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									       Saint Anselm Church
               12670 Dunks Ferry Road
                Philadelphia, PA 19154

                    Parish Center              School
Phone            215-637-3525               215-632-1133
Fax              215-637-4915               215-632-3264
Parish Website:
School Website:

                MASS SCHEDULE                                                   Twenty-Sixth Sunday
                                                                                 in Ordinary Time
        Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM
        Sunday 8:00; 10:00 AM; 12:00 Noon;                                       September 30, 2012
                       7:00 PM
                                                                          PARISH CENTER HOURS
                         Weekday                                       Monday thru Thursday     8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
         Monday – Friday – 6:30 AM (Chapel)                            Friday                   8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
                 8:30 AM (Church)                                      Saturday                 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
                Saturday – 8:00 AM                                     Sunday                   9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

                                 PASTORAL & ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
Reverend Thomas J. Dunleavy.……………..Pastor.…………….....ext. #11…………
Reverend David M. Friel.…………………....Parochial Vicar……..ext. #14…………
Reverend John E. Fitzgerald ……………….Resident……………...ext. #23…………
Deacon Gerald J. Whartenby ………………Pastoral Associate......ext. #12…………
Deacon Dennis P. Warner.…………………..Pastoral Associate…..ext. #17…………..deacon.warner@
Mrs. Geraldine Murphy……………………..Principal…………………………………
Mrs. Diane Leonetti..……………………….. Director of Music…...ext. #29…………...dleonetti@
Mr. Dennis Mueller..………………………...Religious Education...ext. #15…………...dmueller@
Mrs. Theresa Grillo..………………………...Business Manager..…ext. #13…………...tgrillo@
Mrs. Kathleen Zaremski..…………………...Parish Secretary…….ext. #16…………
Mrs. Joanne Jackson………………………...Receptionist………….ext. #10.…………..jjackson@
Mrs. Ronnie Harkins ………………………..Receptionist….............ext. #10….………..rharkins@

                      BAPTISMS                                            CONFESSION SCHEDULE
Baptisms are every Sunday at 1:00 PM. Parents are asked                         Saturdays     3:30-4:30 PM
to call the Parish Center and speak with the Priest or
Deacon who is on call and who will assist them in
registering their child for Baptism. The Church assists the                         DEVOTIONS
parents by offering instruction on the meaning,
importance, and responsibilities of the sacrament of             Rosary 8:00 AM Daily           6:30 PM Monday
Baptism. A Pre-Jordan Baptismal Program for helping              Eucharistic Exposition         9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
                                                                                                Monday – Chapel
parents prepare for the spiritual birth of their child is held
on the fourth Sunday of the month in the Spirituality            Divine Mercy                   3:00 PM Monday
Center following the Noon Mass.                                                                 (Chapel)
                                                                 Benediction                    6:50 PM Monday
                     WEDDINGS                                    Miraculous Medal Novena        8:00 AM Mass Saturday
                                                                 Legion of Mary                 6:30 PM Monday
Couples planning to marry are asked to contact a Parish
                                                                 Charismatic Prayer Mtg.        7:00 PM Tuesday
priest to make arrangements for a wedding.
Dear Parishioners,
          Below is the 2011 – 2012 Financial Report for Saint Anselm Parish and School. The previous three years are there as
well for you to compare. By offering you – the worshipping, contributing members of the Church – this comparative report, I
strive to keep you informed and knowledgeable about the parish’s operating income and expenses.
          I cannot thank enough our parishioners who contribute weekly or monthly and so generously to the support of the
Parish. So let me thank you again. I am deeply grateful to each and every person who financially contributes to Saint Anselm
Church. I am most grateful to the Finance Council (Elinor Leshinski, Rich Myslinski, Deacon Warner and Terry Grillo) for
their counsel, insight, direction, and for helping the Parish have a balanced operating budget. Our records show that 2,883
families (8,192 parishioners) belong to Saint Anselm Parish.
          I ask that all parishioners maintain their level of contributions to the Church. If you can increase it weekly or
occasionally, please do so. Thank you.       Father Dunleavy

Operating Income                                  2008-2009       2009-2010        2010-2011        2011-2012

Sunday Collections                                702,883         688,569          695,009         689,952
Votive Candles                                      7,227            6,637           5,864             6,819
Holyday Collections                                13,376          11,738           10,765           13,107
Block Collection                                   85,193          84,791           80,621           74,403
Christmas                                          45,187          46,781           44,498           46,431
Easter                                             41,850          41,660           39,433           41,020
Offerings (Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals)           12,460          12,460           12,395          11,150
Religious education programs                       16,710          23,079           27,551          22,502
Interest, Dividends & Rentals, Net                 19,520          11,350           11,506            8,416
TOTAL OPERATING INCOME                            944,406         927,065          927,642         913,801

