lawyer Marty Singer tells The Hollywood Reporter that the
masseur's complaint is "false and malicious" and that he can prove Travolta wasn't
in L.A. at the time of the alleged incident. Singer promises to sue the masseur as
well as his lawyer for malicious prosecution. A second man was added to the
original complaint, but according to both masseurs' lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, more
complaints could be on the way. Okorocha tells Splash News Online, "I've been
getting a lot of phone calls from a lot of men in the massage industry who have the
same allegations, the same stories. They come up with facts that weren't in the
complaint, but my other clients have mentioned." On Friday, an anonymous man
sued Travolta for $2 million, claiming the star stripped naked, rubbed the man's leg
and touched his penis during a massage session.

Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon died yesterday morning in his Bel Air home. He was 84.
An LAPD spokesman tells People magazine that Sasson "died of apparent natural
causes. There were no signs of foul play, no crime involved. Family members were
present." In 2011, the Daily Mail reported Sassson was suffering from leukemia.
Sassoon made his name by cutting the hair of such celebrities as Mia Farrow in the
'60s and for creating the "bob." He later launched a product line and an
international chain of salons. Sassoon was married four times, had four children
with his second wife, Beverly, and is survived by fourth wife Rhonda.

General Hospital leads the Daytime Emmy Awards with 23 nominations. The show
will go up against Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless and the canceled
All My Children for best soap opera. Up for best game show host are Ben Bailey of
Cash Cab, Wayne Brady of Let's Make a Deal, Meredith Vieira of Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire and Todd Newton of Family Game Night on The Hub. Nominees for best
talk show host are Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin (who quit Live With Regis and Kelly
last year), Anderson Cooper, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rachael Ray and the six co-hosts of
The Doctors. The awards will be handed out on June 23rd.

It might not be a very happy Mother's Day at the Kardashian house this weekend.
According to In Touch Weekly, there's a growing rift between Kim, Kourtney and
Khloe and their momager, Kris Jenner. Among the claims: Kim and Khloe skipped
out on an April bash that Kris threw in New York City, and that Kim is slowly cutting
her mom out of her business dealings. Kris calls the story "ridiculous." On her blog
yesterday, she wrote, "My daughters and I have an amazing relationship, and I feel
like the luckiest mom in the world to spend such quality time with all my kids and
my grandson! We are truly blessed!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!"

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5. It's the first time the house has chosen a
man to represent the fragrance.


Daytime Lineup:
Anderson (Syn) Latest teen modeling scams and Susan Sarandon.
Live with Kelly (Syn) Ginnifer Goodwin and guest co-host Nick Lachey.
The View (ABC) Howard Stern.
Dr. Phil (Syn) My husband, my kids and my multiple personalities.
The Martha Stewart Show (Syn) Mother’s Day Show.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syn) Nicki Minaj, Sophia Grace and Rosie.
Rachael Ray Show (Syn) The All-American hot dog show.
The Doctors (Syn) The ultimate sex, health & body renovation.
The Dr. Oz Show (Syn) Learn what’s going on below the belt.
The Wendy Williams Show (Syn) Andy Cohen and Audra McDonald.
The Talk (CBS) Daniel Dae Kim and David Tutera.

Primetime Lineup:
Missing (ABC)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)
Person of Interest (CBS)
The Mentalist (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)
Touch (Fox)
Community (NBC)
30 Rock (NBC)
The Office (NBC) Season Finale.
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW) Season Finale.
The Secret Circle (The CW) Season Finale.

Late Night Lineup:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) Howie Mandel, Vinny Guadagnino and Sara
Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) Kid Scientists, Elizabeth Banks and Edward
Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes.
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) Christiane Amanpour and Anna
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Will Ferrell, Ellie Kemper and Awolnation.
Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) Katharine McPhee, Outlaw Empires and Wallpaper.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (COM) Author Robert Caro.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Dr. Phil McGraw and Carrie Underwood.
The Colbert Report (COM) Dr. Francis Collins.
Conan (TBS) Tom Selleck, Zosia Mamet and The Wombats.
Tavis Smiley (PBS) Former NBC exec Warren Littlefield.
Chelsea Lately (E!) Adam Lambert, Chris Franjola, Loni Love and Greg Fitzsimmons.

- DARK SHADOWS (horror) Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonny Lee
Miller, Chloe Grace Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley. A vampire
rises from two centuries of coffin time to find himself in the '70s in a reimagining of
the '60s TV series.
-GIRL IN PROGRESS (dramedy) Eva Mendes, Matthew Modine, Cierra Ramirez,
Patricia Arquette. A young girl, with an overly busy single mother, tries to
jumpstart into adulthood.


Diamond Pet Foods Expands Recall
A recall of some Diamond Pet Foods dog food brands has been expanded after a
salmonella outbreak linked to the products sickened 14 people in nine states. On its
official website for the recall, the company added dog food under the Country
Value, Diamond, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health, and Taste of the Wild
brands with a 2 or 3 in the 9th position of the production code and an X in the 10th
or 11th position. These recalled products have “best before” dates between
December 9, 2012 and April 7, 2013 and were distributed in a number of states as
well as parts of Canada. The company previously recalled Diamond Naturals
(particularly the Lamb & Rice dry dog formula), Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s
Soul Adult Light Formula, and Diamond Puppy Formula.

