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					Application Monetization
    Who, What, When, Where?
 Monetization History
From Fragmentation to
         Traditional App Share
• Qualcomm Brew
  – Games
  – Ringtones
  – Graphics
• Premium SMS
  – Ringtones
  – Graphics
  – Text to Vote, Sweepstakes
  – Text to Donate
     Monetization Today
What’s in it for you?
               New App Markets
• RIM Blackberry
  – App Center
    – VPL agreement required for customization, selection
    – Rev Share: Deal by deal contract basis
  – App World
    – Paypal
       – Credit cards, Debit cards
    – Rev Share
       – 80% developer
       – 20% carrier
                New App Markets
• Google Android
  – Android Market with Google Checkout
     – Credit cards, Debit cards
  – Rev Share
     – 70% developer
     – 30% carrier
  – Android Market Carrier Tab
     – Feature select apps
              New App Markets
• Microsoft Windows Phone 7
  – Windows Marketplace for Mobile
  – Credit Card Billing by Microsoft
  – Rev share
     – 70% developer
     – 30% carrier
               New App Markets
Qualcomm Brew Plaza
  •   Prior versions of the Brew client
  •   The new Brew MP OS
  •   Java™
  •   Flash®
  •   Android®
  •   Coming soon: Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian,
• Your own App Store
  – Redundancy with resident markets (OS or OEM)
  – Carrier value add:
     • Direct Billing
     • Access to network APIs
  – Carrier challenges:
     • Content Aggregation
     • Content Management
 Alternative Monetization Strategies
• Take it local
  – Sports
  – Seasonal Concerts and Festivals
• Non traditional Brand Introduction
  – Online documentary: Y’all vs. Us
  – University: App Dev Sponsorship
  – Customer Care
  – Cost Savings: Text CS
Online Discover Center

            Y’all vs Us Mobile
• Rival Rally – CS Original Noisemaker app
• Y’all vs Us – Mobile site and alerts
• School mobile sites
                   Content Integration
Used “Y’all vs Us”
Content to draw
consumers to the site
and promote Hero.

             Two Types of Users
          Artist                              Fans

It will give fans the ability to discover and share original music,
and be a way that original musicians can upload their new
music, and let their fans know where they are playing live.
The Future
       Who will emerge victorious?
• Judging the Winners:
  – Developers
     • lean toward accommodating marketplaces
     • larger stores will enjoy economies of scale
  – Consumers
     • enjoy greater selection
• The Competition:
  –   OS Market
  –   OEM Market
  –   Carrier Market
  –   Others?
       • herd mentality
     Wholesale App Community
• Formed February 15, 2010
• 24 founding companies
• Mission: to create a community based on openness
  and transparency to the benefit of all
• Represents population of 3 billion customers
• Developers will thrive and customers will reap the
  benefits of greater choice

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