Operating Expenses
Diocesan Assessments                       100, 700        98,400        97,200          95,700
Salaries of Clergy and Honoraria             54,603        51,835         51,910         54,072
Salaries Church Employees                   213,417       196,373      216,235         230,198
Parish Share of Social Security Tax          15,710        14,696        16,577          16,134
P.C.C. Unemployment Fund Contribution          1,360        1,447          1,645          2,552
Health Insurance Benefits                     25,274       20, 900       29,505         32,943
Lay Employee Disability Insurance               1,406       1,380          1,481          1,431
Workers’ Compensation Insurance                 2,366       2,365          2,590          2,491
Clergy Health, Auto & Life Ins., Pension     45,366        46,016       49,814           48,946
Lay Employee Retirement                         6,461       7,993         7,973           8,360
Other Fringe (SECA offset…)                     3,477       3,639          3,303          3,769
Transportation Expense & Vehicle Insurance      1,963         898          1,317          1,089
Property Insurance & Real Estate Taxes        16,537       17,364       18,233          18,780
Pastoral Administration & Telephone           31,685       27,877       32,246           35,398
Outside Printing & Publications                 1,005       6,088       10,924          10,870
Office Supplies & Equipment                   20,412       13,775       17,267          17,453
Liturgical/Altar Supplies                     14,708       14,345        11,624          12,281
Religious Education Programs                  18,558       27,566       23,477           24,408
Rectory & Faculty Residence Operating Exp.   17,600        15,295       17,803          16,651
Maintenance of Property & Equipment:
….Church                                      83,286       45,040       40,659          38,413
….Rectory                                       4,593       1,991         2,912           1,829
Heat, Light, Water & Sewer – Church            26,258      22,524       24,243          19,884
Heat, Light, Water & Sewer – Rectory           11,702       9,756       12,839            8,335

TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES                            711,020        647,563       694,113            701,987
EXCESS OPERATING INCOME                             233,386        279,502       233,529            211,814
Additional Church Incomes coded as expenses:
                                                            Christmas Flowers      $3,552
                                                            Easter Flowers         $3,523
#1-016                                                      Sunday Bulletin        $13,000
Operating Income                                 2008-2009       2009-2010        2010-2011          2011-2012

Tuition Income                                   1,041,978       1,010,136         992,851           1,014,103
Socials & Donations: Total:                        196,966         165,138         199,992             177,114

         Lenten Coin Banks                    3,406               2,636             3,603          2,214
         Ash Wednesday Collection             2,243               1,914             2,178          2,365
         Box Tops for Education               1,775               2,316             2,385          2,283
         Carnival                            40,310             37,601             40,375         34,361
         Monte Carlo                          4,527              3,930              4,006               0
         Ladies of St. Anselm                17,000            13,000              17,500        19,000
         Football Mania (Lottery 2010)       11,475            27,200              27,200        38,945
         Race for Education                  38,399            32,691              33,896        38,229
         Memorials                              300                   0                 0           155
         Matching Gifts                      16,307              1,430              1,750         1,320
         Paper Recycling                      1,940              1,618              1,711         1,431
         Acme Receipts                        1,926              1,965                113              0
         Oktoberfest                               0            7,998                   0             0
         Connelly/Music Grant                22,369            16,942             18,733               0
         Other Donations                     35,989            13,897             17,960         17,108
         Building & Grounds                       coded these years vs. School Maintenance       19,703

Registration Fees                                   20,468          24,560           22,902             22,694
Lunch Fees                                          35,011          30,235           33,618             34,009
Interest, Dividends & Rentals, Net                   4,601           2,058            2,282             74,769 (Annex)
CARES and/or Day-Care Programs                      19,971          15,547            6 169              3,598
TOTAL OPERATING INCOME                           1,318,995       1,247,674        1,257,814          1,326,287
Operating Expenses
Salaries of Lay Faculty                           868,463          865,240          792,169            830,804
Salaries of Other School Employees                119,637          127,701           112,269           118,543
Honorarium                                           1,890            2,115            1,260              1,870
Parish Share of Social Security                    75,590           75,960            69,204            70,693
P.C.C. Unemployment Fund Contribution                6,035            6,375             6,530           11,005
Employee Health Benefits                           65,576           60,986             73,161           75,409
Lay Employee Disability                              7,7,93           8,452             8,839             8,067
Worker’s Compensation Insurance                     11,050          11,904             12,742           11,596
Lay employee Retirement                             40,249          47,220             44,122           41,408
Transportation Expense & Vehicle Insurance              944           1,023             1,317             1,089
Property, Vehicle & other Insurance                 16,537          17,364             18,233           18,780
School Administration Expenses                      21,045          17,620             16,097           18,488
Substitute Teachers                                   9,632           7,157             7,215             6,670
Outside Printing & Publications                       6,228           2,826             5,165             4,135
Office Supplies & Equipment                         46,280          18,020             27,363            30,512
Instructional Material                              14,753          17,387             20,256            18,937
Maintenance of Property & Equipment                 82,671           75,321            92.807            99,183
Utilities Heat, Light, Water & Sewer               102,233           86,054           70,333             79,691
Cares Program             Salaries                   38,982          35,954            32,644            38,104
   (Net vs. Income)       Payroll Taxes               2,982            2,750            2,497             2,915
                          Insurance                     366              394              422                384
                          Other Expense               1,940            1,498              610                458
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES                          1,499,031       1,448,725        1,379,082          1,446,880
EXCESS OPERATING INCOME – SCHOOL                  (-180,036)      (-201,051)       (-121,268)         (-120,593)
EXCESS OPERATING INCOME – TOTAL                      53,350          78,451          112,474             91,221