Letter Carriers’ Annual Food Drive Set For May 12th
The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) will conduct its 20th annual food
drive to combat hunger on Saturday. Letter carriers will collect non-perishable
donations as they deliver mail along their routes. It is the largest single-day food
drive in the country and is held annually on the second Saturday in May in 10,000
cities and towns in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin
Islands and Guam. Last year, letter carriers collected 70.2 million pounds of food
donations along their postal routes, bringing the total to more than 1.1 billion
pounds for the NALC’s food drive, which began in 1992. Americans are encouraged
to leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods, such as canned soup,
canned vegetables, canned meats and fish, pasta, rice or cereal next to their
mailbox before the regular mail delivery on Saturday. Carriers will bring the food to
local food banks, pantries or shelters. Find out more at

OBAMA: Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage
Yesterday Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to come out in
favor of same-sex marriage, in a move that could become a key issue in this year's
presidential election against presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Obama
made the announcement following a similar proclamation by Vice President Joe
Biden over the weekend. In an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts, Obama
said his views on same-sex marriage evolved after having conversations with his
staff, openly gay and lesbian troops and his wife and daughters. In the interview,
which will run this morning on Good Morning America, Obama says, "I have to tell
you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and
neighbors, when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly
committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids
together; when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are
out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that 'don't ask,
don't tell' is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage,
at a certain point I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to
go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married."
Obama also sent an email to his supporters yesterday explaining what prompted
the announcement, which read in part, "I was asked a direct question and gave a
direct answer: I believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry."

MITT ROMNEY: Stands By His Opposition of Gay Marriage
Even before President Obama's historic announcement saying he supports gay
marriage, presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was once again
asked where he stands on the subject, and not surprisingly, he said that he feels
marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Romney highlighted the fact
that his views on the subject haven't changed, in perhaps a nudge at Obama for
altering his views. During the press conference, Romney said that states can make
decisions regarding domestic partnership benefits, such as hospital visitation rights,
but Romney told a CBS affiliate in Denver that he is against civil unions. "My view is
the same as it's been from the beginning. I don't favor civil unions if it's identical to

NEW POLICE CHIEF: Aims to Ease Racial Tension in Sanford, Florida
Richard Myers, the new interim police chief of Sanford, Florida, said yesterday that
he wants to improve race relations between officers and the African-American
community. Myers took the job yesterday, replacing Bill Lee, who is on leave
following the storm of criticism surrounding his department in wake of the Trayvon
Martin killing in February. The unarmed 17-year-old was shot by neighborhood
watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self
defense, but prosecutors say that he racially profiled Martin because he was black.

HYBRID MILEAGE SUIT: Honda Wins on Appeal
Heather Peters' legal victory over Honda for allegedly overstating their car's fuel
economy was short lived. She had sued Honda in Small Claims Court and won
nearly $10,000 in damages, but late Tuesday, a Los Angeles County Superior Judge
reversed the judgment. But Honda isn't out of the woods yet. Her legal action
prompted several copycat lawsuits and Honda is still facing at least 36 Small Claims
Court lawsuits over their fuel-economy claims for their Civic hybrid. Honda has won
18 suits so far and only lost one other -- a case in Santa Barbara, California
regarding a 2003 Civic hybrid.
The woman infamously known as "Tan Mom" is now a doll. Herobuilders has paid
tribute to the tanorexic Jersey woman by creating an action figure with an orange
face and straw-like yellow hair.

Hooters is honoring all moms this Mother's Day by giving away 10 free boneless
wings to moms on Mother's Day.

Rural Post Offices To Stay Open
The U.S. Postal Service said yesterday it hopes to keep thousands of rural post
offices open while saving money by cutting hours. The agency had planned to begin
shutdowns next week. Officials said as many as 3,700 post offices could be on the
chopping block. The announcement spurred an outcry in thinly populated areas
from postal customers and officials. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said that
in many rural areas residents say the post office is a valuable meeting place where
community items are posted on the bulletin board. “We’ve listened to our
customers in rural America, and we’ve heard them loud and clear – the want to
keep their post office open,” Donahoe said. Donahoe said the service plans to
consult residents in about 13,000 communities to determine the best option. These
could include keeping the post office open as few as 2 hours a day, contracting with
local businesses like gas stations to provide postal services and merging post

Kids Who Sleep In Parents’ Bed Less Likely To Be Overweight
Children who wake up at night and are allowed to fall back asleep in their parents’
bed are less likely to be overweight than kids put back into their own bed, a new
study says. The study included nearly 500 Danish children aged 2 to 6 who had an
increased risk of being overweight because they had a high birth weight, their
mothers were overweight before becoming pregnant or their mothers were poor.
Children who never slept in their parents’ bed after waking up at night were three
times more likely to be obese than those who went to sleep in their parents’ bed
every night after waking. The results suggest that the positive parental social
responses associated with allowing children to sleep in the parents’ bed creates a
sense of security in the child and may protect against obesity, researchers said.

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