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									                   EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY

Competition Code:           24-12-ECP-SW

Position Title:             Social Worker - MSW

Description:                1.0 FTE Regular Full-time position

Salary:                     $34.39 to $43.80 per hour

Program/Service:            Early Childhood Program

Location:                   Smyth Road site

Purpose of Position:

Provide social work services on an individual, family, and group basis for
families and clients (adolescents) served by OCTC. Addresses and applies
basic social work knowledge to the social, emotional, economic, cultural and
environmental factors that may affect a client/family’s ability to respond to a
client’s comprehensive health care needs in relation to long term disability.

The service is provided in collaboration with the family, OCTC team, and
community. Arrive at professional judgments and actions, based on an
integration of theory and practice within the context of professional values with
respect to direct professional values with respect to direct professional
intervention with clients of OCTC.
Promotes quality improvement in all endeavours and supports safety initiatives,
to minimize risk and strive for optimal organizational performance and safety
benefiting staff, clients, their families, volunteers, visitors and the community.

Works in compliance with the law and with safe work practices and policies
established by OCTC to maintain a safe work environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Direct Service
 Assess individual, couple, family dynamics, and functioning including
   Child/family strengths, needs, expectations and support networks.
 Assess high risk situations, with potential for child abuse, family violence,
   suicidal behavior, substance abuse and complete documentation in
   suspected abuse situations and notify appropriate administrative staff, the
   Child Protection Team (CHEO) and Children’s Aid Society.
 Assess with the client and/or family their response to the medical
   diagnosis/prognosis and care requirements.

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   Assess emotional and/or psychological issues affected by or related to the
    medical diagnosis which might impinge on client and/or family’s ability to
    adjust and participate in ongoing interventions.
   Assess child’s/family strengths, areas of interest, activities and relationship
    networks, including communication style and skills.
   Review and assess with the family and adolescent community resources with
    which they are presently involved. Identify and facilitate referrals to new
    resources as the client/family requests.
   Assess role for social work services and interventions with client/family and
    interdisciplinary teams.
   Develop, implement social work treatment plans involving client/family,
    Centre team, and community resources.
   Provide social work counselling for client/families, including crisis
    intervention, individual, couple, family and adjustment counselling related to
    diagnosis, treatment, and problem solving.
   Facilitate group work services, team meetings (when appropriate) workshops,
    information sessions for client/families and family members.
   Provide service in the client/family home, school, hospital and community.

Indirect Services
 Consult, collaborate, and co-ordinate with interdisciplinary team and
   appropriate community resources to develop and implement treatment plans.
 Interpret the role of social work, and client/family psychosocial issues and
   needs to other professionals.
 Consult with professionals in the community regarding Centre resources and
   psychosocial issues.
 Advocate for client/family’s identified needs and services within the Centre
   and the community.

Program Support Activities
 Provide appropriate documentation on health record chart on the client/family
   related to assessments, treatment, community contacts, and referrals.
 Statistics for OCTC, and attend Social Service Meetings, including centre
   wide committees.
 Assist with the development of policy and procedures.
 Mentor and teach MSW level students and participate in the evaluation
   process of student.
 Monitor, document, and evaluate social work activities and review relevant
 Because of the changing nature of the job and the job requirements, duties
   and responsibilities may be added or deleted from time to time.

Safety responsibilities
 Maintains confidentiality in accordance with organizational polices and
   procedures related to privacy.
 Follows organizational policies and procedures related to safety, including
   reporting and follow-up for incidents/accidents and near misses, identification
   and management of risks and emergency procedures.

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   Follows routine precautions for infection prevention and control including
    proper hand hygiene.
   Participates in education and improvement activities related to safety.
   Supports education of clients and their families and helps them to understand
    their role in promoting safety.

Minimum Qualifications:

 Masters of Social Work from an accredited University.
 Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service
 Eligibility for membership in the Ontario Association of Professional Social

Skills and Attributes:
 Preferred two (2) years recent/related work experience in pediatrics
   preferably in the area of children with physical and/or developmental
 Experience in community development and resource development for
   persons with developmental disabilities is an asset.
 Demonstrates flexibility in working within other programs and ability to adapt
   to a changing caseload and venues for service delivery.
 Excellent ability to communicate with parents, clients and co-workers
   effectively and ability to work in a team setting.

 Bilingualism (French and English) is essential.

 Police reference check for the vulnerable sector.
 Valid Ontario’s driver’s license and access to a vehicle is required.

Relationship and Responsibility:

Reports to: Program Administrator of the Early Childhood Program

Supervision Received: As required.

Contacts Inside:      All Centre Staff
Contacts Outside: Clients, families staff from other professions and community
services, Universities, schools, daycare and nursery schools and general public.

Hours of Work: 37.5 hours/week, as scheduled per the Centre. Possibility of
flexible work hours including evenings and weekends.

Work Environment: (any unusual hazards or irritants) Involves risk
management related to community based work environment. Potential for
exposure to communicable diseases.

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 For confidential consideration of your application, please submit your resume and
 covering letter to: Human Resource Services, Ottawa
 Children’s Treatment Centre, 2211 Thurston Drive, Ottawa, ON K1G 6C9, Fax:
 (613) 688-2144, E-mail: octchr@octc.ca. (MS Word format only).

Please note that the Competition Code (top of page 1) of the position
that you are applying for must be clearly stated on your application.

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