School Enrollment (Pre K – 8)                            481            446                   400            406
Per PUPIL COST                                         3,256           3,474                 3,743          3,564

Diocesan & Extradiocesan Collections            Total $49,586

       Catholic Charities Appeal    2012        $20,766
       Saint Charles Seminary       2011        $ 6,423           2010 $4,673             2009 $4,928
       Aging & Ill Priests                        2,477
       Bishops’ Relief                            1,024
       Catholic Home Missions                     1,518
       Peter’s Pence                              1,463
       Holy Land Shrines ((Good Fri)              1,078
       Mission Co-op                              3,105       (Trinitarian Sisters Missions)
       Mission Sunday                             1,803
       Campaign for Human Development             1,093
       Central & Eastern Europe                   1,447
       Retired Religious (Sisters)                3,479
       Church in Africa                           1,383
       Other                                      1,267

                                     Comments on the 2010 – 2011 Report
Sunday Collections
For 2008-09 Sunday collections were budgeted at $13,400 per week.          Weekly collection average=   $13,782
For 2009-10 Sunday collections were budgeted at $13,175 per week           Weekly collection average=   $13,501
For 2010-11 Sunday collections were budgeted at $13,175 per week           Weekly collection average=   $13,617
For 2011-12 Sunday collections were budgeted at $13,500 per week           Weekly collection average=   $13,528
For 2012-13 Sunday collections are budgeted at $13,300 per week

Sunday Collections decreased $5,000 Block collection decreased $6,000
Christmas collection increased $2,000 Easter collection increased $1,000
Total Operating Income for Church decreased $14,000
       Comment: The generosity of those who give sacrificially and generously is commendable.
       Only 20% of Registered Parishioners attend Mass weekly. Saint Anselm Parish needs the presence,
               participation, and generous financial contributions from the other 80%.

Pastoral Administration
       The figure reflects revenues spent throughout the Jubilee Year celebrating our 50th anniversary.

Church Utilities: decreased (A mild winter! Let’s have another one!!!)

Tuition Income         $1,014,103       Our School families are very supportive!

Socials – Donations Total: $177,314
        This is commendable. I am grateful to all who make our fundraising the success that it is. All Socials and
        fundraisers are held to raise income for the school.

Salaries of Lay Faculty 2010-11 there were 2 less teachers; 2011-12 there was one more teacher

School Enrollment
       Year            K-8 Enrollment     Pre K Enrollment     Per Pupil Cost
       2003-04         702                  x                         NA
       2004-05         654                  x                  $      2,647
       2005-06         597                  x                         2,910
       2006-07         525                  x                         2,649
       2007-08         482                  x                         2,989
       2008-09         461                  18                        3,256
       2009-10         426                  14       (440)            3,474
       2010-11         387                  20       (407)            3,743
       2011-12         375                  31        (406)            3,564
       2012-13         362                  19        (381)                                               #3-016
The Bottom Line:
         Please note the bottom line:      2008-2009       2009-2010        2010-2011        2011-12

Church    OPERATING INCOME              944,406          927,065            927,642          913.801
          OPERATING EXPENSES            711,020          647,563            694,113          701,987
          EXCESS INCOME                 233,386          279,502            233,529          211,814
              This excess was used to subsidize the school.

School    OPERATING INCOME                1,318,995        1,247,674        1,257,814        1,326,287
          OPERATING EXPENSES              1,499,031        1,448,725        1,379,082        1,446,880
          Deficit                         (-180,036)       (-201,051)       (-121,268)       (-120,593)

2011 – 12 Total Excess Operating Income            211,814 (Church) minus (-120,593) School            = 91,221

The excess funds figures $91,221 includes $19,050 in school registration fees and $31,749 for school tuition for
fiscal 2012-12. Subtracting these figures brings the excess funds down to $40,422 which is from the Church’s side.
These excess funds from the Church side of the fiscal report become reserved funds for Church use. Reserved
funds are used for emergency and unbudgeted needs. For example, last fiscal year $22,650 of these reserved funds
were used for heating control upgradings on our School/Church heating system.

“0” Deficit Spending    Saint Anselm Parish operates in the black and there was no deficit spending for the fiscal years shown

Heritage of Faith – Vision of Hope Archdiocesan Campaign
       Since 2009, parishioners from Saint Anselm Parish have been fulfilling their pledges to this
Archdiocesan Campaign. This Campaign has sought to raise funds for Catholic Human Services, Clergy
Retirement, St. Charles Seminary, the Cathedral, and Catholic Education.
       Each parish is given 35% of the total amount given to the Campaign. As of June 30, 2012,
Saint Anselm Parishioners have pledged $838,948. Should all these pledges be fulfilled, Saint Anselm
Parish would receive $293,631.800 (which is 35%). As of June 30th , $432,034.78 in pledge monies has
been received.
       At the time of the Campaign, we identified the parish portion of this money would be used for:
New Roof Annex School Building; Parking Lot Resurfacing, and a new Kitchen in the Church Hall.
To date, the Heritage of Faith Campaign has made it possible for the following to be done:
New Roof Annex School Building            $ 66,450. 00
Resurfacing Parking Lot (July 2010)       $ 54,600. 00
New Pizza Oven in Kitchen                     7,157. 60
Parking Lot Repairs (April 2012)              4,700 .00
New Tables/Equipment for Kitchen                757. 41

Total Received                                     $ 133,665.01

Funds Available as of June 30, 2012      $ 72,668.86
      These funds are being utilized for the renovation of the Kitchen in the Church Hall which is
underway. A complete report will be forthcoming when the project is complete.

Saint Anselm Parish has been the recipient of the generosity of people who have and who continue to
fulfill their pledges to the Archdiocesan Heritage of Faith - Vision of Hope Campaign. Thank you very,
very much for your generosity which is benefiting both Saint Anselm Parish and the Archdiocese of

Dear Parishioners,                                          this is through the care of angels. Whether we meet
                                                            with danger or discouragement, our guardian angels
Parent Meeting –                                            are our personal, heavenly bodyguards. Please offer
1st Confession & 1st Communion                              a prayer of thanks to God for how God guards and
Monday evening (October 1st) 7:00 PM                        protects you.
       Parents/Guardians of children in our school
                                                            Feast of Saint Francis – Blessing of Animals
and CCD Program who will be making their 1st
                                                                    Thursday, October 4th, is the feast of Saint
Confession and 1st Communion this coming Spring
                                                            Francis of Assisi. Francis is remembered for the
need to attend a meeting on Monday evening,
                                                            spirit of peace and harmony that Francis tried to
October 1st from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Church hall.
                                                            cultivate in people and in the world.
                                                                    Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals.
Parish Visitation                                           Animals will be blessed on Thursday afternoon at
       The Parish Visitation continues this week.           4:00 PM in the Prayer Garden.
The purpose of our visit is simply to say hello, to meet
you in your home, to ask if the Church can help you
                                                            October Count
in any way, and to say a prayer to ask God’s blessing
                                                                   At all weekend Masses throughout the month
on your family and home.
                                                            of October, the number of people attending Mass will
       We will visit between 5:30 and 8:00 PM.
                                                            be counted. This October Count is being conducted
The homes to be visited this week are:
                                                            in cooperation with the Archdiocesan Office for
                                                            Research and Planning. The count will be taken
Tuesday, October 2nd
                                                            during the first collection.
  3339 – 3362 Morning Glory Road Deacon Warner
Thursday, October 4th
 3230; 3234; 3255-3261 Morning Glory Rood                   Respect Life Sunday – October 7th
                      Fr. Dunleavy                                  With the Church throughout the United
                                                            States, we will observe Respect Life Sunday next
Feast of Saint Therese – October 1st                        Sunday. We celebrate life and pray that all will
                                                            respect human life from the moment of conception to
        Born January 2, 1873, Therese became a
                                                            the moment of natural death.
Carmelite sister at the age of 15. She died September
30, 1897 at the age of 24. St. Therese was beatified on     Blessed Margaret of Castello Home
April 29, 1923 and proclaimed a saint on May 17,                    Representatives from Blessed Margaret of
1925 (28 years after her death). St. Therese was            Castello Home for Crisis Pregnancies will be at the
declared a Doctor of the church in October, 1997.           Church doors next weekend accepting monetary
        Therese Martin never went to a foreign land,        contributions for the Home. A wonderful rapport
never was awarded a Medal of Honor, never built a           exists between Saint Anselm Parish and Blessed
hospital or started an organization. Therese Martin         Margaret of Castello Home. What a wonderful,
became a saint by doing ordinary things…extra               tangible way this parish manifests its respect for life.
ordinarily well! We cannot all do great things, but         Thank You Villanova University Students
we can be like St. Therese, who showed us that loving
                                                                     Last Saturday, September 22nd, 4,200
and being faithful in little things is just as important.
                                                            Villanova University students participated in a Day
        St. Therese, also know as the “Little Flower”,
                                                            of Service in service sites throughout the region. Our
is usually pictured with roses. She promised that she
                                                            Prayer Garden and Dunks Ferry Road between
would spend heaven doing good on earth… “After
                                                            Parkwood and the Poquessing Bridge were among
my death, you will see a shower of roses”.
                                                            the sites. Around 10:00 AM, 24 students arrived and
October 2nd - Feast of the Guardian Angels                  immediately got to work. About 10 students worked
        Angels are messengers from God. In a real           with our Prayer Garden Volunteers pulling weeds,
but unseen way, these powerful spirits point out to us      trimming, cutting back, raking, and sprucing up the
the ways of God. Guardian angels assist us in the           Prayer Garden. The other 14 students cleaned up the
task of living as God’s children. In times of               litter and trash which has been marring Dunks Ferry
temptations, these spiritual beings direct us to do         Road.       By 2:15 PM, the Prayer Garden was
good. Perhaps the guardian angels are best known            beautiful, the Road was cleaned, and our dumpster
for protecting us from physical danger, but their           was filled. On behalf of all, I expressed our gratitude
main role is to care for the salvation of souls. It is      to the students for their time and energy. (Last year,
wonderful to know that God has promised to love,            Villanova students helped with the painting of the
protect, and be with us always. One way God does            cyclone fence along the Junod fields.)        #5-016
Anointing of the Sick-                                     Attention, School Families…
Next weekend (Oct. 6/7) – All Masses                                Please plan to attend our first
Who should be anointed?                                       Saint Anselm Home & School Association
                                                                          General Meeting
        All who suffer terminal or chronic disease                  Wednesday, October 3, 2012
such as diabetes, arthritis, lung or heart disease,                           7:00 PM
alcoholism, etc. should be anointed. Anyone who is in
                                                                             Parish Hall
a weakened condition due to age or infirmity should
be anointed. All who suffer, physically, mentally,                    Homework passes issued!
spiritually should be anointed.                                     Refreshments will be served!

Anointing with oil expresses our faith and prayer
        The characteristics and uses of oil express our
belief in what God can do and also express our                  Did you know that the proceeds of our
prayer for what we ask God to do in those who are
anointed. Just as oil – in suntan oils PROTECTS the
skin, just as – oil PRESERVES car engines to keep
them running, just as – oil STRENGTHENS to
prevent a diaper rash, irritation, and infection, so oil                  benefit our school?
is used in the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.
In this sacrament, Jesus is truly present to protect,                Lottery Tickets now on Sale
preserve and strengthen all who are anointed.
                                                                  A $10 ticket gives you a chance to win
What does it mean to be anointed?                          every day of the month. When your ticket
        To be anointed means to be consecrated. To         matches the PA Midday number, you win $50;
be consecrated means to be set aside for something         when your ticket comes out boxed, you win $10.
special. As Catholic Christians, we know that bread               To purchase a ticket, contact one of our
and wine are consecrated, that is, set aside to become     sellers…
a dwelling place for Jesus in the Eucharist. People
who are anointed are set aside to be a person in                 Dave Breslin          215-252-0015
whom the Holy Spirit will hover over to protect,                 Kim Cantagallo        215-637-4599
preserve, and strengthen.                                        Tom Foreman           215-632-6184
                                                                 Marty Gallagher       215-637-8212
Humility and Inspiration                                         Beverly Geist         215-637-6049
                                                                 Ronnie Harkins        215-637-4766
        In a spirit of humility, the person to be                Barbara Hines         215-612-9168
anointed acknowledges their need for God to grace                Priscilla Kaercher    215-637-3938
and help them.                                                   Peggy Lordan          215-637-3363
        Those who are not being anointed can find                Diane McDowell        215-612-1617
inspiration as they watch people process forward to              Staci McFadden        215-632-3115
be anointed. As they see people expressing their faith           Julie Nelson          267-288-9633
                                                                 Irene Ovecka          267-394-0019
in Jesus, their own faith is enriched. As the healthy
                                                                 Joan Roman            215-632-5195
watch people being anointed, they have an                        Diane Serembus        215-637-3745
opportunity to say a prayer of gratitude to God for              Agnes Smith           215-632-1293
the blessing of good health.                                     Betty Vernalis        215-637-5319
                                                                 Christy Weldon        215-776-4981
                                                                 Kathy Zaremski        215-632-7063
CYO Mass – Next Sunday – 12 Noon                               More Lottery Ticket Sellers are needed.
        Next Sunday, our CYO will gather at the 12
Noon Mass to celebrate the opening of a new year in
CYO. All CYO members and their families are                Sellers can earn a chance of winning a monthly
invited and encouraged to attend.                          prize of $150 for every ten tickets they sell. If
                               God Bless you,              you are interested, please stop at the Parish
                               Father Dunleavy             Center.
                  Mass Schedule                            Pray For Our Sick…
                                                           Lorraine Apice, wife of Edward Apice
                  Sunday, September 30
                                                           Leonard Aquilino, brother of Diane Leonetti
 8:00 AM         Lola Aquilino r/b Joseph & Carol Lamina
                                                           Dave Baldwin, son-in-law of Chris DiMezzo
10:00 AM         James Salamon r/b His Son, Jim
                                                           James Banford, brother of Richard Mallon
12:00 PM         The People of Saint Anselm Parish
                                                           Jane I. Bruce, aunt of Loretta Chilton
 7:00 PM         The Intentions of the Priest
                                                           John Carr, brother of Robert Carr
                                                           Chuck Chilton, nephew of Loretta & Jack Chilton
                    Monday, October 1                      Margaret & Mark Citrino
 6:30 AM         Marguerite L. Stout                       Karen Coleman, daughter of Pat & Patricia Martina
                  r/b Tony & Anne Marie Wengraitis         Mary Ann Collins, friend of Mary Ann Moore
 8:30 AM         Gregory McCann r/b Jean McCann            Madeline Cutuli
                                                           Marie E. Druding, niece of Marie Druding
                    Tuesday, October 2                     Michael Fox, son of Rose Fox
 6:30 AM         Nick Pieco r/b Ron Coleman                Charlie Gaffney, nephew of Peg Cohan
 8:30 AM         Cecelia Maher r/b Tony Maher              Mark Geist, son of Beverly Geist
                                                           Carol Grimes, mother of Melissa Baker Moore
                  Wednesday, October 3                     Gary Hampson, son of Helen Hulme
 6:30 AM         Franny Ansel r/b The Milligan Family      Helmut Hanus, husband of Helga Hanus
 8:30 AM         Stephen Hoppel r/b His Father & Family    Catherine Hughes, friend of Theresa McKeown
                                                           Hughes Family, friend of Theresa McKeown
                   Thursday, October 4                     James, son of Marilyn
 6:30 AM         Timothy Joseph Sweet                      Ed Lafferty, husband of Peg Lafferty
                  r/b Mr. & Mrs. Bert Aponte               Beverly Kelly, daughter-in-law of Corrine Kelly
 8:30 AM         Patricia Hoppel Day                       Dave Kelly, friend of John & Staci McFadden
                  r/b Her Father & Family                  Nicholas Lamina, son of Joseph & Carol Lamina
                                                           Kay Lynch, friend of Daniel Milewski
                    Friday, October 5                      Viola Marrara, mother of Gloria, Anita & Phillip
 6:30 AM         Betty Dunn                                Erin Martin, granddaughter of Tom & Anita Murphy
                  r/b Deacon Dennis & Maureen Warner       George Mauro, Jr., friend of The McGuire Family
 8:30 AM         Helen & John Lyster r/b Helen M. Lyster   Jeanne McDonough, sister of Ann Grippo
                                                           Hugh McFadden, relative of Staci McFadden
                   Saturday, October 6                     Nicole McGovern, granddaughter of Constance McCauley
 8:00 AM         Crankshaw Price Families                  Frank McKeown, husband of Theresa McKeown
                   r/b Catherine Crankshaw                 Dolores Merlino, friend of Terry Kumor
 5:00 PM         Jim & Peg O’Brien r/b Their Children      John Meyer, husband of Barbara Meyer
                                                           Rose Mileti, friend of Marie Druding
                    Sunday, October 7                      Judy O’Connell, cousin of Marlene McDermott
 8:00 AM         Deceased Members of                       Bonnie Oldham, sister of Mary Ellen Lowery
                  Saint Anselm Memorial Society            Charles Ondrejka, nephew of Ceil Mallon
10:00 AM         Patricia Haney r/b Her Husband & Family   Relatives of The Tarquin Pirolli Family
12:00 PM         The People of Saint Anselm Parish         Frieda Pirolli, wife of Tarquin Pirolli
 7:00 PM         The Intentions of the Priest              Betty Polisi, friend of Marlene McDermott
                                                           Eddie Punches, friend of Staci & John McFadden
                                                           Art Rausch, husband of Judy Rausch
                                                           Joan Sample, mother of Craig Sample
                                                           John Selinsky, father of Linda Selinsky
         Sunday Collection – September 23, 2012            Jane Tarde, mother of Mick Tarde
         Envelopes                      $10,388.00
                                                           Betty Beck Tierney, sister of Rita Vaxner
         Loose                          $ 561.09           Luke Trask, son of Michael & Denise Trask
         Grade School Students          $ 108.00           Rose Tucci, friend of Helene Gariano
         High School Students           $    31.00         Lisa Valente, sister of Staci McFadden
         Total                          $11,088.09         Josie Yeager, friend of Ronnie Harkins
           Second Collection – October 7, 2012
                Building & Grounds Collection              Pray For Our Deceased…
                                                           Robert Jeffrey, brother of Eleanor O’Brien
                                                           Marguerite Stout, mother of Father Bill Stout
                                                           Beth White, wife of Steven White
                                                                          MOVIE NIGHT
               Weekly Schedule                                         Friday, October 5, 2012
               Sunday, September 30                                    IHM Spirituality Center
  9:00 AM      SCRIP Sales – Room B
 10:00 AM      Liturgy of the Word for Children (K-4)     This month’s movie will be For Greater Glory, a
 12:00 PM      Liturgy of the Word for Children (K-4)     very recently released (2012) action epic. It tells
  5:00 PM      AA Meeting – Room B                        the true story of the 1920’s Cristero War in
                Monday, October 1                         Mexico: the daring people’s revolt against a
  9:00 AM      Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament   government that chose to persecute the Church.
  3:00 PM      Divine Mercy Chaplet
  6:30 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
                                                          The acclaimed cast is headlined by Andy Garcia
  6:30 PM      Rosary & Benediction
  6:30 PM      Legion of Mary Mtg. – Spirituality Ctr.    (Academy Award nominee) and Eva Longoria
  7:00 PM      Parent Mtg. for First Eucharist            (Golden Glove winner). The film’s theme of
               …Parish Hall                               religious freedom is very timely for us, as people
  7:00 PM      RCIA – Spirituality Center                 of faith in America. The movie will be shown on
                Tuesday, October 2                        our big screen TV. Bring a friend and a snack!
  9:15 AM      SCRIP Sales – Room B
  6:45 PM      CCD Classes
  7:00 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
  7:00 PM      Prayer Group – Chapel
               Wednesday, October 3
  6:00 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
  6:30 PM      FOCCUS – Spirituality Ctr.
  7:00 PM      Home & School General Mtg. – Parish Hall                    September 22, 2012
  7:15 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
                                                              Raymond Joseph, son of Raymond Givigliano &
                Thursday, October 4                                                      Jeanne Dowhower
  8:30 AM      Mass w/school children – Grades 1-8            Brianna Margaret, daughter of Meghan Knowles
 10:00 AM      Senior Citizens’ Board Mtg. – OLV
 12:00 PM      Senior Citizens’ General Mtg. – OLV                         September 23, 2012
  4:00 PM      Blessing of Animals – Prayer Garden                Stephen James, son of Stephen Pangle &
  5:00 PM      AA Meeting – Room B                                                        Jennifer Menasion
  6:30 PM      SCRIP Sales – Room B
  7:00 PM      History Committee Mtg. – Room A               Abigail Rose, daughter of Russell & Nancy Rowlett
  7:00 PM      Boy Scouts’ Mtg. – Parish Hall
  7:30 PM      Choir Practice – Music Room
                 Friday, October 5
  7:55 AM      Confirmation Retreat
  1:00 PM      Confirmation Practice                                            Wedding
  6:30 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
  6:30 PM      Movie Night – Spirituality Ctr.
                                                                           September 22, 2012
                                                                    Tiffany Pingatore and Daryl Kelsch
                Saturday, October 6
  8:30 AM      Breaking Open the Word
               …Spirituality Ctr.
 12:00 PM      AA Meeting – Room B
  5:00 PM      Anointing of the Sick during Mass
  6:00 PM      Ice Cream Social – Parish Hall
                                                                   Worldwide Marriage Encounter
               Supporting                                          November 30 – December 2, 2012
                                                                           Call 1-800-456-8330
    Blessed Margaret of Castello Home
                                                                  or visit WWW.WWME-Philly.ORG
         Donations are being accepted after all Masses
next weekend to support Blessed Margaret Home for
Crisis Pregnancies. Pro Life Roses and Precious Feet
are available for those who wish. Please be generous                                          #8-016
to this worthy cause!
Vincentian Message…                                  Ladies of Saint Anselm…
In today’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples:                     Annual New York Trip
“Anyone who gives you a drink of water because                       October 13, 2012
you belong to Christ will not, I assure you, go                “Nice Work If You Can Get It”
without his reward.”                                 Reminder…our bus will depart at 9:00 AM from
                                                     St. Anselm schoolyard. Please park around the
As you put your gift in the Society of St. Vincent   fence line. Thank you!
DePaul’s poor box, know that you are serving
Christ’s poor ones.
                                                                      Girls’ Night Out
                                                                Saturday, November 3, 2012
                                                                      7:00 – 10:00 PM
                                                                  Our Lady of Victory Hall
Mark your calendar…                                  All Ladies of the Parish, your family and friends
                                                     are invited to join us in our gym for an exciting
       St. Vincent DePaul Clothing Drive             evening. Admission price is $10.00 and includes
                October 20, 2012                     appetizers and finger foods.            Beverages,
              9:00 AM – 2:00 PM                      including “spirits” will be available to purchase.
            Saint Anselm Schoolyard                  Begin your Christmas shopping early. Call your
                                                     family and friends and experience an enjoyable
                                                     evening of shopping and socializing! There’s
                                                     something for everyone. Tickets are available at
                                                     the Parish Center until November 1st.
      (featuring Coach & Vera Bradley Bags)
           Friday, November 2, 2012
            St. Anselm Gymnasium
Tickets are now available at the Parish Center       CYO News…
for an exciting night of Bingo. Join us at 7:00
PM (doors open at 6:00 PM). Your $25.00                      TUPPERWARE FUNDRAISER
donation includes 15 games of Bingo, coffee and                   ENDS TOMORROW!
desserts. All proceeds benefit Blessed Margaret
Home for Crisis Pregnancies.                         Our Tupperware fundraiser is coming to a close.
                                                     Please place your order by Monday, October 1st;
                                                     pick-up will be October 25th. Proceeds of this
                                                     sale benefit our CYO. Please support our
                                                     efforts. Tupperware is a great and useful gift.

             St. Therese Triduum
               October 1, 2012                                        UNITED WAY
             Carmelite Monastery                     Saint Anselm CYO is grateful for your donations
        66th Avenue & Old York Road                  received via the United Way program. If you
      Vespers and Benediction – 4:00 PM              would like to participate in that program, please
        Rosary and Litany – 6:45 PM                  list your payroll deduction as Saint Anselm CYO
                                                     #10070. Thank you for your support!

          Theology on Tap Northeast                    For Adults with Disabilities or experiencing
                                                       economic and/or social challenges…
Young adults (21-35) are invited to the fall series
of “Theology on Tap Northeast”. These four                     OUR LADY OF CONFIDENCE
Monday evenings will include casual eating,                      CHRISTIAN RETREAT
drinking, and faith-related discussion. Come
                                                                    Malvern Retreat House
one week or every week. The tops will be:
                                                                    St. Joseph’s in the Hills
                                                                   October 9, 10 & 11, 2012
                   October 8th
                                                       To register, volunteer or for more information,
   A Catholic Scientist on Evolutionary Theory
                                                       please contact: Mr. Peter Schumacher, 215-412-
                  October 15th                         4382 or Malvern Retreat house, 610-644-0400.
             The New Evangelization
                  October 22nd
    God of the Old Testament: Kind of Cruel?
                  October 29th                                    LAOH Division 25 presents
       Faithful Citizenship: Election 2012
                                                                       “The Golden Girls”
            Three Monkey’s Café                                         Murder Mystery
              9645 James Street                                     Saturday, October 20th
                   7:30 PM                                              7:00 – 11:00 PM
 No cover charge; food/drink specials available                    Knights of Columbus Hall
                                                                        3405 Welsh Road
                                                       Tickets are $45.00 person and include an Open
                                                       Bar, buffet with salad, vegetables, rolls, bread &
                                                       more. Please contact Kathy Cantz, 215-632-4742
                                                       or email

         Saturday, October 13th
          11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
                                                           COACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE
           8540 Verree Road
                                                       Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls has
Come on; Come all! Enjoy inflatables, games,
                                                       a paid, part-time Head Cheerleading Coach and
music, food, craft fair and many more fun
                                                       Tennis Coach positions available. All interested
activities. Proceeds will help CORA Services
                                                       applicants please contact Mr. Adam Buchter,
continue to meet community needs by providing
                                                       Athletic Director, 215-455-6900, ext. 138.
education, counseling and referral services to
more than 16,000 families annually.

                We need YOU!
Can you assist with fun activities during this
event?    This is a perfect opportunity for
community service. Interested? Call Patty
Poach, 215-701-2560 or

          Attention, Senior Citizens!
              You are invited to join

          St. Anselm Senior Citizens
                 (arrival time 11:30 AM)

             Socialize & Play Bingo!

            We meet most Thursdays
            Saint Anselm Gymnasium
                (handicapped accessible)

            We would love to have you join us!
                    Bring a friend!

                    Meet new people
                  Enjoy coffee & cake
            Holiday celebrations, lunches, etc.

            For more information, please call
                 Carolyn, 215-676-0323

                 Girls’ Night Out
                  November 3, 2012

                   7:00 – 10:00 PM

            Saint Anselm Gymnasium

         Call your family and friends!
Enjoy a night of shopping and socializing!

            Admission Price - $10.00
           includes appetizers & finger foods
                       coffee & tea
        “Spirits”, soda & water may be purchased

 We have more vendors for more fun & more shopping!

     Tickets are now available at the Parish Center.
  There will be a minimal number of tickets available at the door.

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